30 Health Benefits of Holy Basil Leaf (Amazing Sources)

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Holy basil leaf is a very commonly vegetable consumed for most Indonesians. In almost provinces, the signature culinary uses holy basil leaf as part of it. For the Sundanese, holy basil leaf is a must raw vegetable on their dining table. Holy basil has good smell with small leaves just like celery. The taste is a bit bitter so that not every people might like it. However, the bitter taste is much acceptable compared to the health benefits of holy basil leaf which we will know further by this article.

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Nutrients of Holy Basil Leaf

The family genus of mint leaves is mostly used as consumed vegetable and medicine as well. The extract of holy basil has much anti-oxide and anti-bacterial, vitamin K, vitamin K, magnesium, mangan, protein, and mineral, Vitamin K enables the function of freezing blood after scarce hurt. Every two single spoons of slices basil leaf has 27% of recommended daily consumed of vitamin K.

Holy basil leaf has a very good smell which makes use into several mixes of dishes of most Indonesian food. By consuming holy basil leaf, our body sweat will not smell bad. Holy basil leaf is best consumed when it is still fresh and has a lot of anti-oxide contained. Fresh and green holy basil leaf will contribute many benefits for human body.

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Consuming holy basil leaf will surely shape your growth of healthy index. The multiple complex nutrients in the leaf are very beneficial not only for health but also for you beauty. Rawly eaten  holy basil leaf or in the form of paste offers various benefits for the skin to eradicate the some problems of hair. Here will be described further about the health benefits of holy basil leaf for human health and beauty.

  1. Anti-Oxide and Free Radicals Prevention

Holy basil leaf has much flavonoid polyphenol such as orientin and vienin. The essences are previously observed in the laboratory for reviewing its function to protect the body in struggling free radicals which may lead to cancer and any other dangerous diseases.

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  1. Anti-Inflammation

Holy basil leaf has several health benefits as the essential oil like eugenol, sitronelol, linalool, citral, limonene and terpinol. The compounds are known to work faster and best as anti-inflammation for the body immune.

  1. Reducing Cholesterol

The holy basil leaf is part of plants which only containing low calorie and has no cholesterol at all. In other hand, the leaf has much source of important nutrients such as vitamin, mineral, and fiber to reduce the cholesterol level inside your body.

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  1. Anti-Aging

Holy basil leaf has multiple essential essences with super high containing such as beta carotene, vitamin A, cryptoxanthin, and lutein. The essences help the body to act like natural protector of free radicals may lead to multiple processes of diseases and aging out of your skin.

  1. Body Immune

Zea xanthin is yellow flavonoid carotene electively absorbed into retina which can filter UV rays before it destroys the eyes. A research has proven that herbal plants including holy basil leaf is rich of anti-oxide which increase the immune system of the body. Furthermore, if the immune system is increasing, then the body health will improve as well.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Every 100 grams of holy basil leaf has 5.275 milligram or about 75% of daily vitamin A doze. Vitamin A is really important for your sigh. It also functions well as the protection of skin beauty. Furthermore, vitamin A will increase the possibility of healthy living and destroy the cancer cells which may grow due to the unhealthy life style.

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  1. Heart Blood Pressure Controlling

The compound of holy basil leaf is much of mineral such as potassium, mangan, zinc, and magnesium. Potassium is such a very essential component of the body liquid cells in order to control heart beat and blood pressure. Mangan essence is used by body as the co factor of anti-oxide to protect from any bacteria and viruses.

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  1. Bones Strengthening

Vitamin K inside holy basil leaf is very crucial as the part of blood to play role for strengthening the bones structure. The bones are getting stronger by the process of mineral mixing.

  1. Acne Prevention

Next health benefit of holy basil leaf is to prevent the acne since the nutrients inside purify the blood by throwing the poison. Holy basil leaf has much anti-bacterial and anti-viruses to be applied as the paste of the leaves to prevent inflammation, of which one of the reason of acne.

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  1. Pores Prevention

The holy basil leaf can prevent the pores due to its multiple nutrients such as protein and mineral. Simply put the holy basil leaf on the nose for about five minutes. Leave it and wash your nose. Do it regularly will lead to a clean and smooth nose.

  1. Skin Infection Curing

Due to the anti-bacterial, antibiotic and anti-inflammation so that it can limit the growth of e-coli and anthracis bacteria which stimulate skin infection. When you have skin infection, the treatment used to grind and boil the holy basil leaf for about 200-250 grams to be applied onto the skin to cure itchy. Mixes of holy basil leaf and lemon juice can be also used to cure skin infection. Well, there are many more health benefits of holy basil leaf for human health and beauty.

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  1. Hair Fall Treatment

In order to cure hair fall, soak holy basil leaf into dried and wash the hair with the soaked essence. If you apply it regularly, you can prevent the hair fall into better stage. It would be much better if you apply it together with your routine conditioner to get the best benefit.

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  1. Fresh Mouth

Eating raw holy basil leaf regularly into your daily menu such as salad, soup, stir vegetable or any other dishes will contribute much benefit for the mouth breath. A fresh and healthy mouth condition is greatly contributed by what you eat. Consuming holy basil which has good sense of smell will make your mouth breathe feels fresh and healthy.

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  1. Cleansing the Blood Vein

Since blood is the main transporting tool of food and nutrient over the body, the blood vein can be full of cholesterol. In order to prevent the cholesterol, you can routinely consume the holy basil leaves to cleanse the blood vein by its multiple containing of nutrient.

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  1. Preventing Mosquito Bites

Mosquito is truly human’s deadly threaten since its bite might lead to several complicated cases such as malaria and dengue fever. Those conditions are very dangerous that may threaten your soul. Therefore, human has been fighting with mosquito for ages due to its bite. Consuming or separating slices of holy basil leaf regularly around the house will lessen the mosquito attack significantly. The smell good of holy basil leaf is not favorite by the mosquito.

Here are more Holy Basil Uses in Body 

Indeed, here are more health benefits of holy basil leaf for human health:

  • Protects Against Radiation
  • As Anti-Bacterial agents
  • Helps Those with Histamine Intolerance
  • Accelerates Bone Healing
  • As Anti-Viral agents
  • Disrupts Biofilms and Works as a Quorum Sensing Inhibitor
  • Protects Against Graying Hair
  • Helps Clear Candida Overgrowth
  • Boosts Your Testosterone
  • Protects Against Cataracts

Selecting and Saving Holy Basil Leaf

Holy basil leaf can grow as a part inside the pot behind your back yard so that the leaves and flowers can be immediately harvested and eaten. Choosing the fresh organic holy basil leaf in the slices of leaves always has better quality and fresher taste of the leaves. The holy basil leaves can have old green leaves and free from black spots of golden form due to the infection of the insect.

Yet, the sun radiation can make the dried holy basil leaf and significantly lower the vitamin C level and carotene. The fresh holy basil leaves can be saved inside the refrigerator and put into the proper humidity. If you want to save dried holy basil leaves, you better storage it in well-covered jar with cold, dry, and dark room. If you do so, the leaves can last for more than six months.

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Those are several health benefits of holy basil leaf for human health. Furthermore, the most effective and efficient way of holy basil leaf storage also has been explained by this article. Now, let’s consume more holy basil leaf for the shake of our healthy!

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