25 Health Benefits of Eating Royal Jelly, Propolis, and Bee Pollen

Royal jelly, doesn’t sound like its name but, may be, people call it royal because its benefits for man (especially). Like strength of a royal family or something? Well, it does have a big advantage for men. But, did you know that royal jelly, propolis, with bee pollen might have another benefit even for female? […]

10 Unknown Health Benefits of Bee Pollen with Royal Jelly

We are surrounded by natural remedies provided to us by mother nature. One of the natural remedies is the ever important bees and its amazing by-products such as royal jelly and bee pollen. Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that’s used in the nutrition of larvae and adult queens. One amazing fact about royal […]

42 Surprising Health Benefits of Bee Pollen Base On True Story

Bee Pollen is even called the “miracle” that given to bee  (The Royal Society of Naturalist) Bee Pollen, or in Indonesian was known as “Serbuk Sari” has been used as a supplement and ingredient of medicine since ancient times. When a honey bee sucks honey, bee pollen stuck at the foot of the bee that […]