8 Main Health Benefits of Eating Canned Beets

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Beets are seasonal plants which have deep purple roots in color and they are usually used as a food coloring and known as a healthy plant. There are so many health benefits of eating canned beets. They make many people always looking for these plants. Therefore, beets can only be grown in certain season, so canned beets are made to be consumed at any time. Even they are canned, these products are picked and packed while maintaining their high nutritional value, same as the fresh beets. The nutrition facts of canned beets which are beneficial for body health are described as follow:

Nutrition facts (serving size 157 g)

Calories 49 cal
Calories from fat 2 cal

% daily value
Total fat 0g                                  0%
Cholesterol 0mg                         0%
Sodium 305mg                           13%
Total carbohydrate 11g              4%
Dietary fiber 3g                   11%
Sugars 9g

Protein 1g                                     3%
Vitamin A                                     1%
Vitamin C                                    11%
Calcium 23.5mg                         2%
Folate 47.1mcg                            12%
Iron 2.9mg                                  16%
Magnesium 26.7mg                   7%
Phophorus 26.7mg                     3%
Potassium 232mg                       7%
Manganese 0.5mg                     23%

Based on their nutrition facts, there are 8 Main health benefits of eating canned beets. They are:

1. Canned beets low calorie for the best and effective diet.

Health Benefits of Beets for Athletes also give some impact to make body have normal calorie but full of power. One of the health benefits of eating canned beets is helping you to get a healthy diet. Canned beets have a low calorie only about 53 calories per 1 cup of sliced beets and only 2 calories from fat. If you are in diet programmed for losing weight, canned beets are the best choice as your dish because they satisfy your hunger within your calorie limits. This low-calorie intake also helps to prevent diabetes.

2. Canned beets contain high dietary fiber which is good for lowering cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

The other health benefits of eating canned beets are preventing the heart disease. This is because canned beets contain high fiber and have no cholesterol. In a cup serving of the sliced beets contains dietary fiber about 3 grams. This fiber may help to lower the cholesterol level by reducing LDL (bad cholesterol). Dietary fiber can bind the cholesterol in the digestive system to be moving out of the body. If the cholesterol level can be controlled, the plaque won’t rise and the risk of heart disease can be prevented. For your information, The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends 25 grams of fiber should be consumed for women and 38 grams for men.

3. Canned beets have vitamin A to protect the eyes.

Protecting the eye vision becomes the health benefits of eating canned beets. Canned beets have vitamin A contained which is a good nutrient for the eyes. This prevents the eyes from cataract, decreasing visual acuity, and also blindness (read :Vitamin A Benefits).

4. Canned beets contain high vitamin C as antioxidant and increasing the immune system.

Vitamin C is the most useful vitamin for the body’s health. This vitamin has the important role in keeping the immune system stay strong. When the immune system is in alert condition, any other infection disease will be prevented. In addition, the high vitamins C contained canned beets make canned beets become an antioxidant agent also. This vitamin C can remove the free radicals out of the body. Because of its mechanism, we can say that preventing cancer disease is one of the health benefits of eating canned beets.

5. Canned beets have a high calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for the healthy bone.

Keep the bone stay healthy and strong is one of the health benefits of eating canned beets. In 1 cup serving size of canned beets, there are 23.5mg calcium, 26.7mg magnesium, and 26.7mg phosphorus. These minerals are important for bone formation, maintaining the bone strength, and prevent the bone from an early loss.

6. Canned beets have iron and folate which is good for pregnant women and post-surgery condition.

Iron and folate are the most needed minerals for pregnant women. The iron prevents anemia and the folate itself is needed to prevent birth defects in the baby. In addition, the health benefits of eating canned beets are not only for pregnant women but also for anyone who requires high iron minerals, such as the persons in post surgery condition which need extra iron to bind the extra oxygen and to restore their blood loss. This makes canned beets are much recommended to be eaten for post surgery patients.

7. Canned beets contain potassium for muscle contraction.

One of the other health benefits of eating canned beets is keeping the heart pump effectively. Canned beets contain high potassium which is good for muscle contraction especially for the heart muscle. Every muscle contraction needs potassium as their channel to contract. When the potassium levels are met, the muscle will contract effectively, the heart muscle will contract in rhythmic so the blood pumping runs well.

8. Canned beets contain manganese mineral for making the energy.

Manganese is a mineral that helps to change the protein and fat into energy. In addition, manganese is also important to keep the healthy bone and nervous system, involve in blood clotting mechanism, and the formation of cartilage and lubricating fluid in the joint. All of these mechanisms bring many health benefits of eating canned beets, such as prevent nervous exhaustion, strength the bone and joint, and stop the bleeding effectively.

There are many health benefits of eating canned beets because of their various nutrients. However, you should consume it in proper amount because they are also high in sodium. The high intakes of sodium can increase your blood pressure and make hypertension. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommend rinsing the canned beets in water before they are consumed to reduce the amount of sodium. You should always remember to have a good diet and keep your body healthy.