7 Benefits of Black Ivory Coffee (#1 Rarest Coffee from Thailand)

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Some people may prefer their coffee to be black. The reason is because only when it is black they could enjoy all the best of coffee. Well, the fact is there are a lot of types of coffee you could try right now and black coffee is starting to lose its glamour because it is just like wasting your life in black while there’s so much coffee to try out there. Black ivory coffee is one on the list and after you find out about the benefits of black ivory coffee for your health, you will want to grab a cup immediately.

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What is Black Ivory Coffee?

Luwak coffee from Indonesia once was the most expensive coffee in the world but now it was replaced by black ivory coffee. Just like luwak coffee, black ivory coffee was also produced from coffee bean collected from animal’s waste. When luwak coffee is coffee bean collected from civets’ waste, black ivory coffee is coffee bean collected from elephants’ waste. This black ivory coffee is from Thailand and considered to be one of the rarest and the most exclusive coffee in the world. The unique thing about this coffee is the flavor which is influenced by certain enzymes found in elephant’s digestive system that could break down the protein found in coffee bean, so the taste will less bitter and unlike civets which are omnivorous, elephants are herbivores.

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Benefits of Black Ivory Coffee

The benefits of black ivory coffee will be the combination of benefits of black coffee and whatever enzymes that found in elephants’ digestive system. To find out more below is the list of benefits of black ivory coffee you should know before you grab a cup.

  1. Natural Energy Booster

The caffeine found in black ivory coffee is the natural energy booster you need. So, it is perfect beverage to be consumed during breakfast to make sure your body gets enough energy to do activities all day.

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  1. Great for Weight Loss

All types of coffee are great for weight loss but sometimes people consume it in the wrong way. Sugar and milk are the reasons why coffee is no longer great for weight loss. Since you are no longer need sugar while drinking black ivory coffee, so drinking a cup is not going to ruin your diet.

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  1. Low in Sugar Content

Sugar will improve the flavor of your beverages but too much sugar could be harmful for your health. However, black ivory coffee is very low in sugar because certain enzymes from elephants’ digestive system have removed most of sugar content from the coffee bean.

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  1. Less Bitter Taste

The reason why people add sugar or milk to their coffee is because they cannot stand with the bitter taste of coffee. The unique thing about black ivory coffee is it has taste that less bitter because the more protein in the coffee the bitter it is going to be. Fortunately, the elephants’ digestive tracks have broken down the protein content and provide you will less bitter taste of coffee.

  1. Lowers The Risk of Diabetes

Since it is very low in sugar, surely this type of coffee is great beverages of diabetes patient. It is not easy to find beverages that suit best to diabetic patient but black ivory coffee is going to be exceptional.

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  1. Fights Depression

Though depression is one of the mental conditions that required intensive treatment but a cup of black ivory coffee has been proven to reduce the symptoms so people with this condition could cope with their condition in much better way.

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  1. Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential to human health because they are the reasons behind strong immunity system. A cup of black ivory coffee could provide your body enough amounts of antioxidants to fight infections.

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When it comes to the benefits of black ivory coffee is not only human who could enjoy the health benefits but also the elephants and local people in Thailand. The money of the sales, around 8 percents of it will go to Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation to support the elephants’ sanctuary while the locals will have source of income as well.

Cautions of Black Ivory Coffee

When it comes to cautions, black ivory coffee has similar cautions to other types of coffee.

  • Pregnant mother should limit the consumption of coffee due to its caffeine.
  • Allergic reaction may occur.
  • Since it is so unusual and expensive, you should concern about where you get the coffee. In other words, you should get the coffee from the respectable supplier only to guarantee its quality and originality.
  • The caffeine endurance in every person is different so if your stomach cannot handle more than a cup of coffee per day and then it applies to black ivory coffee as well though the taste is less bitter doesn’t make this coffee contains less caffeine.

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Well, the question in no matter how expensive the black ivory coffee is and how much benefits of black ivory coffee you could get, would you drink coffee produced from elephants’ dung? Some people may say no but according to the data, this type of coffee is very exclusive coffee and only those with money could consume it and enjoy all the benefits. If somehow you have a chance to taste it, surely you won’t put a cup of black ivory coffee into a waste, will you?