27 Incredible Ways to Increase Your Stamina (No.23-27 Very Simple)

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Incredible Ways to Increase Your Stamina could you get from many side, including sports, food, fruit, and your habit. Being healthy becomes people motto nowadays. There are five popular ways that deliberately applied by those who put health in their first priority in life. Doing sport, healthy diet, laughing, starting the day with red color and sleeping come in a row orderly as the option for people to stay fit:

1-3 Sport Activities  : Do morning sport regularly

  • Cardiovascular exercise such as aerobic and cycling give proper training to our heart and lung. We indeed will feel fatigue at first. However, our stamina and immune will elevate gradually and our fatigue will potentially decrease at the same time.
  • Push up, sit up and weight lifting does not only help us in building our stamina but also in strengthening our muscles. As a result, we are able to lift heavy load in a long period of time.
  • Set routine schedule for doing morning sport. Scheduling will help us elevating our stamina optimally. For example, adult people should practice cardiovascular for 150 minutes every week.

4 – 22 Healthy diet

Healthy is the second important option to deter illnesses. It is the way of how we control our eating pattern as well as our food intake, for example fruit, vegetable, drink, fish and meat.

4-11 Fruit:

  1. Banana. Banana contains of fiber and fructosa combination. We will have extra energy as well as levelling up our stamina during our activity if we consume banana in the morning or before the activity.
  2. Red wine fruit. It has resveratol substance that can increase our stamina instantly before we do sport or our other activity.
  3. Orange. Orange is good for levelling up energy. It contains of vitamin C that is good for increasing our immune system. A glass of orange juice in the morning will make you energetic during the day.
  4. Apple. Apple is rich of zinc that is able to elevating hemoglobin in our blood. Hemoglobin will help us get energy faster. We can juice it or eat it as a snack.
  5. Berry fruit. Strowberry and blueberry consist of vitamin C and bioflavonoid.. They are good for antioxidant as they prevent our body from its broken cells.
  6. Watermelon. It contains high antioxidant and glutathione. Glutathione works to strengthen our immune system to counter infection.
  7. Lemon. It has a lot of vitamin C substances that helps our body to counter virus and bacteria and as a natural detoxification.
  8. Avocado. It consists of vitamin B1, C, A, and minerals. It helps us to clean our intestines naturally.

12 – 16 Vegetable

  1. Asparagus. It is low calorie but it is rich of vitamin E, mineral, calsium, potasium, vitamin A and D. Another substance in it is believed can increase blood circulation and release fat deposit in our blood vessel.
  2. Pumpkin. It is low calorie but it is able to make you feel full. Besides, it controls hormone to make you always feel fresh and energetic.
  3. Broccoli. It is the biggest source of vitamin K, A, and C, fiber, potassium, folic, lutein. It decreases the risk of suffering from breast cancer, lung cancer, and intestines.
  4. Cabbage. It is rich of glutamine. Glutamine is one of the essential amino acid that is not produced in our body. It can level up our immune system.
  5. Mushroom. It is low calorie, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. On the contrary, it is rich of vitamin B, C, D and selenium, fiber and zinc. Therefore, it helps us to increase white blood cells.

17 – 20 Drink

  1. Plain water. Drink plain water at least 1-2 liter a day. Having less intake of plain water will make us limp and easily fatigue. Plain water will facilitate our metabolism.
  2. Coffee. It contains cafein that plays as a good stimulant for our body. However, people who are suffer from
  3. Green Tea. Tea is rich of antioxidant. It is a good choice of drink since it cleans our nerve system so that we can be more relax and not nervous.
  4. Honey. Honey has a chemical substance, acetylcholine and coligemic that facilitates blood circulation and decreases blood pressure. Honey is also rich with vitamin B1, B5n and C that can level down blood glucose, especially for people who suffer from diabetes. (Read : Benefits of honey for skin and hair)

21 – 22 Fish

  1. Salmon. It can eradicate breast cancer development since it consists if two a couple substance anti cancer: Omega 3 fat acid and astaxhantin.
  2. Tuna. It is high in calorie, protein, amino acid, carbohydrate, vitamin, fat, and mineral. It is good for preventing osteoporosis, protecting heart, and controlling cholesterol level.

23 -27 Fix your habits

Simple ways to increase stamina is from habits, avoid

  1. Color our life with laughter. Laughing is the easiest tip to increase our stamina because our laughter emerges our energy.
  2. Avoid smoking
  3. Avoid alcohol
  4. Starting the day with red color. Red color can increase our stamina up to its top. We can wear red cloth, bring our red lunch box or even design our office room with red wall paper dominantly.
  5. Sleeping is one of the human basic need, besides healthy eating and doing sport. Proper sleeping for as long as 7-8 hours a day will make our body endurance work optimally.
    • Health problems that may occur if we have a disturbed sleeping are:
      • The raising level of stress and blood sugar
      • Irregular heart pulse
      • High risk in suffering from cancer
    • While the benefits gained for having proper sleeping are:
      • Improved memory
      • Become more creative
      • Level up concentration
      • Stay young

Therefore, it is undeniably important to apply the five basics factors for reaching one of our main important goals in life. From now on, no matter how busy we are, setting the schedules to put them into practice between our hectic activities will indeed improve our quality of life. Mens Sana in Corpore Sano is not only a motto. It is a way of life.