What You Should Know About the Health Benefits of Natto

Life is a choice, the sentence we often hear and can be associated with many things. Among other things, in choosing what food we will consume, is it the delicious food or healthy food? The fact is that many delicious foods are not healthy, likewise healthy foods are often difficult to become favorite foods and […]

12 Health Benefits of Fermented Vegetable Juice – Probiotic Drink

Vegetables are very essential for human health because all vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for human body metabolism. Unfortunately, vegetables cannot stay long in room temperature, aside from the health benefits of frozen fruit and vegetable even them have expiration date. That is why fermentation process is another option to […]

35 Health Benefits of Kimchi (#1 Top Korean’s Secret Recipe) – Beauty & Medical Uses

If you’re so into Korean Drama or anything related to Korea, surely you know what kimchi is though perhaps you have no idea how the taste is. Kimchi is a Korean’s traditional cuisine, mostly served as banchan or side dish. However, sometimes kimchi is also added as ingredients to other Korean’s traditional cuisines like soups, […]