15 Benefits of Abalone for Health and Beauty

Abalone is one of sea animal that has many benefits for a health. Abalone is a type of large snail which lives in the ocean. More technically, it’s a gastropod mollusk in the Haliotidae family (along with whelks and sea slugs). For Asians, abalone has long been appreciated for its health benefits, including healthy eyes and skin. […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Bulalo Soup #Cancer Prevention Priority

Bulalo is a Beef dish from the Philippines that contains many benefit. Bulalo means the marrow in the bone of the beef shank.However, many people don’t know if Bulalo soup has a high quality nutrition for health. The flavorful clear broth is made by cooking the beef shank with the bone that contains the marrow. Bulalo soup is […]

10 Health Benefits of Narra Leaves (Angsana Leaves Facts)

Narra Leaves ( Petrocarpus Indicus ) is a species that mostly live in Asia. “Narra” is usually called by Philippines people, while Indonesian and Malaysian called it “Angsana”. Narra leaves sometimes called “Rosewood” because it has a strong scent of rose flower and the wood of the leaves usually use for build house construction and furniture. Related : […]