15 Super Apricot Benefits for Health (No.9 Shocking)

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Inside their bright orange colors, there is the soft flesh of apricots packed with a bunch of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This is one of the reasons, aside from their nice taste, why they are popular. What makes it more unique and easier to consume is that they come in dried kinds, which can be used as the alternative to those who don’t live in regions where apricots are grown. You can always consume dried apricots throughout the year and they are easy to find on store. So why you do you have to try this? Because they have these nutritional values your body can take the benefits.

Nutritional Value

apricot nutritionVitamin C

Vitamin C contains antioxidant properties that can protect your body from free radicals, keeping you healthy from many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, cold, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. Both dried and fresh apricots contain vitamin C, but the fresh ones have higher level considering that the dried apricots have undergone certain processes through heat, air and light that can reduce its amount.

Vitamin A

Also called as retinol, vitamin A can be found in quite a high mount in apricots. This vitamin is good for your vision, immune system and the membranes of your skin. If you are having skin problems such as acne, vitamin A can be used as one of the treatment. Moreover, vitamin A is great for supporting your bone health and keeping it strong.


Every organ in your body needs potassium to work properly. Due to the important function, you shouldn’t lack of potassium. Apricots are rich in potassium, so you can consume them to help your body get enough of this mineral. Consuming enough potassium will maintain the health of your bone, health and muscle.


Every one cup of apricots contains around 3 grams of fiber. If you are lacking of this, just eat some apricots and help your digestive system work better. Although both soluble and insoluble fiber can be found in apricots, the level of soluble one is higher. This fiber is good in regulating your levels of cholesterol and blood glucose.

Health Benefits of Apricot is very important to know since it is have good nutrients for human body. Providing many kinds of vitamins and minerals, apricots are useful in maintaining your help and preventing your body from many diseases including constipation, cancer, indigestion and even skin problems. Here are some amazing benefits of apricots both for your health and skin.


  1. Treating Cancer

Containing antioxidant and carotenoids, apricots are great in treating cancer, especially the seeds. Many diseases are caused by free radicals, so by addressing them the antioxidant and carotenoids are preventing your body from cancer cells. The kernels are known for their effectiveness in preventing cancer by controlling the free radicals and reducing the cancerous risks. The healthy cells in your body can be maintained while the free radicals are neutralized. Commonly caused by the environment such as UV rays, pollution and smoke, free radicals are also harmful for your skin. Antioxidants coming from vitamin C and A in apricots are excellent for protecting your health.

  1. Addressing Constipation

The high level of fiber in apricots can help your bowel move smoothly. The laxative properties, which are cellulose and pectin, are also effective in preventing constipation. Both dried and fresh apricots come with fiber that can support the digestive juices and gastric to more effectively absorbing nutrients while processing the foods easily. Soluble fiber in apricots can be easily dissolved in your body melting into gel and breaking fatty acids. These acids work in stimulating the bowel to move easier and digest food particles.

  1. Supporting Healthy Heart

One of the causes of heart disease is high cholesterol and apricot is good in doing the job to keep your cholesterol low with its fiber. Not only the fiber, but also the potassium and vitamin C in apricot is working together to support your healthy heart by fighting the free radicals and lowering blood pressure. With low cholesterol, stabilized blood pressure and protection from free radicals, your heart’s health can be well boosted. You can simply consume it about half a cup daily to reap the benefits.

  1. Treating Anemia

Anemia is a condition when your body experiencing iron deficiency. Some common anemia symptoms are fatigue, weakness, dizziness, nausea, digestive problems and light headedness. This happens because iron is very important to support the formation of your red blood cell. This blood self itself is working by re-oxygenating your body and let all organ systems work properly. So when your body is lacking of iron, it leads to anemia. Apricot is rich in iron and copper and both of them are metabolism boosters. The type of iron contained in apricot is non-heme iron, which is also presented in other kinds of dried fruits, this iron can’t be easily absorbed by your body so that it stays longer and it makes its function becoming more efficient. Moreover, apricot is also containing vitamin C, which is helpful in nutrients absorption, so when your body is ready to absorb, it will absorb the iron better.

  1. Promoting Bone Health

Your bones need calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus and copper and apricot is here to provide those all essential minerals. So if you want to make your bones healthy and dense, eat apricots to give them more nutrients. This can be a good way to prevent any bone diseases caused by age such as osteoporosis. One of the causes of osteoporosis is because your bones lacking of calcium, which plays a very important role in promoting the health. However, without potassium, calcium can’t be easily absorbed by your body. Apricot makes it easier for your body to get many important nutrients by providing potassium as well. So you grab half a cup of this amazing dried fruit to keep your bones healthy.

  1. Preventing Vision Disorder

Older people tend to suffer from vision disorder and it is commonly caused by macular degeneration. Before such thing happens, you should protect your vision by giving it enough beta carotene and vitamin A, which are important for your eyes. Such vision illness risks can be reduced when your eyes are healthy and given nutrition.  They work by strengthening the optic nerves so that many eye diseases can be prevented.

  1. Treating Asthma

Since apricot is containing essential oil, this fruit is great for treating asthma by relieving your lings from any pressure. Not only treating, eating apricot can prevent asthma from attacking. If you are suffering from other ling disorders such as bronchitis, apricot can be included in the treatment as well.

  1. Relieving Fever

People suffering from fever can be caused by the lacking of minerals and vitamins in the body, so eating apricots that come with a full package of nutrients can be a good treatment. You can steam apricot to give your body soothing effect that reduces the heat temperature. Even when you are not suffering from fever, apricot can still do the same towards your body temperature. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties that support fever recovery.

  1. Reducing Weight

Apricot is rich in fiber and this is very helpful for supporting your diet plan. Furthermore, this is low in calorie, which means you don’t have to worry about adding weight when trying to fill your stomach with its fiber. You can use it as a healthy snack between meals to keep you full without eating too much calories. The high content of fiber and the low level of calorie along with the minerals from apricot are just excellent for helping you cut some kilos.

  1. Stabilizing Fluid Level

The cells in your body can work properly when the fluid inside is balanced. Apricot contains electrolyte that can balance fluid by distributing the energy to the other organs in your body. When the level of fluid is stable, your muscles can expand better. This will prevent you from having cramps as the energy and blood is pumped properly. The content of sodium and potassium are the reasons why this fruit is able in balancing the fluid level.

  1. Great Food for Babies

Starting from six months baby are safe to eat apricots, both dried and fresh. You can bake steam or blanch the apricots to soften the texture for easy digestion. This fruit is great for their growth as apricots containing many kinds of nutrients.

  1. Slowing Down Aging Signs

So not only for your health, but also for your skin apricot provides the benefits. Some essential nutrients skin need are vitamin C, A and antioxidants. These all essential nutrients are available in a good amount inside apricots. Antioxidant is known for its ability in to fight free radicals that can make your skin aging faster. By providing enough antioxidants to your skin, the dead skin layer can be replace with a new one making aging signs prevented and eliminated. The function of vitamin A is to protect your skin from some disorders such as acne and keep it flawless. So the combination of these excellent skin nutrients will give you healthier skin.

  1. Leading to Smoother Skin

If you want your skin smoother without using chemical products that might provide severe side effects at the end, go with apricot oil that can make your skin soft, smooth and supple. This kind of oil is easy to absorb and it won’t make your skin oily even if it comes in a form of oil. You can also buy scrubs containing apricots to get such effect on your skin.

  1. Maintaining Healthy Skin

Most important Apricot benefits for beauty is for skin. Free radicals are bad both for your health and skin. They tend to damage your body and cause many kinds of diseases coming. It also happens to your skin. When it is exposed with too much free radical, some issues could come up. Antioxidant is free radicals fighter and this is available in a high amount inside apricot. By consuming apricots, you can boost your immune system to protect your health while keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

  1. Addressing Skin Disorders

While applying apricot oil is beneficial for making your skin smoother, this is also helpful in treating several skin disorders such as itching, eczema or other irritation-related conditions. The richness of vitamin, which contains around 60 percent of recommended daily intake, is one of the reasons why apricot oil is excellent for skin. Moreover, the vitamin is supported with antioxidants to make this fruit more powerful in addressing various disorders especially age-related issues.

Apricot Side Effects

Now that you have learned the benefits, find out the side effects that might happen when consuming apricot too much or under certain conditions. These side effects arise when you consume the kernels of the apricots that contain amygdalin. This compound can cause cyanide toxicity.

  • Mild Symptoms. If the cyanide toxicity happen in your body is small, the symptoms coming could be mild such as dizziness, vomiting and headache. If this happens you should stop consuming the kernels and see your doctor to check.
  • Severe Symptoms. When the toxicity happens significantly in your body, the oxygen in the bloodstream would decrease and this condition is called as cyanosis. This is usually indicated with the appearance of bluish effect on your skin. Another severe symptom to be aware of is the dropping of blood pressure or also called as hypotension. Moreover, this condition could make you suffering from walking distraction since it also causes the damage in the nerves.

Tips Consuming Apricots

Both dried and fresh apricots are easy to eat and add to various desserts. Here are some ideas in consuming apricots to give you much more fun ways eating this amazing fruit.

  1. Apricot Smoothies

Mix yogurt and apricot without the pit and shake it in your blender. Pour in your glass and enjoy. This smoothie can be modified depending on your personal taste such as adding cashew for making it nuttier or two tablespoons of poppy seeds to thicken it. If you don’t like dairy products, skip the yogurt and substitute it with soy milk or just water.

  1. Apricot Cereal

Add apricot to your cereal can be a good substitution for sugar. Apricot is naturally sweet so you can just cut your sugar intake with this low-calorie fruit. The cereal can be the one you bought from the store or make your own cereal with oat and some chopped apricots.

  1. Apricot Snacks

If you love snacking between meals, make your own healthy snack by mixing chopped apricots, dried figs, raisin, coconut powder and cottage cheese to use as your sandwich fillings rather than using the fatty ones. Just wrap this feeling with your favorite wheat bread and bake. Now your healthy snack is ready to go. If you want something much simpler and easier, just grab some dried apricots and eat. This will keep your hungry at bay during your diet.

  1. Apricot Ice Cream

This healthy ice cream can be made by boiling milk and keep it boiling to make it lose its half quantity. Once it is done, add apricot pulp and sugar, and then cool it before pouring in moulds to freeze. If you can’t eat dairy products or having certain allergies to it, skip the milk and just boil apricot pulp, sugar and water. You can also add almonds or other ingredients to improve the flavor. This can be a great snack to enjoy rather than consuming sweet and fatty ice cream from the store.

  1. Apricot Pancakes

Sprinkle some chopped fresh apricots over your pancakes would make it healthier. This is a good thing to start your day. Also, the bright orange color would make your pancakes look pretty. Not only pancakes, add it to your scone or muffin could end up with the same result too. Just make your pancake batter and sprinkle.

  1. Apricot Cake

Slice fresh apricots thinly and fold it in your cake recipe can add more flavor. No matter what type of cake you are making, apricot would be a nice addition to make it healthier. Not only fold it in the cake, you can also drizzle the cake top with some diced apricots.

  1. Apricot Salad

Whether it is fruit or green salads, you can toss either of them with chopped fresh dices to make them sweeter and juicier. You can also add cheese for making it flavorful. Eating apricot salad for your breakfast can nourish your eyes and skin while boosting your system immune. Find more ideas in making your salad by adding almonds or any kinds of your favorite nuts and olive oil and seasonings. If you need more energy, you can make grain salad by combining quinoa, brown rice or other grain types that you like with apricots for adding more fiber and other nutrition. Just put whatever you like as long as they keep your salad healthy and tasty.

This sweet and bright-colored fruit indeed brings many benefits for your health and skin. You can learn the benefits, take some precautions before consuming and be creative in including them in your meals.