27 Health Benefits of Sleeping without Underwear (Man & Woman)

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Sleeping is one of the most important necessity in our life. We should have enough sleep after doing such hectic activities during the day unless we will suffer from various health problems. Sleeping without wearing underwear is another useful benefits of sleeping, both for men and women.

Health Benefits of Sleeping without Wearing Underwear for Men and Women:

1. Healthy and Good Quality of Sperm. 

Testicle needs a stable temperature in producing good quality of sperm. Sleeping without underwear is good for men who are diagnosed for suffering from infertility. It is said on the research of reproduction that testicle is able to produce a good quality of sperm under 36,67 ‘C or 98 ‘F. On the contrary, if a testicle temperature is beyond that degree, it will break the sperm morphology itself.  The stable temperature of testicle is believed beneficial for those who are under pregnancy program. Sleeping without underwear also decreases the temperature in the prostate gland so that sperms production becomes normal and the blood flow to penis expedites. As a result, we will be prevented from erectile dysfunction.

2.  Increase Sleeping Quality

Based on the result of the study, sleeping with wearing certain clothes make us restless.  This is perhaps our clothes cannot adjust with the changing of our body temperature while we are sleeping. Thus, sleeping without wearing underwear will make our sleeping time be more qualified.
3. Preventing Insomnia. 
Sleeping without wearing underwear will level down our temperature. Therefore, we will have better and soundly sleep. Sleeping without underwear will make our body cooler. The experts say that to have a good sleep, our temperature should level down a half degree. Our body temperature is at peak between 11 p.m until  4 a.m. We will have a sleeping difficulty among these hours. Thus, sleeping without underwear will make us sleep better.
4. Keeping Our Weight. 
Based on the Journal of Diabetes, a qualified and cooler sleeping will activate our brown fat.  A brown fat is fat tissues that is able to produce heat.  Brown fat produces 300 times of  more heat than another part of our organ. Therefore, sleeping without underwear will activate our brown fat which eventually will influence our weight. Sleeping without underwear makes us sleep tight which eventually levels down our cortisole hormon, maintain our energy, and control our hunger. Disrupted sleep makes our cortisole hormone levels up. As a result, when we wake up, we will feel hungry and the risk of gaining weight in increasing.
5. Releasing Our Hormone.
Skin-to-skin contact between couple during their sleeping time without underwear releases oxytocin. Oxytocin hormone is released when we experience skin-to-skin contact. We will feel the benefits of experiencing skin-to-skin contact from top to toe, such as minimizing the stress level, elevating our self-confidence as well as sexual urge. According to a naturopath Natasha Turner, keeping our body too warm can disrupt the releasing process of melatonin hormone and the growth hormone. Both hormones are anti-aging hormone. These hormones work regeneratively and require certain degree of temperature. Besides as an anti-aging, melatonin can make our skin and our hair more shiny. Thus, sleeping without wearing underwear is good for us.
6. Pain Reliever.
Sleeping without wearing underwear will relieve the tense in our visera abdomen nerve system. Besides, our blood circulation will perform optimally, lessening the risk of acute diarrhea, back pain and constipation.

7. Increasing Sebaseceous Gland.

Naked skin performs well in absorbing more nutrients which eventually helps our metabolism. Sleeping without wearing underwear helps not only the performance of sebaseceous gland but also stimulates our sweat glands.

8. Preventing Us from Fatigue and Weak.

Sleeping without wearing underwear helps us in gaining a qualified sleep. As a result, when we wake up the next morning, we will feel fresh and more energetic.

9. Decreasing the Number of Bacteria in Our Crotch.

Our daily activity makes us sweat. Our crotch is one of the most sweaty body parts. Moist and warm areas are the most favorite place for bacteria to grow. Sleeping without underwear decreases the growth of bacteria which eventually will minimize the rash in our crotch.

10. Arousing Our Sexual Urge.

Arousing sexual urge becomes a challenge both for men and women. We will loose our mood to have such an intimate intercourse when we are tired or facing certain problems.  Sleeping without underwear can stimulate our sexual urge because our spouse or our significant other will think that we are interested in doing sexual activity.

11. Tighter The Intimacy.

Less touch from the spouse makes women do not want to experience such an intimate sexual intercourse. Sleeping without wearing underwear will erase the feeling away. Besides,  it will make the bond between spouse tighter. The more we touch our spouse or partner, the closer we will feel.

12. Preventing Our Genital Area from the Itch.

We will feel the ultimate benefit of sleeping without wearing underwear when we feel itchy in our genital area. The itchy that might be caused by the bacteria will gives us negative impact if we keep scratching it. Therefore, removing our panties before sleeping will make our genital drier so that bacteria, virus and fungi are difficult to grow and our Miss V and Mr P are free from the itch.

13. Minimizing the Infection in Our Ureter.

The infection in our ureter is usually caused by the bacterium in our genital organ. The bacterium that usually grow in our moist and dirty crotch are potential to enter our ureter which eventually bring us to suffer from ureter infection. Sleeping without underwear expedites the air circulation and minize the risk of suffering from infection in our ureter.

14. Minimizing the Unpleasant Smile. 

Sleeping without wearing underwear will minimize the unpleasant smell in our vagina. Taking medical action for minimizing the smell is necessary since the smell can caused by various reasons. However, sleeping without wearing underwear is also worth trying.

15. Preventing Us from Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an infection that is caused by the imbalance bacterium in our vagina. Health experts say that our miss V has “good” and “bad”bacterium. If both of bacterium are imbalance, we will suffer from bacterial vaginosis. Thus, sleeping without wearing underwear is suggested.

16. Preventing Us from Vagina Yeast Infection.

The moist area in around our vagina can cause vagina yeast infection that is usually caused by candida albicans fungi. Removing our panties for 8 hours brings a sufficient air circulation in our vagina.

Underwear for women is not only about panties but also brassiere (bra). Sleeping without bra offers various benefits for health, too.

The benefits of sleeping without bra:

1. Expediting Blood Circulation.

Wearing bra during all day activities give certain pressure to our pectoral muscles. The pressure will inevitable disrupt the blood circulation. Therefore, women are suggested to remove their bra during the night in order to facilitate the blood circulation in our breast which eventually will make other parts of our body perform better.

2. Preventing Skin Irritation.

Wearing tight bra all day makes women feel uncomfortable because of the sweat. Besides, it can also trigger skin irritation and women will suffer from skin problems.  If we sleep wearing bra, our skin will be easily irritated. The irritation usually happens in strap and closure area where we can notice red spot around them. Thus, women are suggested to take off their bra during sleeping time so that their breast skin can breathe and drier.

3. Preventing Breathing Problems.

Hectic and heavy activities during the day wearing a tight bra causes breathing problems because diaphragm is tied. Removing bra during sleeping time will make our breathing process lighter.

4. Preventing Insomnia.

Women are prone to suffer from insomnia unless they have a qualified sleep. Removing bra while they are sleeping will make them wake up in fresh because their bra does not wedge them.

5. Easing Our Restless.

The experience of having restless sleep even when we have a minor problem might be caused by our bra. Our restless disturbs our breathing process because the strap of our bra are too tight. Removing bra before sleeping will facilitate our breathing system so that we will not wake up too often because of the inconvenience.

6. Preventing Us from Breast Cancer.

Based on the result of the study, women are expected to wear bra for at least 12 hours a day to expedite the blood circulation. The survey mentions that women who wear bra more than 12 hours a day are potential for suffering from breast cancer. Wearing bra during sleeping time makes our blood cannot circulate well. As a result, the abnormal cells emerge inside of our breast which eventually grow as cancer cells. We can minimize the risk of suffering from breast cancer by removing our bra before sleeping.

7. Sagging Our Breast.

Wearing bra while we are sleeping will not make our breast sagging. We should know the causes that make our breast sagging:

  • Less elastin within our skin.
  • Less coopres ligament in our breast. Coopres ligament is the supportive structure in our breast.
  • Less breast tissue because of our age, the increasing and decreasing of our weight, and pregnancy.

8. Preventing Us from Breast Pain.

A tight bra that we wear all day will pain our breast, especially the one with under wire. The pressure of the wire creates the pain in our breast which will positively disturb our activity.

9. Preventing Us from Skin Pigmentation.

Wearing bra all day is potential to increase our skin pigmentation that causes by the pressure on our skin. A tight and under wire bra gives certain pressure to our skin during sleeping. The risk of suffering from skin pigmentation increases during this time. Thus, removing bra before sleeping is suggested.

10. Red Stripes.

We typically wear a tight bra for supporting our breast. However, we sometime do not realize that our tight bra can cause red stripes on our back, especially if we wear bra for a long hours. Wearing a bra more than 12 hours will makes these red stripes are difficult to erase.

11. Relieving Menstrual Symptom.

Prior to have their period, women usually suffer from the breast pain. Therefore, removing bra before sleeping will relieve the pain because the bra does not tight our breast.

12. Shaping Our Breast.

Sometimes wearing a too tight bra will make our breast muscles attract to the top. As a result, our breast do not have their ideal shape. Removing bra before sleeping make our breast can freely breathe so that they can have their ideal shape.

How to Sleep without Wearing Underwear:

1. Panties First.

For married couple, sleeping nakedly will bring no problem. However, people who are still single might feel awkward when they have to sleep nude. Therefore, wearing ONLY panties is one of the options to get used to new sleeping habit. After we feel comfortable when sleeping only with panties, take off our bra before sleeping deserves another try. Moreover, we have to bear in our mind that sleeping nakedly provides our skin receives more air exposure so that it becomes clearer.

2. Choose Fabrics from Natural Materials.

Since sleeping without underwear makes our skin free for seven to eight hours, we should choose fabrics from natural materials, such as cotton, to make the air circulates perfectly through our body. Polyester or other synthetic materials are not healthy for your skin because they might block the air. Choosing organic fibers sheets is another healthy option because our skin is free from any chemicals.

3. Regularly Change the Sheets.

People spend seven to eight hours on bed a day for sleeping. While we sleep, our skin body releases the substances that patch on our sheets. The substances are:

  • sweat
  • saliva
  • dead skin

Those substances are later become the food for mites that live in our bed. Thus, it is suggested to change the sheets once or twice a week. To get better quality of sleeping, we should season our mattress, pillows, and bolsters once a month.

4. Bathing before Sleeping.

Taking a bath before sleeping will deliver fresh sensation to our body so that we will experience comfortable naked sleep. Besides, our sheets will clean longer, too, because we are free from sweat and oil that we produce after doing our all day activities.

5. Keep a Robe Nearby.

In case of an emergency or when we need to go to the bathroom, we should keep our robe nearby and easily for us to reach. Knowing your robe is at a close range will also help you to sleep tight because we will never know the reasons that make us have to leave our bed quickly.

6. Set a Blanket.

Experiencing skin-to-skin contact with our partner will probably lead us for having sex more frequently because sleeping nakedly can elevate the intimacy. In order to both parties for staying comfortable, we should keep a blanket either on one side or both sides so that we can adjust our layer based on our preference.

7. Set our thermostat at seventy degrees or below.

We will have a soundly sleep under cooler temperature. Therefore, it is better for us to set the thermostat in our bedroom at seventy degree or below. Sleeping nakedly under low temperature will make us have our best quality of sleeping. If we feel cold, we can use our blanket. Covering our body with blanket is much better than with pajamas. Besides, sleeping under cooler temperature helps our body in releasing melatonin and growth hormone that are significant for repairing our cells. Failing to have a deep sleep will make our body loose the chance to produce those hormones. Sleeping soundly also helps our body to manage the production of cortisol hormone so that it will not be excessively produced which eventually lead us for gaining more weight and suffering from other health problems.

8.  Turn off the Light.

Sleeping in the dark makes our brain experience a full rest which finally contribute to our soundly sleep. Checking our laptop or mobile phone before closing our eyes should be avoided because the light from those two devices makes us difficult to sleep. We should set black curtains if our bedroom windows get the exposure from the street lights.

9. Adjust Our Sleeping Position.

We should adjust our sleeping position so that the air can flow perfectly to our body. As a result, our body circulation is improving. The perfect air circulation in our body is not only improving our health but also our genital organ.

10. Lock the Door and Window. 

Locking both window and door in our bedroom will make us feel safe and we can have a better sleeping time. If it is not impossible for us to lock the door because of the children, placing a thick towel under the door or putting a chair in front of the door are a good idea because we will have a warning before our children make their way to come into our bedroom.

Knowing the benefits of sleeping without under wear as well as the requirements needed will hopefully bring us to experience a soundly sleep because it is very important to improve both of our health and our genital organs.