18 Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure (No.4 Rarely Know)

Low blood pressure is the condition whenever your blood pressure that written with the systolic number above the diastolic number is about 90/60 or lower. So, systole supplies your body with blood, while diastole supplies your heart with the blood by filling the coronary arteries. Low blood pressure is a good condition in most cases, […]

11 Blood Donation Side Effects (No.1 Most Frequent)

Did you know that: Average adult has 4.5 – 5-5 liters blood in their body, A woman has less blood than a man, A 5 to 6 years child have almost the same amount the adult’s blood, A newborn baby have only 0.2 liters blood in their body, and Your blood will be taken about […]

13 Super Health Benefits of Blood Donation Regularly

Do you know that the donating blood regularly (blood transfusion) proved has beneficial? Not only to recipient, but the donors also get many benefits. Donating Blood useful for  their both health, including reduced cancer risk and hemochromatosis. Therefore, many people who are always do donating blood regularly for the sake of helping people, also getting […]