15 Proven Health Benefits of Figs during Pregnancy

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It is figs season every one! Fig is the world’s healthiest fruit which is high in nutrients, delicious, fresh and highly recommended for pregnant mother. Early stage or the first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial moment for a mother, while morning sickness is still in the worst condition, bleeding risk is also still high; a pregnant mother is still need to make sure that all nutrients required for the early stage development of fetal are available.

However, some mothers found it difficult to follow their daily dietary program because of the morning sickness condition. Well, perhaps if carbohydrate is too hard to consume, why don’t try something more delicious and fresh like this figs fruit; which is not only helping you dealing with your morning sickness but also provides all nutrients required for your unborn baby. Below are health benefits of figs during Pregnancy and some reasons why consuming more figs during pregnancy is highly recommended.

  1. Boosting Your Calcium Intake

Calcium is crucial for the development of bones and teeth for the fetal and for the mother, calcium required to maintain the strength of bones during and after pregnancy, so a mother could stay fit doing daily activities.

  1. Fulfilling Mineral Required

Compared to any other fruits or vegetables, mineral contained in figs is relatively high. The lack of vitamins and minerals could cause a serious condition in the fetal development. The worst case is a baby might be born with birth defect.

  1. Special Enzyme for Healthier Digestion

Besides so rich in fiber, figs are also contained a special enzyme known as proteolytic enzyme that could assist a pregnant mother dealing with digestive problem.

  1. Healthy Diet Solution during Pregnancy

Craving might be a problem during pregnancy. If a mother could not control it, both mother and the unborn baby could be ended in obesity, a condition that might cause serious problem during the labor process. Figs are well known as one of those fruit which is high in alkaline, a natural solution to control your craving and a mother could follow the healthier diet program.

  1. High Source of Planted-based Omega 3 and Folate Acid for Fetal Development

Omega 3 and folate acid are very important properties for the brain development of fetal. In the early stage, consuming figs has big contribution in the development of your unborn baby brain.

  1. Secret Recipe for Healthier and Beautiful Skin during Pregnancy

It is true that during pregnancy, a mother is not only losing the beauty of their shape but some mothers should suffer some ugly skin pigmentation which is also well-known as pregnancy fleck. Figs have secret chemical called psoralens which is good for skin pigmentation treatment.

  1. Therapeutic Solution to Reduce the Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one of the issues that sometimes hard to deal with during pregnancy but avoid it is a must. Consuming figs which is high in nutrients could assist a mother having a healthier diet.

  1. Delicious Way to Get Rid of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the worse problem during early stage of pregnancy. Sometimes it is so unavoidable and this condition could prevent a mother to provide enough nutrients for their unborn baby. Consuming figs which is contained of Vitamin B6 could help a mother reducing the worst condition of morning sickness.

  1. Fun Way to Control Blood Pressure

High in potassium means figs is very good to help a mother controlling the blood pressure. Once blood pressure is under control, the cholesterol level is also under checked and then preeclampsia risk is also reduced.

  1. Delicious Way to Avoid Hypertension

During pregnancy, hypertension is a serious matter. Once a mother diagnosed with hypertension, the chance to do normal labor is low.

  1. High in Fiber

As high in fiber, figs are the best and fast solution to deal with constipation problem.

  1. Optimizing the Absorption of Iron in Your Body

Figs is also rich of Vitamin C and the main function of vitamin C is to assist the absorption of iron since iron is very important to help mothers reducing the risk of anemia.

  1. Natural Source for Sugar

Though too much sugar could be dangerous for a pregnant mother but the natural sugar contained in figs is healthy substances to fulfill the need of glucose in body system.

  1. Anemia-free

Anemia is a common condition but in pregnant mother, this condition could endanger both the mother and the fetal because blood is essential for the development of fetal without which the fetal could suffer some dangerous condition, including born with birth defect condition.

  1. Key Nutrients Source

Making sure a pregnant mother got enough nutrients is important. Enough nutrients in the body means mothers could maintain their health during and also after pregnancy.

It is true that consuming more figs during pregnancy is highly recommended but there are some points that a pregnant mother should not take them for granted because no matter how healthy and super a food or fruit is, if you consuming it too much then there must be some complications that might appear. Since pregnancy is a condition when mothers should be in their best condition, consulting with the specialist is still required.

Some complications that still might appear if consuming figs:

  1. Allergic reaction is considered to be one of those unpredictable conditions. If a mother has no history of allergy before, the hormonal chance during pregnancy could trig the reaction of allergy just by simply eating figs.
  2. Psoralen might be good to deal with skin pigmentation during pregnancy. However, in some cases, if too much psoralen entering your body could cause a serious skin condition well known as photodermatitis.
  3. As mentioned above as one of the health benefits of figs during pregnancy is figs are able to help a mother controlling the blood pressure, but if consuming it too much the effect is the opposite, figs could lowering the level of blood glucose.

Those are benefits as well as side effects of consuming figs. Be a smart mother is must but a wise one is much more important.