15 Health Benefits of Binahong Leaves (No.2 is Amazing)

Binahong leaf? What kind of leaf is that? Yes, the name is not that familiar. But, maybe some of us will recognize it if we already see it. Binahong is a plant that usually creep on wall or fence. Internationally, this leaf called Heartleaf maderavine madevine because its shape looks like heart sign. We can […]

28 Health Benefits of Eating Bean Sprouts (Top #1 Fertility Treatments)

Bean sprout is one of healthy and cheap vegetable that we can find easily, especially at Asia continent. In Asia, usually bean sprout is made from green bean. Usually, the process from bean transform into bean sprout takes 1 week. Bean sprout is a good source of nutrients such as vitamin B, C, B1, B6, […]

13 Health Benefits of Duck Eggs (#No.8 is Amazing)

As we already know, duck is one of fowl that is eligible. We can eat every part of duck, including its egg, just like chicken. People eat duck egg in a different way at each country. Such as in Indonesia, particularly in Java Island, people bury it in a mud for couple days so that […]

24 Health Benefits of Lime Tea #Top Nutrients Source

Lime. We already familiar of this small orange. In some countries, such as Indonesia, usually housewife use lime as one of seasoning to put some kind of sour taste to the food. Also, lime’s water sometimes used to get rid of fishy smell of some food. But, maybe some of us don’t know that actually […]

11 Top Health Benefits of Half Boiled Eggs (No.4 is Perfect!)

Half-boiled egg is one of common food that we can find pretty easy everywhere. Some of us like to consume it, but some of us are not. The reason is because half-boiled egg has a bit different taste than the full-boiled one. Another reason why some people don’t like the half-boiled one is because it’s […]

25 Health Benefits of Lotus Flower #1 Top Herbal Plant

Lotus is one of plant that lived at muddy area such as pond and swamp. This flower comes from India and Vietnam and become the icon of those 2 countries. It has some Latin name such as Nelumbo nucifera, Nelumbium nelumbo, Nelumbo speciosa, and Nelumbium speciosum. Many of us considered lotus as water lily, but […]

25 Health Benefits of Mochi #1 Top Japanese Healthy Snack

Mochi is one of Japanese traditional cake made from flour. It has a sweet taste and chewy texture. Traditionally, it has peanut as its filling, but nowadays the filling of mochi become variate such as chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter or even you can find mochi with ice cream as its topping. Until now, you can […]

25 Top Health Benefits of Eating Ramen Noodles #No.3 Unpredictable!

If we talk about ramen, then we will have one thing in our mind that is traditional pasta from Japan. Ramen is one of traditional pasta from Japan, the other one is udon. Usually, ramen served in almost all of Japanese restaurant, even we can find ramen served along with sushi or sashimi. Ramen is […]

12 Top Health Benefits of Sashimi (#No.5 is True)

Who doesn’t know this food? Well, maybe some people still don’t know yet. For those who don’t know, sashimi is a traditional food comes from Japan. Sashimi is a raw fish. Well, actually you will find it still fresh on Japanese restaurant. But, just to make sure, you can dip it into salty soy sauce […]

7 Top Health Benefits of Sea Urchins #Works for Sexual Treatments

If you meet something with round shape and has a lot of thorns on its skin, than you meet one of sea animals called sea urchin. All of us know what sea urchin is, but only some of us who already saw it in front of our eyes. Almost all of us want to stay […]