9 Relora Benefits – Uses and Side Effects

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Some people may have heard of Relora. Have you ever heard it, too? If not already heard, let me introduce you about Relora. Relora is one of kinds of supplements that made from Magnolia officinalis, a content that has been known as one of the drug to decrease Cortisol, which is an important hormone for symptoms related to chronic stress. Relora has been used in Chinese medicine for many years, because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing-owned.

Magnolia officinalis herb in Relora has pharmacological qualities. In the Journal Biochemical Pharmacology, Magnolia officinalis and honokiol magnolol contain antioxidants, which help scavenge toxins called free radicals, thereby protecting your body of toxins that cause disease. The researchers showed that Magnolol and honokiol are 1000 times more potent than alpha tocopherol.

In this article, we will discuss about Relora in multiple parts as follows:

  • The Ingredients of Relora
  • The Benefits of Relora
  • How does Relora Works in Human Body
  • Recommended Doses for Consuming Relora
  • Side Effects of Relora, and
  • Where to Find Relora.

Well, now let’s begin our discussion about Relora point by point!

According to various sources that we have gathered, Relora products first introduced by the art of Chinese medicine as a natural herbal medicine extracts. However, later it was discovered that a reputable company named Pharmaceuticals also developing knowledge and discoveries relating to Relora. In 2015, the pharmaceutical company was later purchased by another company named InteHealth.

However, we also find product Relora containing the letter ‘R’ beside the name of Relora, which means that the name is a trademark of Relora. The simple conclusion, Relora is a name from a company that owns the trademark, and other companies that have similar products basically just hired Relora of their names. Currently, Relora distributed to producers by Stauber Performance Ingredients, based in Fullerton, California.

The Ingredients of Relora

reloraRelora has a dose of 250 mg per serving portion that is composed of materials such as: Magnolia officinalis, Philodendron amurense Bark, and a little calcium (only 38 mg per pill).

Benefits of Relora

Aside from being a stress reliever, Relora also included in one type of supplement that produced and sold commercially for the benefit of weight loss. Magnolia herbal extracts that contained in Relora may also be useful as an antioxidant in the body.

Relora also promised a natural plant extracts that can help you solve a variety of health problems such as weight, stress, insomnia, and even antioxidants. Imagine that you can get many benefits of Relora, without using chemical drugs that are often advertised on television and other media.

Relora is one of the technological development of plant extracts for medicine’s most cutting-edge today. Relora has many useful benefits for our bodies, which are as follows:

  1. Lowering Cortisol Levels

When viewed based on research that presented on various websites of products, there seems to be little evidence that Relora can significantly reduce the body’s natural cortisol levels. Also there are studies that show a significant reduction in cortisol after six weeks of use Relora. This is in contrast with 2013 studies summarized above that found that Relora reduces the salivary cortisol levels (18%). Based on the results seem contradictory, we believe there is more research is needed.

  1. Restoring the memory of dementia

As we know, that Dementia is not a disease but a symptom that is caused by a disease or brain disorder. Dementia is characterized by the presence of a mental disorder that causes disruption of thinking and memory loss. Dementia can cause changes in the nature and behavior.

There are two types of dementia, they are curable and incurable. Dementia can be cured with medication and proper care, is dementia caused by abuse the consumption of illicit substances in the long term, tumors of the brain that can be raised, subdural hematoma (bleeding in the head cavity subdural), disorders of the thyroid gland, lack of vitamins, especially Vitamin B12, Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. One of the drugs that can be used is a supplement relora.

  1. Reducing the Stress and Anxiety

Stress keep us from enjoying our life fully. Stress can also cause emotional and even physical problems. Clinical studies conducted at the Institute of Living Longer in Cincinnati, Ohio showed promising results in treating stress with Relora. 345 female subjects following the two-week regimen in this study, and 89% reported that Relora helped them to relax. Studies conducted at the University of Mississippi found that 78% of the subjects reported increased feelings of relaxation and well-being. Relora has been shown to help stress-related symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating and emotional mood swings.

  1. Reducing weight

Relora significantly increase the DHEA and lowers Cortisol. The test subjects stressed-out and showed that they are back at the levels of hormones they normally would. Studies have shown a clear link between cortisol and weight. Excessive stress can cause high levels of cortisol, which in turn stimulates the appetite. Adding additional regimen of Relora for diet and healthy exercise program can make to shed unwanted pounds easier.

  1. Overcoming Insomnia

The next of relora benefits is overcoming insomnia. Other findings from clinical trials is that Relora seemed to improve sleep, while it does not cause daytime sleepiness in most individuals.

  1. Useful for Cardiovascular

The next of relora benefits is useful for cardiovascular. Besides, the stress-relieving and weight management results of Philodendron effects, this herbal can also have cardiovascular benefits. In Nutrition Journal, researchers found that supplementation Philodendron can reduce several markers of cardiovascular disease, including lipid levels and fasting glucose.

  1. Pressing the side effects of anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory drugs are able to eliminate the inflammation that caused not because microorganisms (non-infectious). Inflammatory symptoms can be accompanied by symptoms of redness, fever, pain, swelling, impaired function. Include the inflammatory process of microvascular damage, vascular permeability and leukocyte migration into inflamed tissue.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are a class of drugs that have activity to suppress or reduce inflammation. These drugs are divided into two classes, namely class anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) and anti-inflammatory steroid (AIS). Both classes of drugs useful for treating this besides also have side effects that can cause chronic toxicity reactions to the body. Well, to reduce the side effect from the use of this Antiinflamasi, relora very helpful.

  1. Reducing the effects of fatigue

The next benefit of relora is to reduce the effects of fatigue. This is because the content of the materials that contained in relora, one of them is Magnolia officinalis. Magnolia officinalis is known have positive effects for the body to increase the survive of body.

  1. Reducing Blood Pressure

The next of relora benefits is to reduce the blood pressure. The ingredients that contained in relora very useful for controlling blood pressure. In a study from 2006, the researchers noted (5 mm hg) a small reduction in systolic blood pressure after using Relora.

How does Relora Works in the Body

Basically Relora has many benefits associated with weight loss, decrease cortisol levels, and decrease in the level of stress on a person. So how does Relora work in our bodies?

Relora contain ingredients that can lower cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol itself is a hormone that is directly related to a person’s level of stress, and can be increased as a result of eating less true that increasing the levels of fat in the body. Role in the body’s cortisol levels trigger disorders such as insomnia, increased stress levels, and obesity. Relora block the effects of cortisol by helping the body to reduce stress, reduce stress induction on appetite, and reduce levels of cortisol in the body.

The recommended dose in consuming Relora

There are several opinions about the suggested dose for consuming Relora. The first says that Relora can be consumed as much as 500 mg per day, divided in two times the consumption while each of them are about 250 mg. While other opinion says that it is recommended to consume as much as Relora with a total dose of 750mg per day, divided into two or three doses. Relora is better taken with food.

Side Effects of Relora

As another supplement, Relora also have side effects in the case of consumption. In studies in 2006, the adverse effects were noted by one person including

  • Heart burn,
  • Shake hands,
  • Perilabial numbness
  • sexual problems and
  • thyroid problems.
  • While others have reported indications of fatigue and headache.

Yet in spite of all the studies on the side effects of Relora, like all plant extract, the risk of side effects with Relora can be said to be very low. Relora can be used regularly for an extended period with no concern for the effects of habituation or other such drugs.

Where to Find Relora

Relora can be found in many drugstores and pharmacies or by online. However, you must still ensure that Relora product you’re going to buy is good, because there are a lot of processed Relora products that are sold commercially and vulnerable in the presence of counterfeit products Relora. You better communicate with your doctor in advance or ask your prescribing physician before buying Relora supplement in order to avoid the fake of Relora products.

Research has shown that Relora is safe for consumption even though it is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting to consume this new kind of supplement. But this time, the study suggests that Relora is not recommended to be consumed by those who are pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive. Relora is gentle on the stomach, and has no interaction. Even so, it is also suggested better for Relora users started to avoid alcohol and caffeine, as they can increase the side effects of Relora.