5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pork Bone Soup

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Bones broth. As you know, not many Indonesian dishes that use bone as basic ingredients for broth. Mostly, Indonesian people prefer to use the meats or fats for broth. It has such advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Such as, when you use meats as broth maker, the broth might have a better refreshing taste, such a light meaty taste. But, it is also reduce the taste of the meat itself. The meat has become much more tasteless.

Or when you using fats as basics ingredients for broth, you might like its bulk strong taste of broth, but also, it is quiet high fat, it is bad for your obesity levels, or gout. Some Indonesian cuisines that uses bone broth is meatballs or you might know it as bakso. Bakso broth is heated along with bovine bones in it. It creates savory taste, complete the meatball itself. The cows or goats bone can be boiled continuously for more than 23 or 24 hours.

Pork bone broth. It is a broth, with the liquid obtained from cooking the bones. A pig bone especially. Some of you might not be familiar with this cuisine, because mostly, pork bone broth is well know in 4 seasons country, especially for China and Korea. They love to eat pork bone broth as the basics soups in winter.

Nutrition from eating pork bone broth

Pork bone broth mostly made from boiling pork bones in water, with a little vinegar about 2 to 48 hours of simmering. It has to be done, to subtract valuable nutrients that are found in animal bones. For making perfect tasting soup of pork bone broth.

People commonly know that pork bone broth formed mostly by calcium. However, don’t you know that this kind of bone broth also contains the other beneficial substances for health? In every cup of pork bones broth or it is about 240 grams of pork bone broth contains:

  • 31 calories
  • 475 mg of sodiums
  • 4 grams of total carbs
  • 1 gram of dietary fiber
  • 7 grams of protein
  • 2 grams of fat
  • 1 grams of saturated fat
  • 444 mg of potassium
  • 9 grams of Carbohydrates
  • 3 grams of sugar
  • 2% of Calcium
  • 4% of Iron

Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Pork Bone Broth

And this time, we are going to talk about the health benefit of the pork bone broth, including its nutrition facts, cautions and recommendation in eating pork bone broth.

Based on the fact that pork bone broth has a lot of beneficial substances in it, we should believe that it has many benefits for health. These are the health benefits of pork bone soup :

  1. Healthy Skin

Mostly, pork has quiet high collagen content in it. It might be the best think you can get from pork. Pork collagens content is found in almost every part of it. You might find it in pork skin (the abundant amount) or meat, or even the bones.

Collagen known as the best skin treatment, especially for healthy, soft and bouncy skins. It is also the thing that make your skin to look younger. Best regeneration agent for protecting your tissues, and healing your injury. Pork bone broth also known as cuisines that kept your skin moist. 

  1. Bones Growth and Protection

Calcium and magnesium contains in pork bone broth is quiet high, for some amount of it might be the best cure of your bone problems or protection. Calcium might replace and defending your bones from porosity and / or strengthening your bones. Furthermore, it might reduce your bones or joints problems.

  1. Reduce Anxiety and insomnia

Pork bone broth not only good for your skins or bones, it might also effecting your neural system. Minerals found in pork bone broth soothe your neural system, and stabilize your mood. Magnesium and calcium is the best agent not only for your bones, but it might reduce your leaking in magnesium or calcium deficiency related to insomnia.

  1. Anemia Protection

Hemoglobin in the blood circulating system is commonly made or transport high amount of magnesium and iron, it is known that pork bone broth has quiet high iron contains, the highest one actually. So it might be the best result for your anemia problems, with pork bone broth to replace your blood lacking in iron and magnesium.

  1. An Anti Aging

Thus, there are more  health benefits of pork bone soup. Anti aging in pork bone broth is made from their amino acid glycine. It is the minerals that can make your skin to look younger, fresh and bouncy. It is also prevent breakdowns of tissues proteins, and helps detoxify your body from hazards chemical, or an antioxidant. 

Cautions in Eating Pork Bone Broth

Besides the health benefits of eating Pork bone broth including the other kinds of bone broth like health benefits of drinking bone broth or you might also read health benefits of drinking vegetable broth to see and understanding more about health benefits of pork bone soup before making or consume any kind of bone broth, we still need to watch our intake of pork bone broth.

One of the cautions we need to pay attention is that any kind of bone broth including pork bone broth contains ample of calories and carbohydrate. These minerals might increase your blood sugar level or, more over, your obesity levels.

Pork bone broth can be stored in refrigerator for more than 3 days, but less than 7 days. You might have to seal it properly if you want the pork bone broth to last for more than 5 months, or even 6 months.

Pork bone broth also, it might be effecting your brain function in some conditions. It might be the best alternative cure for your insomnia and anxiety problems, but also, pork bone broth might cause brain fog feeling, reduce your concentration and more.

Pork bone broth is effecting your neural systems and calm it down. Some people may experience fatigue and disorientation after consuming pork bone broth in high amount. If you have some issues according to your neural systems, you might consult your doctor to see how benefits for you to consume pork bone broth.