22 Excellent Health Benefits of Miso Soup – Medical – Beauty Uses

For this time, let’s talk about the favorite and the healthy Japanese food, Miso Soup. Miso soup is the traditional Japanese food which uses the stock called “dashi” with the softened miso paste. There are many ingredients consisted in a bowl of Miso soup. For the miso itself, it is a paste made from soybeans, […]

18 Benefits of Kitchari for Health and Stamina Booster

Still in the theme of health and benefits, now we will talk and discuss about health benefits of kitchari. Do you know kitchari? Maybe you will think something about Indian’s food. Yup. You are right. Kitchari is traditional cleansing food of ayurveda or ayurvedic. What is ayurveda (ayurvedic)? Ayurveda (ayurvedic) is name of herbal that […]

11 Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs (No.4 is Perfect!)

Half-boiled egg is one of common food that we can find pretty easy everywhere. Some of us like to consume it, but some of us are not. The reason is because half-boiled egg has a bit different taste than the full-boiled one. Another reason why some people don’t like the half-boiled one is because it’s […]

10 Health Benefits of Eating Egg Whites #Top Nutrients Sources

We won’t deny it, nothing start our days better than eggs. We love eggs so much we even have an article dedicated to eggs, which you can learn more from clicking link below. There are plenty of reasons why, but mostly because there are just so many ways to prepare eggs, ranging from boiling, whisking […]

25 Top Health Benefits of Eating Ramen Noodles #No.3 Unpredictable!

If we talk about ramen, then we will have one thing in our mind that is traditional pasta from Japan. Ramen is one of traditional pasta from Japan, the other one is udon. Usually, ramen served in almost all of Japanese restaurant, even we can find ramen served along with sushi or sashimi. Ramen is […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs For Breakfast Everyday (Your Top #1 Starter of the Day)

Scrambled eggs also keep essentials vitamins to aid guards your eyes and protect your bones to be hardened. The formula of the egg’s usefulness due to its factor to shape us to feel satisfied for prolonged period than much other nutrition. In addition, those who eat eggs ate lower while spending the rest of the day. […]

35 Health Benefits of Kimchi (#1 Top Korean’s Secret Recipe) – Beauty & Medical Uses

If you’re so into Korean Drama or anything related to Korea, surely you know what kimchi is though perhaps you have no idea how the taste is. Kimchi is a Korean’s traditional cuisine, mostly served as banchan or side dish. However, sometimes kimchi is also added as ingredients to other Korean’s traditional cuisines like soups, […]

24 Top Health Benefits of Wild Rice (#No.20 Has Been Proven Scientifically)

With so many options of healthy and super food wild rice is probably the less popular because many people have been starting to forget how wonderful health benefits of wild rice are. Don’t mistaken wild rice to be one of the those many varieties of rice mostly consumed by Asian people because wild rice is […]

35 Health Benefits of Potatoes #1 Heart, Beauty & Diet Menu

Potatoes, which potatoes do you like the most? Baked, mashed, roasted or greasy fried potatoes or well known as French fries? Well, whichever, potatoes are considered to be the comfort foods and consumed by people around the world and available all year around. Potatoes are on the list of world’s largest food crop after rice, […]

18 Health Benefits of Rice (#Energy Source, Brain & Skin)

Rice is a seed of grass that usually planted in the field in a village. Especially in Asia, rice is consumed widely as a staple food for most of the human population. For Southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and more rice is their staple food. Thus, there are so many kinds of […]