13 Health Benefits of Hard Working (No.4 Insane)

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Many people often complain when they have to work hard at the office. Yet, they might stop complaining when they realize the benefit of hardworking for their health.

1. Moving More Frequently. 

Based on the researches, people who are sitting too much during their work are tend to suffer from various illness. Therefore, working actively at the office makes people long live because they will be healthier mentally and physically.

2. Controlling Unhealthy Food. 

Based on a study, when we do not do anything or doing anything uninteresting, we tend to find another activity. One best option among many options available is eating or snacking junk food. As we know, junk food contains fats and cholesterol that will put our life in danger if we eat it too much. Therefore, keeping ourselves busy will make us focus on our work and do not think about having unhealthy snack.

3. Healthy Social Life. 

Health Benefits of Hard Working for social life could be your ways to socialize. When we do not have a good social life, it is possible for us to suffer from depression.  Therefore, working at the office makes us meet many people and find a new family despite our own biological family. As a result, we will no longer feel loneliness.

4. Better Physical Condition.

The researches say that working hard make people feel better and happy because after they accomplish their work with good result, they will feel satisfy. The satisfaction will automatically make them happy. In turn, happiness will make us having better physical condition. Our nowadays condition is actually similar to ancient people feeling. They feel happy if they successfully bring hunted animal for their big family.

5. Minimizing Cigarette Addicted. 

Working hard is effective for reducing cigarette addiction. There are certain offices who do not allow their employee to smoke at the office. As a result, they will smoke a lot at the weekend, but not during the working day.

6. Facilitating Blood Flow.

Deadline pushes our brain releases certain chemical substance in order to prepare our body system to face challenges. Deadline makes our adrenaline flows fast so that our heart becomes more energetic. When our adrenaline flows fast, our endorphins and serotonin will be released so that we will feel healthier and better naturally.

7. Making Our Brain More Brilliant.

Many researches have proven that our brain does not work optimally when it is not optimalized. Because working at the office makes our brain to work at its best, its cognitive ability stays healthy. As a result, our brain will always perform well.

8. Increasing Dopamin.

Building working relationship with colleagues can increase dopamin. This will make us more mentally healthy at our working place.

9. Building Our Character.

Hardworking builds our character since we can be more discipline and focus. By hardworking we can manage our time and resources. There are times we want to give up on certain things because we think that they are too difficult to do. But we have to bear in mind that giving up is easy. We should know that easy thing never builds character. Hardworking builds two important things in our body: muscles and character because those two things are build in the same way. The result of hardworking is not success. It is character.

10. Achieving Results.

Hardworking teaches us many things, such as learn something, build something, and change something. All those three have one final point: The result. Many people dream of being success but they do not do anything to make it happen. If we want to see something happen we should work hard because laziness gives us nothing but wasted time and resources.

11. Center of Attention.

We might not realize that the result of our hard work brings the world to us because we give 110% of our effort and passion. In the end, when the world is watching, we will feel nothing but satisfaction and happiness as our effort is noted.

12. New Opportunities. 

There is an interesting quotation by Edison: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. People who like to work hard often find miracle called an opportunity from various side of the world. It can be from their new acquaintances or the result of their work it self. But no matter from which side the opportunity comes, we should do something to make it happen.

13. Benefits to Others. 

Sometimes we do not realize that hardworking is not about producing something. If we work hard for ourselves, it means that we only have one thing to pleasure for: ourselves. Yet, we also should work hard to pleasure others without thinking who will get the credit. Because if we work hard to please others, we will have something in return from unexpected ways. The result of our hard work can be in the form of feeling or products. That way, we gain two benefits: happiness and product.

Despite the benefits we gain for our hard work, it also offers disadvantages for us. Therefore, from now on we have be smart in managing our time either for working or for having rest. Forcing ourselves to work hard will give negative impacts for our body.

7  Negative Impacts of Hardworking:

  • Sleeping Disturbance. 

Having good sleeping pattern is important to balance our life since we will have a balanced working life. We should set the time for working and resting. If we work during unusual hour, we might have a sleeping disturbance. If it is possible, we do and finish our work at the office since bringing it home will be useless. We cannot be focus and stress. This is important for having good sleeping pattern.

  • Fatigue.

Unbalance life will make us fatigue. Working long hours can make us physically and mentally tired. Therefore, it is important for us to work at certain working hours. Working long hours can make us stress. As a result, stressful mental condition will make us physically fatigue.

  • Reducing Efficiency.

Working long hours is not efficient. Inefficiency reduces productivity. As a result, we cannot perform at our best in the office.

  • Pressure.

Unbalance work triggers stress. Deadlines, meetings, loaded work can make us mentally stress. Mental stress brings certain problem to our physical condition. Therefore, it is important to manage working hours so that we still can keep our body healthy.

  • Behavioral Changing.

The behavioral changing might happen because of hardworking. People may feel frustrated and depressed. They previously do not feel that feeling when they do not work hard. Those feeling mostly fely by women because they have to work hard both at their office and their house. We have to make sure the causes of those feeling before they bring us to further impacts.

  • Physical Changes.

Unbalance hardworking can cause our physical changes. We might experience increasing weight and reducing weight at the same time. For example, working hard for long hours causes stress and wrinkles. Therefore, it is important for working people to keep their health and reduce the stress level related to their work.

  • Physical Sickness.

If we work for long hours, our body experiences stress which later makes us suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Those two dangerous causes lead us to more serious illness, especially to our heart. Therefore, keep our health balance, active, and fit is important.

For gaining the best result of our work by hardworking without ignoring our health, we should know the tips.

5 tips of hardworking:

  • Snacking.

Letting our stomach empty without taking any food intake during our working hard time is not a good idea. If we do not have time for having our meal, at least we still have time for snacking. However, we should bear in mind that the snack that we eat should be a healthy snack. Eating a healthy snack every a few hours will help us in gaining the energy and bring our good mood back. Avoid to have junk food as our snack. Junk food indeed makes us full fast but consuming it too much and too often will bring negative impact for our health.

  • Stop Forcing Ourselves.

No matter how busy we are, we should not have forgotten our health. We should take a rest if we feel tired. Taking a rest is important because we do not relax our body but also our mind. It will be useless if we keep on working when our body sends signs to us that it needs rest. Forcing ourselves to work when our body needs to relax will bring us nothing but sickness.

  • Set Sleeping Time.

We should set our sleeping time well so that we can have a rest for 7-8 hours a day. Lack of sleep makes our body easily feel tired. If we feel tired, the production of cortisol hormone is increasing.

  • Drink Water.

Dehydration makes us limp. As a result, we cannot perform well during our working time. Therefore, we should fulfill the need of liquid for our body by drinking a lot of water. We should start our day by drinking 1-2 glasses of water. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day to keep our body hydrated.

  • Check Our Health Condition Routinely.

We should set the schedule for having our health checked routinely. It can be once a month or twice a month. By having our health checked routinely, our health will be well monitored so that the risk of suffering from sickness or even serious illness can be minimized.

Hardworking is a good thing to do for fulfilling our necessity. However, we should not ignore our health so that we can still perform at our best no matter how hard our work is.