Top 30 Benefits of Cheese for Health and Beauty

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Cheese is a food derived from processed milk using bacteria and enzyme named rennet by coagulation process. Indeed, cheese can be added as topping for food and beverage, as the main ingredients or you can just eat it itself. Actually, there are thousands types of cheese from every countries and its food is popular in all over the world. Well, every type of cheese has different tastes yet it’s quietly salty, creamy, and similar milk flavor.

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Particularly, cheese contains as high as nutrients in milk such as protein, vitamin, phosphorus, mineral, fiber, and iron. Meanwhile, here are the nutrition you need to know.

Nutritional Values of Cheese

1. Protein 

As good as milk, cheese is also the good source of protein. The protein in cheese comes from milk protein named casein. Thus, casein has good quality of protein including essential amino acids and highly digestible. Likewise, protein is good for health in promoting low blood pressure, increasing minerals, and also as the good source of energy.

2. Carbohydrates 

Indeed, cheese contains small amount of carbohydrate but its value is depending on they types of the cheese. Actually, the average of cheese contains 1,3 gram carbohydrates in every 100 gram. Meanwhile, the majority of cheese contains milk carbohydrate which is lactose or milk sugar. Yet during the coagulation process and its production, the lactose breaks down into glucose and galactose. Further, carbohydrate uses as the fuel of body to producing daily energy.

3. Fats

Seems like high-fats food like cheese is not really good for body but actually cheese is super healthy. Meanwhile, cheese contains saturated fats, the nutrients that give us more energy. Its contents is about 70% or 33 gram in 100 gram cheese. Also. cheese contains trans fats that are vaccenic acid and conjugated linoleic acid. By the way, this ruminant trans fats is good for body consuming in reasonable amount.

4. Vitamins and Minerals 

Indeed, cheese is the good source of vitamins and minerals just like milk. Meanwhile, one glass of milk produces a slice of cheese. So, the vitamins and minerals is as much as milk.

  • Vitamin A: Cheese is rich of vitamin A. Thus, vitamin A is good for eyes health, damage skin, and respiratory infection,
  • Zinc: Zinc is the essential element needed in body in small amount. Thus, zinc is beneficial in producing hormone, improving immunity and health.
  • Riboflavin: Riboflavin or also known as vitamin B2 is the best source in producing energy. Vitamin B2 provides carbohydrates to be glucose. As a result, vitamin B2 is good to as treatment of autism, cataracts, migraine headache, and more.
  • Selenium: Selenium is the anti oxidant properties to prevent cancer cells and diabetes.
  • Sodium: Sodium naturally presents in milk. It is so beneficial to prevent muscle cramp, maintain glucose, improving heart health as it is the source of mineral in body.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 also called as cobalamin is the key role to functioning brain system and metabolism.
  • Phosphorus: Phosphorus is the most important mineral of body to fixing bone health and brain function.
  • Calcium: Calcium or vitamin D is building body to be strong. Not receiving enough calcium can cause broken bone, nail, teeth, skin, and health problems in general.
  • Vitamin K2: Vitamin K2 or menaquinone is the source of bone structure and hearth health.

Moreover, cheese contains high source of healthy nutrients for our body. Consuming a slice of cheese everyday can help us to get a strong bone and body health overall.

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1. Maintaining Strong Bone

Indeed, cheese contains vitamin B and vitamin B complex which is very good in structuring strong bone. Indeed, it is very effective for kids in their infancy and also for elderly people to keep strengthen the bones. Also, dairy product like cheese contains calcium and protein as the best sources of nutrients for bone health. As a result, vitamin B function is to distributing calcium to fixing cavity bones.

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2. Improving Heart Health

The perfect combination of calcium, potassium, and magnesium appear to be beneficial for heart health. Also, casein is the primary protein to lowering the risk of hypertension, maintaining the heart circulation, and also preventing the leading cases of heart diseases. In short, adding cheese in your menu protects your from heart disease such as coronary artery, heart rhythm disturbances, and valvular heart disease.

3. Prevent Cancer Cells

Well, cancer is the worst killer ever yet we can prevent it by some healthy food like cheese. Indeed, cheese contains Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids as the key roles to prevent cancer cells. A researcher even said that cheese has butyrate properties to fight cancer colon by nourishing the good cells on colon. Meanwhile, the vitamin B also protect body from strange cells.

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4. Prevent Diabetes 

It is a shocking information that cheese is also beneficial as diabetes prevention. Likewise, butyrate-dense cheeses had 50% lower insulin levels. Thus, it may use to protecting diabetes type 2 to keep the insulin level in normal and effectively. In short, butyrate-dense cheeses may help to maintaining blood sugar levels. So, we can add double cheeses burger now with no worry.


5. Treatment of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the condition where bones lose its strength, got cavity, or even broken. This condition is usually happen with elderly people whether man or woman. Thus, cheese is beneficial to fix osteoporosis as it contains high calcium and protein. Indeed, calcium is the best  natural source to improve bone health as well as preventing osteoporosis in early time.

6. Teeth Health

Having a strong, clean, white teeth must everyone’s need yet some sugary food can breaking our teeth slowly. However, cheese is the food that is good for your teeth due to calcium and phosphorus contents in it. Thus, calcium and phosphorus is the minerals that can kill bacteria and lactic acid in mouth. Also, it can help to protecting enamel tooth from breaking to maintaining healthy strong teeth.

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7. Build Muscle

Likewise, building muscle is not easy. First, you need to keep working out every morning. Second, you need healthy food to help the muscle tissue grow. Indeed, cheese seems to be the right food to produce muscle as it contains high protein. Protein is made of amino acid, this is actually the source to building block muscle. Further, the types of cheese that is good for building muscle is ricotta cheese.

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8. Treatment of High Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure caused by the high levels of cholesterol and sodium and it can causes bad for body health. Even though, cheese contains sodium but it is low sodium. So, you can still eat it without worry as the low sodium is beneficial to reducing the risk of heart diseases. Meanwhile, the vitamin B contents help body to lowering blood pressure.

9. Lowering Stress

Cheese has relaxing and calming effect to lowering stress feeling that is hitting in your head. Also, cheese contains the essential or amino acid and trytophan to product more serotonin. As a result, this contents can regulating anxiety level and mood. Believe it or not, cheese can reduce your stress. Well, if you have not heard, just try a double cheeses pizza and tell us how happy you will feel then.

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10. Treatment of Migraine 

Cheese is the easy way to heal migraine. If you ever experience migraine in unconditionally time, you may easily chew a slice of cheese because cheese contains riboflavin. As it said, riboflavin can be helpful to heal migraine headache effectively. Moreover, cheese also contains calcium that can reduce the pain caused by migraine headache.

11. The Best Diet Menu

Who says eating cheese can make you fat? Since the past 8.000 years, cheese has been the list of people’s diet menu. It is due to the butyrate substances to help boosting metabolism and fighting the bacteria in the gut to produce more butyrate. Meanwhile, the types of cheeses that can be your diet food are Gruyère, blue, and Gouda, Parmesan, and cheddar cheese.

12. Good Bacteria for Body

Cheese contains million of good bacteria like what we know in yogurt. Thus, good bacteria have positive effects to body such as to help preventing high blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, the good bacteria is good to cure digestive problems such as IBS, infectious diarrhoea, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis. Actually, body always need good bacteria to balancing bad bacteria.

13. Good Natural Fats for Body

It seems like people are scared of fats. Nevertheless, people needs fats to keep producing energy for daily activity. Likewise, cheese contains many natural fats that affects positively to protecting the organs body, improving cells, maintaining body temperatures, and also it’s good for skin and hair health. Further, the combination of fats and protein is good to controlling the energy release.

14. The Non-Meat Protein Source

If you are a vegetarian, cheese is the best alternative food for your protein needs. Since protein is the biggest substance we need, it must be completed well. Meanwhile, cheese contains essential amino acid in balance proportion to protecting and producing goodness in our body. As a result, cheese is a complete protein we can take a bite.

15. Improving Immune System

Cheese is useful to improving immune system, so that our body becomes strong from any illness. Meanwhile, cheese contains zinc that is also useful in producing hormone and improving immune system. Then, we can use cheese as prevention of virus such as influenza, fever, cough, cold and flu, or any other diseases and illness.


16. Treatment during Pregnancy 

As we know, women during pregnancy needs high vitamin, mineral, calcium, and protein to be deliver both for mother and baby. Likewise, in cheese contains high calcium to stimulate contraction. Also, it is good for the baby for the brain function in future. Also, cheese helps the proper milk production after pregnancy period to feed the baby.

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17. Treatment of Insomnia 

Notably, cheese contains the type of amino acid named tryptophan that is useful in promoting better sleep and lowering stress level. The positive effect of it it’s giving you the relaxation and warm feeling. So, before you sleep you may take a bite of cheese to stimulate sleep and as well can cure insomnia.

18. Arthritis

Arthritis is disorder that affects joint due to the lack of calcium substances in body. Indeed, cheese contains high source of calcium, vitamin, and mineral to complete the needs of its mineral for bones and joints. Further, cheese is beneficial to promote bone strength as well as it can cure Arthritis too.

19. Premenstrual syndrome

This symptom belongs to female during the first day of premenstrual syndrome. Indeed, cheese diminishes the problems or pain caused by premenstrual syndrome. Likewise, the calming affect from trytophan can help relaxing the feeling.

20. Comfort Food

Actually, cheese can make you happy! Cheese contains acid amino named tyrosine that when we chew it, the substances will broken down creating happy feeling. Also, the fats in cheese provides brain to produce dopamine as the natural good chemical to booster our mood and energy. So, cheese is both a comfort and healthy food we can always eat. Then, every food and beverage can always make us happy. Let’s say a cheesecake, cheesy milkshake, or cheese ice cream.

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Beauty Tricks with Cheese

As a result, cheese is not only have positive effect for health yet it has beneficial for beauty too. You may never know it before.

21. Hair Strength

If you ever experience hair fall, then you can solve it by eating cheese. As cheese contains B vitamin that effective to strengthen hair and limits the hair fall. Meanwhile, the types of cheeses that you can choose to help you having strong hair are cheddar and also Gouda cheese.

22. Hair Sheen

Seems like every girl wants to have sheen, shiny hair to look more beautiful. Indeed, you can believe that cheese can make your hair shine due to the B vitamin substances. Thus, the recipe to get the hair sheen is mix coconut, olive oil, eggs, and cheese. Then, you can eat them to get shiny hair.

23. Hair Length 

Head skin health is also important whether for both men and women. Unhealthy head skin promotes bad hair growth, in this case, detangle and baldness. However, cheese has the substances to promote hair growth. That is the B vitamin we need to nourishes hair and hair length.

24. Hair Texture 

Actually, the main problem of average female is they hair got damage due to daily hairstyle such as straightening using hot iron, blowing, or coloring hair. Meanwhile, the B vitamin substance once again help you to have a perfectly long, shiny hair. Indeed, cheese substance prevents hair damage from those activities.

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25. Skin Glow 

The protein in cheese promotes skin glow as it removes dull and dead skin. So, you may add more cheese in your appetizer for your skin glow.

26. Skin Blotches 

As we get older, the blotchiness skin is show up especially in face. Well, it is not the thing we want mostly for females. Particularly, the hormones change during the pra-menopause time and it promotes the skin ageing. Further, the B complex vitamin in cheese can press the risk of it. Meanwhile, you can eat cheddar cheese to fix the skin problem.

27. Skin Disorder

Skin disorder like itching, bumping, absolutely make you feel uncomfortable. Worse than that is eczema and psoriasis skin disorder. Thus, cheese contains B1 vitamin to nourishing the skin health and can be used to clean off the skin disorder.

28. Skin Elasticity

One more skin problem is wrinkle as we get older. Indeed, it can be the worst problem foe every female in the world and that is way the numbers of skin surgery is increasing. Cheese can be your alternative to promotes healthy skin, I mean, improves skin elasticity in natural way so you don’t need surgery.

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29. Skin Allergies and Sensitivities – As same as natural milk, cheese is beneficial to heal skin allergies and sensitivities.

30. Nail Health – The calcium, I mean, by the same way effect positively to nail health as it impacts hair and bone health.


As a result, cheese is naturally high of nutrients that can actively improve your bone, body, health, and also beauty.

The Individual Concern of Cheese

Even though, cheese has many benefits and it tastes super creamy and yummy, there are some things you may concern to before you eat cheese.

  • Lactose Intolerance 

Lactose is the main carbohydrate contains in cheese, or it’s also know as milk sugar. Then, lactose intolerance is the condition where someone is not be able to absorb lactose. Thus, some people is intolerance with lactose. If they consume food with lactose, it will cause them diarrhea, gas, pain, cramps, gurgling, bloating, or throwing up. Meanwhile, people with lactose intolerance can still eat cheese in small bite but they need to choose selected cheese only. Further, the best cheeses to eat if you are a lactose intolerance are cheddar and feta cheese.

  • Milk Allergy 

There are some people out there who are allergic to milk, it’s common happen to kids and elder people. To replace the protein sources, they usually change it with soya protein. As cheese is made of milk, some people may also allergy to cheese. Yet, don’t worry cause they can still consume cheese in small amount and selective in nutrient ingredient before they bite it.

As a result, cheese is diary and comfort food that has various numbers of benefits for health and beauty. Moreover, you can consume cheese in any way you like to eat whether as the topping of your milkshake or melted in your pizza. As a result, you can still put cheese on your diet list due to its high nutrients.