11 Health Benefits of Yoli Supplements

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Yoli is a company name which in Aztec language means “to live”. Established in 2009, it specializes in health products. Yoli is also known as Yoli Body Better System (BBS). According to Yoli’s official website, the supplement products are sold individually and in kits. Despite being relatively new in the health products bussiness, Yoli has managed to gain popularity stemming from its customer’s satisfaction. Their supplements claim to promotes healthy living. But, how do they actually work?

Health Benefits of Yoli

Yoli products are full of nutrients needed by our body. From fiber, mineral, vitamin, to omega 3.  Here are 11 health benefits of consuming Yoli supplements and the name of the products:

1. To Balance Acidity (Ph) Level 

Products: Alkalete

Yoli’s Alkalete contains hydroxides and electrolytes which help in balancing our body’s acidity (Ph). The capsule-formed product is formulated to reduce above-normal acidity level. It also helps in terminating acidic waste in our body.

2. To Promote Healthy Digestion

Products: Pure, Vitamin, Enzyme

Most of Yoli’s products can help in reducing weight. Plus, in a healthy way. Pure capsules contain a unique ingredients called Alkasure. Alkasure consists of prebiotic tapioca fiber, which helps in improving digestion. Yoli’s Vitamin consists almost all kinds of vitamin from Vitamin A, B to Niacin. Vitamin B is important nutrient to stimulate digestive process. Enzyme consists of Ultizorb and Protizorb that can improve digestive process.

3. To Speed Up Repair Process

Products: Alkalete, Fun, Omegas

Our body can experience tissue or joint damage from trauma or simple daily activities. Yoli’s products can accelerate the recovery time. Alkalete is high on Magnesium. Fun consists of Enduramin, an electrolyte compound. Omegas contains, well, Omega. These three nutrients can help in accelerating the repair time.

4. To Provide Lasting Energy Source

Products: Alkalete, Passion, Thermo Burn, Yes, Fun

Most of Yoli’s products provide energy booster. The aforementioned products are high in fiber and protein which can boost energy that last longer. Alkalete and Thermo Burn come in capsule form, whereas Passion, Yes and Fun come in powder form consumed as a drink.

5. To Stimulate Healthy Weight Loss

Products: Pure, Yes

Pure consist dietary fiber that helps in promoting healthy digestion, which in turn leads to healthy weight loss. Yes is made from premium-grade whey. Thus, it is high on fiber and protein. Instead of coke or caffeinated-beverages (which high on sugar and calory), Yes can be a healthier option for you.

6. To Improve Immune System

Products: Pure, Yes, Truth

Pure and Yes consist fiber which can support immune system. High level of protein in Yes promotes the formation of glutathione. Glutathione helps in improving our immune system.

7. To Promote Healthy Metabolism

Products: Alkalete, Passion, Thermo Burn

High Ph can cause metabolic defficiency. Alkalete is able to take care of this problem. As mentioned in point 1, Alkalete is designed to balance our body’s acidity. Passion and Thermo Burn consist nutrient that are able to boost metabolism, such as Vitamin C and various kinds of acid.

8. To Improve Mental Focus

Products: Passion, Thermo Burn, Dream

Both Passion and Thermo Burn consist similar ingredients. One of them is Thermo G, a unique ingredient consists of complex nutrients. It is said that Thermo G helps in overcoming fatigue and provides a long-lasting energy, which in turn can improve your mental focus through out the day.

Dream is a capsule that promotes sound sleep. Many people suffer from declining mental focus these days and lack of quality sleep is one of the cause. By consuming Dream, mental focus is no more a dream.

9. To Support Mobility

Products: Flex, Omegas, Mineral

Flex is high on Calcium and Vitamin K. Both nutrients play an essential role in to build and maintain strong bones. They also help in supporting joint health. Omega-3 in Omegas can help in the recovery of damaged bones and joint. Mineral consists of various kinds of minerals that promotes healthy bones and muscles.

10. To Reduce Free Radical Effects.

Products: Passion, Thermo Burn, Truth, Vitamin

They consist high level of Vitamin C that can fight against free radical effects. Vitamin also consists Plantiox – a plant-based blend that can act as an antioxidant agent. In addtion of Vitamin C, Truth also consists BotanImune – a plant-based blend that can increase antioxidant level.

11. Less Artificial Ingredients Lead to Less Probability of Cancer and Heart Damage

Product/s: All

Artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives are proved to be scientifically carsinogen stimulant, which in turn can cause cancer. They are also known to weaken heart tissue.
The good news is Yoli supplements don’t consist of these three things. So that’s two less thing you need to worry about.


One should keep in mind that Yoli’s poducts are not designed to treat any medical condition. As stated in the beggining, Yoli aims to promote healthy living. Should you have certain disease or are on some medical treatment,do not take the supplements before consulting with you doctor.
The products come with sugesstion serving. Plus, you will get an email from a health coach to assist you with informations and any kinds of free advice. Keep in mind that your body still needs nutritious food, eventhough you consume a supplement.

The Downsides

Most people complain about the expensive price. For example, retailers have to pay around $340 for the Transformation Kits (weight loss package). However, considering all the important nutrients and the benefits that they bring into human’s body, you may want to give them a shot.


Our body needs mineral, vitamin, protein and so on in order to function properly. However, many people suffer from these essential nutrients shortage these days. Supplements are needed to cover for it. Yoli supplements are jam-packed with healthy nutrients for our body. Choosing Yoli as a meal replacement or a supplement is a good option for achieving a heathy life style.