7 Health Benefits of Candlenut Oil for Hair and Skin

Hawaiians have been using candlenut oil for centuries while the world just aware of it. It also known as kukui oil, produced from kukui nut tree or candlenut tree with scientific name Aleurites moluccans – the State tree of Hawaii. Nutrients in candlenut including fatty acids, several minerals, vitamins and natural antioxidants with the benefits […]

15 Health Benefits of Candlenut #1 Top Hair Treatments

Now we will discuss about candlenut. Somethings that familiar to us. Yup. The candlenut usually we met up in traditional market. Candlenut which always called ‘Aleurites moluccana‘ in science is have relationship with cassava. Usually candlenut is made to some food ingredients. But candlenut have a more usability, not only in food ingredients but candlenut […]