10 Health Benefits of Mango Leaves for Diabetes Treatment

Who knows, even mangoes leaves can be used as herbal medicines? Mangoes, everyone loves mangoes. I think there are none of people in this world would reject its sweet refreshing taste. Who does not loves mangoes? Even in tropical country it has quite expensive values, moreover in 4 seasons countries. Anyway, we are not going […]

16 Proven Health Benefits of Potato Leaves

In Indonesia, cassava leaves is popular among veggies. Unlike its fruit, cassava leaves also has unique taste along with minerals and vitamins in it. So does potatoes leaves. It is surprisingly, looks even more matches with some kind of non wooden cassavas. Likes tuber with vine rod. It tastes better to serve as salad or […]

25 Health Benefits of Eating Royal Jelly, Propolis, and Bee Pollen

Royal jelly, doesn’t sound like its name but, may be, people call it royal because its benefits for man (especially). Like strength of a royal family or something? Well, it does have a big advantage for men. But, did you know that royal jelly, propolis, with bee pollen might have another benefit even for female? […]

7 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis water, is water that purified from some technology processes that uses a semi permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water. You might call it with a water that being drunk whit out being boiled or heated to 100 degrees of Celsius. It is purely from water that flowing […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Avocado for Bodybuilding

Avocado. Known as alpukat for Indonesian. Who is loved and banned for some people. This fruit has great combination with sweet milk or others sweetness. Avocado might not has sweet taste, but its entertain you with its delicacy of much more benefits. Not only good for health, it is really useful in forming your body […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ramphal Fruit (Custard Apple)

Ramphal, sounds so Indian right? Ramphal is kind of fruit that belongs to annonaceae family, which has oily taste like. Ramphal fruit also known as custard apple, it has so many name and popular among tropical countries. It is pronounce as an apple, but, actually, ramphal fruit does not look or taste like apple at […]

11 Proven Health Benefits of Strawberry Juice in Pregnancy

Strawberry, everyone loves strawberry for its sweet sour refreshing taste. Strawberry is not a local fruit. But nowadays, you can find it in every conventional market around you. Strawberry known as the best fruit for juice which no one can withstand the delicacy of strawberry. You can eat it right away, mix it with milk […]

12 Proven Health Benefits of Guinep Fruit (Spanish Lime)

Here it comes, the most unfamiliar fruit for your healthy daily consumption. Guinep, or you might call it with Spanish lime to see what kind of fruit guinep is. Lime, but actually it is quiet strange for Indonesian people to see it as a lime. Well, on the outside, guinep is mostly looks like another […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Fresh Cow Milk Everyday

Fresh cow milk. Indonesian people mostly dislike it. They divided into two big oppositions which, they like fresh cow milk or they even much more hate it. Fresh cow milk has a taste that is quiet tasteless and slightly fishy. It is quiet thick feeling when you drank fresh cow milk. A little nauseating feeling […]

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pork Bone Soup

Bones broth. As you know, not many Indonesian dishes that use bone as basic ingredients for broth. Mostly, Indonesian people prefer to use the meats or fats for broth. It has such advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Such as, when you use meats as broth maker, the broth might have a better refreshing […]