6 Unforgettable Health Benefits of Beets for Seniors

Have you ever consumed beets? Or are you not that familiar with beets? You need to know, beetroot is a type of tuber that is generally a slightly reddish-purple, which looks like a potato. Despite the name beet fruits, this plant is not a fruit at all. It is a plant that comes from the […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Golden Beets – Vitamin C Natural Source

Healthy living is not always about how much time and energy you have spent in the gym but it is started with as simple as what you eat in daily basis. The term that says ‘what you eat is what you are’ is very true in some points. The healthier the foods you eat, the […]

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Beets and Kale

Beets and kale are foods that are very beneficial for the health of our bodies. Many similarities regarding the function or usefulness of this health benefits of beets and kale. Beets contain a lot of important substances needed by our body such as: Potassium Magnesium iron vitamin A vitamin B6 vitamin C carbohydrate protein antioxidants […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Beets for Blood Pressure

Are you one of those people who have trouble with blood pressure? According to the latest medical research that has been done, consuming beets can lower a person’s blood pressure. this is good news for you. Because you do not need to consume chemical drugs that will be harmful to your health in the future. […]

10 Incredible Benefits of Adding Beets to Smoothies

Beets is the root of the bitter vegetable plant grown in North America. The beets are getting popular because of its many benefits for health. One way to consume beets is with Benefits of Adding Beets to Smoothies. By adding beets to your smoothies, will not reduce the properties of the beets themselves. The thing […]

13 Health Benefits of Beets for Skin Care and How to Use it

Beets or beetroots is a very well known plant that’s been widely used even since pre-historic era. It was famous for its many benefits for medical purpose. The part of the beet plant that’s widely used is its roots, hence it’s named as beetroots. Beets has a very distinct color. It’s a deep red wih […]

8 Excellent Health Benefits of Beets for Weight Loss

To help you manage the body weight, then there are few ways to do that. For example, you can do regular exercise and apply the healthy lifestyle. Then, if you want to have a healthy diet, then it is best to choose the fruits and vegetables for the option. In this case, we will talk […]

11 Miraculous Health Benefits of Beets for Diabetics

Beet is an edible root with dark red skin and white flesh. Beet is included into super foods for its beneficial value from long ago. Beside give you beneficial nutrients, it also gives the medical value for some disease such as fiver, digestive problem, and skin problems. Here are the health benefits of beets . Nutritional […]

8 Unknown Health Benefits of Beets for The Brain #Proven

Beets are known as a good vegetable for children and elderly. There are some proven health benefits of beets for babies. This vegetable is having some colors and a little bit sweet taste. But the famous one is the red color beets. It is original comes from North America and have various kind of cultivations. […]

Are Beets Healthy for Babies Growth? (Here’s The 6 Facts)

Beet is a vegetable that belongs to beta vulgaris family and known for its benefit for health. The health benefits of beets which has been scientifically proven are or you can read health benefits of eating canned beets: Improve athletic performance Decrease oxidative stress Increase nitric oxide Prevent cancer Improve detoxification Prevent dementia Because of […]