27 Health Benefits of Vanilla Extract (#1 Top Beauty Treatments)

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Back to the history, since many years ago, vanilla has became flavoring for ice cream in Europe. In the same way, Spain also has added vanilla to chocolate sweets for centuries. Then, until now, vanilla is being produced as the main flavoring for cakes, desserts, and drinks. As we all have known, vanilla is being used as popular dessert, drink, and beverages due to the presence of soft and sweet flavor and fragrance.

On the other hand, vanilla extract is a kind of beverages made of a combination of vanilla beans and alcohol. It is being extracted by the alcohol which makes a great taste. With a combination of vanilla beans and alcohol, it creates dark colored liquid with the powerful scent of vanilla.

Besides, there are kinds of vanilla beans including Tahitian which has subtly fruity and floral taste, Mexican which has the smoother and spicy taste and Bourbon or Madagascar which has the classic and robust flavor. As a result, the Madagascar vanilla is used mostly as many kinds of vanilla beverage due to the rich taste presented. In another hand, a common type of alcohol which is being used to make vanilla extract is ethyl alcohol. The alcohol is combined with water and being steeped for about 48 hours. They are stored for several months and filtered as a vanilla extract.

Further, the vanilla extract contains great nutrients and are rich in vitamins and minerals. There is vanillin which is the main component in vanilla beans and is beneficial to the body health. At this point, you may need to look at the nutritional value table of vanilla extract below to ensure that vanilla is worth to be a health supplement.


Amount per 100g




0.1 g


0 mg


9 mg


148 mg


13 g


0 g


13 g


0.1 g


11 mg

Vitamin C

0 mg


0.1 mg


12 mg

Now you know more information about the nutritional value of vanilla extract. Then, have a look at health benefits of vanilla extract below.


1. Acts as Antibacterial

The study has shown that vanilla contains antibacterial properties. It is also associated with vanilla oil which has a role to inhibit the presence of bacteria development. Consequently, vanilla has a benefit to be commercialized as antibacterial products. Then, if you consume vanilla beverages regularly, it might protect your body against dangerous bacteria.

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2. Acts as Antidepressant

Who doesn’t love vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream, and other kinds of beverage that have the vanilla taste? Well, as vanilla has a really great fragrance, then it affects the brain and nervous system to lower the stress and depression feeling. Also, with great fragrance, it uplifts the mood and acts as an antidepressant as well. As the consequence, if you feel your day a little bit busy, then have any kinds of vanilla foods to relieve your stress as vanilla foods have a sweet aroma. Moreover, research pointed that vanilla as aromatherapy helps in alleviating the symptoms of claustrophobia.

To conclude, if you could prevent the stress and depression then you have succeeded to improve the mental health. Also, by consuming vanilla extract, you have succeeds to prevent injury, chronic mental/emotional stress, infection or even nutritional deficiencies.


3. Source of Antioxidants

Since vanilla has contained vanilla acid and vanillin, it acts as an antioxidant. These nutrients help to protect against harmful components including free radicals and toxins. It is also known that antioxidant nutrients fight radical effects and help to maintain skin health at the same time. Moreover, by having 26 to 90 percent as research has pointed, vanilla extract has great potential to be the health supplement.


4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

From the previous statement, you have known that vanilla has a great source of antioxidant properties. Hence, this benefit is linked to the anti-inflammatory benefit of vanilla extract. Then, as vanilla extract contains good nutrients, it helps our body to maintain the health. Indeed, it protects against any inflammation that could happen including cancers. Further, research has shown that consuming vanilla extract help to protect liver abilities. In addition, to relieve muscle and joint inflammation, you can use vanilla oil to be used as massage oil. We know that inflammation is the root of most diseases. Then, you need to consume vanilla extract to prevent any bad things that could happen.


5. Acts as Anti-Cancer

Vanilla extract might be a kind of beverages which act as anti-cancer properties. With this ability, it prevents the cancer cells growth as well as it acts as an anti-inflammatory.


6. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Vanillin contained in vanilla extract shows a potential to be the one which can lower the cholesterol level in the body. It is due to a study which found that vanilla extract may reduce the blood cholesterol levels. However, this benefit needs more experiment and research to be more convinced.

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7. Source of Potassium

Vanilla extract is a very good source of potassium so that it has benefit to maintain the fluid balance and promote the brain, nerves, and muscles functioning. Also, you can consume vanilla extract together with broccoli, lentils, and salmon to add more potassium nutrients to the body. Otherwise, people who have lower intake of potassium may have a higher risk of lack functioning of the heart. Indeed, potassium is an important electrolyte that is being a key player in good health.

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8. Source of Sodium

Why do we need to concern about sodium intake? Well, the answer stated that sodium is a mineral which is beneficial to maintain PH balance and hydration. Also, it takes part in promoting muscle contractions, and nerve transmissions. Even, you can improve your brain functions if you consume a moderate intake of sodium. In contrast, the higher intake of sodium may lead to high blood pressure so that you must consume it wisely.

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9. Source of Magnesium

As the table has shown, the vanilla extract contains a good source of magnesium. This nutrient is a vital mineral which also can be found in vanilla beans. This one is beneficial to regulate the nervous system and balance the mineral. Moreover, magnesium is responsible for maintaining the healthy blood pressure as well as relaxes the nervous tension, and produce more energy to the body.

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10. Source of Manganese

You may have to consume nuts, seeds, and berries to fulfill the manganese nutrients needs. For this reason, we also recommend you to have vanilla extract as an option. Moreover, it is known that vanilla bean powder has 30 percent of daily manganese needs. Then, with the ideal amount of manganese in the body, it helps to promote healthy mood, metabolism, and nervous system function.

11. Source of Calcium

Most of you must have known that calcium is an essential nutrient to the body. As a mineral that is beneficial to the bone health, you may need this nutrient to promote bone density. As a result, instead of having milk as the source of calcium, you can consume vanilla extract to substitute. In addition, you can consume white beans and chia seeds to fulfill the calcium needs for sure.

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12. Helps to Lose Weight

Many of you would prefer to eat fruits and vegetables to have fiber nutrients in order to support your diet. As a result, you eat blueberries, lettuce, avocado for the options of salad food. Hence, it is not wrong since they have been containing good nutrients and are good for your diet. However, if you want a different one, you may choose vanilla extract as a substitute. As it contains good nutrients including vitamins and minerals, this beverage help you to fulfill the nutrients needed while doing the diet.


13. Treats Cough

Some people say you would need to consult a doctor if you suffer from a cough. Yet, you can use a healthy alternative way to treat diseases including a cough. It is known that mild properties of vanilla extract help you relieve a sore throat and cough. Even, cough syrups often use vanilla flavoring to give a sweet taste. Though this benefit needs further research, the vanilla extract should be taken into account as it promises a great range of health benefits.

14. Treats Nausea

Consuming a few drops of vanilla extract to a glass of water helps you to relieve nausea. This amazing benefit leads you to calm the stomach with great vanilla scent. Consequently, it is effective to use vanilla extract to stop nausea greatly.

15. Promotes Healthy Digestion System

As described before, vanilla extract is a good reliever of nausea. Then, it concludes that vanilla extract is beneficial for promoting healthy digestion system. In addition, you can make vanilla beans as traditional remedy infusion tea to prevent nausea, vomiting, and stomach upsets. Besides, vanilla-infused herbal tea can soothe inflammation in the gut and prevent diarrhea and cramping.

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16. Promotes Dental Health

More than just providing good taste and fragrant, but vanilla extract takes part in promoting your body health including the dental health. As it has vanillin which is similar to capsaicin contained in chili and euganols in many kinds of spices, they affect the central nervous system. Therefore, as vanilla extract contain effective properties which act as the pain reliever, it helps to fight a toothache and infection.

17. Promotes Heart Health

Consuming vanilla extract helps to improve the cardiovascular function. This benefit is linked to the presence of vanillin, which is an active ingredient that reduces cholesterol levels. Consequently, with the presence of this nutrient, it helps to prevent the risks of heart attacks and strokes, inflammation in the arteries, and blood clots.


18. Treats Respiratory Problems

As vanilla extract acts as the anti-inflammatory, then it plays a role in treating respiratory problmes including cough, cold, and other certain respiratory diseases. Also, it eliminates sore throat infection by having antibacterial properties.

19. Heals Fever

By adding vanilla extract and a teaspoon of sugar into a glass of warm water helps to heal fever in children. This means mother do not need to worry as a mother has an alternative treatment for her beloved children.

20. Heals Wound

As explained above, vanilla extract acts as a great anti-inflammatory due to the best nutrients contained. With that, this beverage help to heal the wound and is believed was used since ancient times. As a result, vanilla extract works to soothe and calmed inflamed areas, wounds, and burns. Thus, not only providing great nutrients but also vanilla extract is being an alternative remedy for wound healing.

21. Treats Menstrual Problems

Women often suffer from menstrual problems including irregular periods of menstrual cycles. Consequently, with the consumption of vanilla extract may help to treat this kind of menstrual problems. Indeed, by having vanilla extract as a food, it helps to regulate the menstrual cycles effectively.

22. Acts as Aphrodisiac

It is believed that vanilla was used as an aphrodisiac since many centuries ago. This benefit leads you to improve your sexual desire. This one is linked to increasing level of testosterone levels in men. Also, the great aroma induces feelings of pleasure and satiation.


As a matter of fact and as you have read above, vanilla extract is a great source of nutrients that help to boost the health. Consequently, this kind of beverages surprisingly is beneficial to be used as beauty treatments. Then, if you found yourself in doubt, read the following statements to ensure.

Vanilla Extract as Beauty Treatments

Here is the health benefits of vanilla extract as beauty treatment:

23. Promotes Beauty Skin

There are many skincare products which use vanilla to add sweet fragrance including in body lotions, body butter, and body creams. At this point, it has found that not only providing great fragrance but also vanilla is beneficial to promote beauty and healthy skin. With B-vitamins and pantothenic acid contained in vanilla, they help to maintain the healthy skin. Also, as vanilla extract acts as antioxidant properties, it takes part in protecting the skin from environmental damage and toxins.

For the tips, you can mix vanilla oil with lemon juice to be applied on your face as a mask. Use this face mask regularly for once or twice a week to keep the skin moisturized. Another one is you can mix infused vanilla beans with organic oil to have smooth and soft skin.

24. Treats Acne

As vanilla extract has antibacterial properties, it is beneficial to treat the acne. With great nutrients contained, vanilla extract reduces the pimples and acne as well as it helps to cleanse the skin. Also, it eliminates the infection and speeds up the healing process of the skin by reducing the appearance of scars.

25. Promotes Youthful Skin

Instead of taking the supplement to prevent earlier skin aging, why don’t you take a healthy alternative way? Well, by consuming vanilla extract, you will get the best benefit from it. At this point, being rich in antioxidant nutrients, vanilla extract acts as an anti-aging. It prevents the damage from free radicals and slower the sign of aging such as fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles.

26. Promotes Beauty Hair

Who doesn’t want to have beauty hair? Nowadays, everyone tries to find a natural way to have a beauty hair. For instance, they try to use essential oil to be applied on their hair. As the consequence, combining vanilla with almond and jojoba oil is a really great idea to promote beauty hair. As a result, you can use this mixture as a shampoo to have silky, smooth, and shiny hair.

27. Promotes Hair Growth

With the mixture between vanilla and jojoba oil, it helps to promote the hair growth as well as making your hair be softer, fuller and shinier, strengthen the hair and induce blood flow to the scalp.


Tips for Consuming

  • You can use vanilla extract to be processed as delicious foods including smoothies, milkshakes, pudding, and yogurt. Moreover, you can try to use vanilla extract as your cream cheese frosting and add them to the top of your favorite desserts. Simply add a few tablespoon to many kinds of beverages to add more flavor. Indeed, by adding vanilla extract, you can have a very good taste and aroma foods with a great range of health benefits.
  • Next, you can have Tahitian vanilla if you want vanilla extract which has the greatest aroma, while you can choose Madagascar for the most buttery flavor, and Mexican vanilla for nuttier taste.
  • For the information, vanilla extract is a kind of like wine. As a result, the more you keep the infused vanilla beans, then the stronger flavor you can have.
  • Not only to be used as a food but you can use vanilla as your aromatherapy. Simply use it everyday to relax your mind.
  • Last, you do not need to have any worry to consume vanilla extract as it is safe and has no side effects. In contrast, as described above, it promises you great health benefits.

Now you know the health benefits of vanilla extract and the tips for consuming it. With a good knowledge of healthy beverage you can consume, then you have succeed in taking more steps to reach healthier life. Further, we recommend you to consume vanilla extract regularly as it offers you excellent health benefits. Thus, by adding vanilla extract to your foods, then you are ready to have healthier body and lifestyle.