15 Proven Health Benefits of Figs during Pregnancy

It is figs season every one! Fig is the world’s healthiest fruit which is high in nutrients, delicious, fresh and highly recommended for pregnant mother. Early stage or the first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial moment for a mother, while morning sickness is still in the worst condition, bleeding risk is also still […]

9 Proven Health Benefits of Mango during Pregnancy

Mango is a favorite fruit for pregnant women because it has a mixture of sour and sweet taste that makes that can reduce nausea which is mostly experienced by pregnant women. Besides it turns out fresh, mango is recommended to be consumed during pregnancy because it is rich in vitamins and minerals which are needed […]

8 Main Health Benefits of Eating Canned Beets

Beets are seasonal plants which have deep purple roots in color and they are usually used as a food coloring and known as a healthy plant. There are so many health benefits of eating canned beets. They make many people always looking for these plants. Therefore, beets can only be grown in certain season, so […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Aam ka Panna (No.1 Is Best)

Do you ever hear a beverage called Aam Panna? If you’re not, it is alright since it is one of the Indian beverage made from raw green mangoes and has a light green color. Most Indian people agrees that this Aam Panna (also known as panha or panhe) will be a perfect choice to drink […]

15 Super Apricot Benefits for Health (No.9 Shocking)

Inside their bright orange colors, there is the soft flesh of apricots packed with a bunch of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This is one of the reasons, aside from their nice taste, why they are popular. What makes it more unique and easier to consume is that they come in dried kinds, which can be […]

18 Health Benefits of Acorn Squash (No.15 is Amazing)

Acorn squash, is a member of winter squash which come from Cucurbitaceae family. Same family with cucumber and melon. Acorn squash has almost same characteristic with other types of winter squash such as butternut, pumpkin, kobucha and etc. Acorn squash has hard shell and it makes this fruit difficult to pierce. This hard skin is […]

20 Health Benefits of Blueberry (No.1 No Any Doctor Knows)

Who among you that don”t love the tasty and fresh juicy blueberry? Berries taste delicious and yet full of benefits. Blueberries are the fruits that commonly growing in flowering plants from genus Vaccinium, section Cyanococcus. It is in the same family with cranberries, bilberries, and cowberries. These berries are popular for their taste and health […]

33 Marvelous Benefits of Papaya (No.1 Very Impressive)

Christopher Colombus said that papaya is “fruit of the angels” because of its soft and tender texture. Previously it was thought as an exotic fruit. However, nowadays it can be easily found in markets throughout the year because its trees produce fruit yearly. Papaya with its reddish-orange and soft skin is suggested to purchase because […]

14 Health Benefits of Beets for Athletes (No. 4 & 5 is Insane)

Then, ancient Romans firstly cultivated beets to use its green and root as food. Beet’s root as for human consumption becomes popular in sixteenth century. Beets commonly consumed either pickled or in borscht, the traditional Russian soup. This shows how beet popular since years until know. Beets, colorful roots vegetable have many benefits for health […]