15 Health benefits of Cardamom (No.4 Need Long Time)

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cardamomIn India, Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) as a herb. In other country, cardamom also has been recognized as a spice in cooking. That seems not known is that the properties of cardamom for health. Cardamom seeds are often used as a remedy for digestive problems.

Cardamom has been used to treat heartburn, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, excessively gas, constipation, liver problems and gall bladder, as well as to increase appetite. The herb is also used to cure a common cold, cough, bronchitis, and laryngitis.

Some people use cardamom as facilitating drug disposal of urine. In the cardamom seeds containing oil with alpha-beta borneol and camphor. Dried cardamom seeds contain 2-4% essential oil, which is mainly composed of 1,8-cineol (up 70%), β-pinene (16%), α-pinene (4%), α-terpineol (5%) and humulen (3%).

Very Impressive Nutrition Facts

Cardamom nutritions100 grams of cardamom contains good nutrition:

  • Calories 311(1302 kJ or 16%) come from Carbohydrate 219 (917 kJ), From Fat 56.1 (235 kJ),  From Protein 36.2 (152 kJ), Protein 10.8g,
  • Total Carbohydrate 68.5g come from Dietary Fiber 28.0g,  Vitamin C 21.0mg, Thiamin 0.2mg, Riboflavin 0.2mg, Niacin 1.1mg,Vitamin B6 0.2mg,
  • Total Fat 6.7g come from Saturated Fat 0.7g, from Monounsaturated Fat 0.9g, from Polyunsaturated Fat 0.4g, Total Omega-3 fatty acids 120mg, Total Omega-6 fatty acids 310mg,
  • Calcium 383mg, Iron 14.0mg, Magnesium 229mg,
  • Phosphorus 178mg, Potassium 1119mg, Sodium 18.0mg, Zinc 7.5mg, Copper 0.4mg,
  • Manganese 28.0mg, Phytosterols 46.0mg, Water 8.3g, and Ash 5.8g.

With its amazing nutrient, cardamom is one of the best spices and herbs in earth, contain a lot of iron and dietary fiber which important to keep your body healthy.

1. Digestive And Stomach Health

Cardamom is high in fiber content, any 28.0g or 112% Daily Values (%DV) if you 2,000 calorie reference diet. Consuming Cardamom may increase saliva production.. Similarly, the fiber contained able to prevent constipation. It is good for the gut.

In addition, Essential oils are containt by Cardamom can prevent the gas in the stomach. So, cardamom can prevent flatulence. Ulcers are commonly called ulcers can be treated by cineol, a kind of oil found on Cardamom. It is also caused by substances in the cardamom which is anti-bacterial.

2. Balancing Blood System

Fiber and potassium contained in cardamom almost balanced. There are about 28.0g of fiber or 112% DV of calcium and 383mg or 38% DV, the Cardamom helps to increase circulation of blood. This spice also has the ability to lower blood pressure and prevent blood clotting.

It is associated with fiber and potassium contained by it. Blood pressure became normal due neutral sodium in the body. Right, if cardamom referred to as balancing blood pressure.

3. Gastritis

Ulcer disease or gastritis is a functional abnormality in the stomach characterized by a variety of symptoms, such as heartburn, or indigestion and heartburn. Gastritis can be acute or chronic. The main cause of stomach ulcers or gasitris are alcohol, coffee, fried foods and seasonings in general.

Stress, anxiety and anxiety also causes gastritis. Gastritis causes by nervous factors, psychosomatic, eating habits or as a result of lifestyle stress and unbalanced. Cardamom (Elattaria cardamomum) capable of providing cool effects on the stomach. This is especially beneficial if the gastritis causes heartburn.

4. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a systemic disease characterized when the increasing bone mass and changes in the microarchitecture of bone tissue, which can increase bone loss, fracture risk, and caused damage. In osteoporosis, bone loss is faster than improvements made by this  body.

The condition may not be realized for many years, until suddenly fracture itself. Malnutrition, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, consumption of certain drugs, and other health conditions can also increase the occurrence of osteoporosis. Health conditions such as high cholesterol and menopause, including increased risk for osteoporosis. To prevent osteoporosis our bodies need calcium, at least 1,200 to 1,500 mg, and coupled with vitamin D for 400UI every day.

In addition to calcium and vitamin D, bones also need Vitamin C and manganese that are useful in preventing and treating osteoporosis.

5. Muscle ache

Cardamom is an analgesic, relieve muscle pain, pain, and seizures. Cardamom is also an anti-inflammatory so it can be used to treat inflammation of the gums. Muscle pain or myalgia is pain or pain that appears at the muscle. Muscle pain is usually related to the level of tension, too much activity, or injuries from sports and / or work. Muscle pain is starting to feel when you’re doing the activity or afterwards.

Muscle pain can be felt in any part because almost all parts of the body has muscle tissue and usually involve only one muscle alone. This condition can involve ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Fascia is connective tissue that connect muscles to the muscles and surrounding tissue such as nerves and blood vessels.

6. Kidney

Several studies were conducted to prove the efficacy of cardamom as a diuretic which is able to launch urine output. It is also helping protect the kidneys of various diseases. The ability of the kidney diuretic is also useful to prevent disease nephritis, cystitis, as well as other diseases associated with the urinary tract.

7. Immune system

Cardamom reported contains monoterpenes dominant form of the compound 1,8-cineol. 1,8-cineol compounds capable of stimulating an immune response through increased phagocytosis of macrophages, and also has an activity as an anti-inflammatory.

Anti-inflammatory activity of the compound 1,8-cineol can suppress pro-inflammatory cytokines that play a role in non-specific immune response. CD4 + lymphocytes that are specific immune response, in addition to activating CD8 + lymphocytes, increases the production of antibodies B lymphocyte cell can also destroy pathogens by enhancing phagocytosis of macrophages. It can be estimated that the increased ability of macrophage phagocytosis was caused by the activity of the compound 1,8-cineol on CD4 + lymphocytes.

The existence of active compounds capable of stimulating an immune response may improve blood hematology profile. Therefore, DK can increase the number of immune cells in the blood and may also increase the number of lymphocytes CD4 + and CD8 + so that it can strengthen the immunity system.

8. Depression

Cardamom oil can be added to the water to bathe as in the form of aromatherapy. Cardamomn aromatherapy can help you fight depression or simply reduce stress. Cardamomn seed powder can also be used as a tea to get the same benefits

9. Cancer

Cardamom contains IC3 (indole-3-carbinol) and DIM (diindolylmethane). Both of these phytochemicals known as a cancer fighter, specifically to help ward off cancer related to hormone response-such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer. Cardamom also contains antioxidants that affluent, adding the properties of cardamom to give protection against the effects of aging and stress, as well as the effects of free radicals that can trigger cancer.

10. Heart

Cardamom is able to improve blood circulation and stabilize his blood pressure to be consumed by people with hypertension. If the blood pressure is normal, then the performance of the heart would be heavy and can not be optimized.

11. Flu and Cough

Cardamom can also help overcome the flu, coughs, bronchitis, and asthma. Cardamom can provide a calming effect and warm and help thin the mucus so that it can reduce the blockage in the nose and throat.

12. Antioxidants

Cardamom oil derived from the seeds of cardamom, which has abundant antioxidants. Cardamom oil can brighten skin tone and rejuvenate the skin cells. This oil is also commonly used as a lip balm for dry lips overcome.

13. Bad breath

In India, many are accustomed to chewing cardamom after every meal or whenever they feel the need to freshen breath. Indeed, cardamom is one of the most effective solutions to overcome halitosis (bad breath). Even cardamom has been processed into a gum that is capable to eliminate bad breath most uncomfortable though.

14. Skin and Hair

Cardamom nutrition in the form of vitamins, essential oils, and antioxidants can prevent damage caused by free radicals. These nutrients also inhibits the formation of wrinkles, also great as youthful drug. If you want shiny and supple skin, Vitamin C in cardamom effective for the health of your skin. Pimples and black spots can be prevented by consuming cardamom.

This is because the cardamom is anti-inflammatory. Being anti-bacterial properties of cardamom effective in maintaining healthy skin from allergies. Cardamom provide nutrients needed by the scalp, scalp maintain moisture. Apply Cardamom on the hair. It makes hair roots become strong, clean from dandruff, hair shiny.

15. Itching in throat

Cardamom is very effective for people with asthma and whooping cough. Cardamom also contains spasmodic which can prevent seizures. You can create a natural herb used to treat itching in throat of the cardamom, and cough. Simply by mixing it with natural honey.

Side Effects Of Cardamom

According to some studies cardamom can  caused complications of gallstones, this occurs when the digestive system in the body fails in the process of full absorption of cardamom. Where will lead to sedimentation in the body which ultimately leads to the growth of gallbladder stones. besides cardamom can also cause allergies and drug interactions. You can avoid it by: attention to the dose that you provide, whether you mix the ingredients or cuisine you are not too much. Especially for those who have a particular disease should consult with your doctor.