8 Facts Health Benefits of Huckleberry Tea

Huckleberry is a small fruit which is in blue, crimson and purple or in very dark blue color. It found in the North American and European Continents. The taste itself can be very sweet or even sour. However, there is no doubt of nutrients contained in this healthy fruit and here are the details: Nutritional […]

22 Health Benefits of Huckleberry (#1 Proven)

Huckleberry (Solanum Nigrum L) is a plant of the eggplant (Solananceae) originating from Europe and West Asia, then spread to America, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Huckleberry has another name Ranti (Javanese), bobose (Ternate) and black nightshade (Europe). Huckleberry plant can grow up to 120 cm tall. Huckleberry plants have the characteristics of stems that are […]