16 Health Benefits of Going Barefoot (No.7 is Insane)

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Going barefoot have been recently done by many people to improve their health. It is trusted to return the balance of the body and increase the overall body health. Here are the explanations of the health benefits of going barefoot:

  1. Avoid the flat foot.

When you have a flat foot, it will make your foot can’t support your body well. You should have the feet with the proper arches to support your body. You can go barefoot to avoid the flat foot.

  1. Build the leg muscle.

Going barefoot make your muscles in the leg are built well. It will strengthen your muscle leg to support your body strongly.

  1. Support the healthy joint.

Going barefoot without a sole or heel can support your healthy joint. It will not burden your joint with the wrong steeping.

  1. Protect the intervertebral disc.

Going barefoot has the health benefits to protect the intervertebral disc from any deformation or slipping. The barefoot activities without heels or soles restore the natural gait of the body.

  1. Preventing from varicose veins.

Going barefoot is recommended to prevent varicose veins. It will make a proper motion of the feet and assist the leg muscles pumping blood back to the heart well.

  1. Prevent the dermatophytes problem of the feet.

When you wear your shoes, you make your feet in a moist condition. It makes the dermatophytes come to your feet and cause the skin problem. Going barefoot letting your feet have the direct exposure to the air and light. It will keep your skin on the feet in a good condition.

  1. Make a great balance for your body.

Going barefoot make you feel the ground directly. It stimulates the vestibular system in the brain which controls the body balance to have the neural connection for a greater balance.

  1. Bring the good circulation to your body.

Going barefoot makes you have a good circulation. Every step of your feet will increase the blood flow in your feet and legs.

  1. Create a good posture.

Walking barefoot is good to create a good posture. It will make your body going steady and unshakable when it’s compared with walking shoes.

  1. Increase the sensation and proprioception.

Going barefoot makes your feet feel the ground directly. It stimulates the nerve endings on the bottom of your feet to send the signal perception of leaning, bending forward, or tilting forward.

  1. Prevent the foot deformities.

Going barefoot without any shoes help you and especially your kids stay away from the foot deformities. The use of certain shoes in a long time will change the anatomy of your feet.

  1. Decrease the blood pressure.

There is a study which shows that stimulating the nerve endings of the bottom foot by going barefoot can decrease the blood pressure. It influences the parasympathetic nervous which controls to reduce the blood pressure.

  1. Reduce the pain in the knee and hip.

Going barefoot is recommended for people who have knee and hip pain. It will increase the blood flow and let the nerves stay at their position so it will reduce the pain.

  1. Improve the flexibility.

When you are going barefoot, you will improve the flexibility of your feet. You can move them as like as you want. You can walk in the big step or in the small step without any problem.

  1. Prevent the foot problems like calluses.

Going barefoot will make you stay away from the foot problems such as calluses, ingrown toenail, bunions, or hammertoes. You can get this problem when you are wearing the shoes in a long time especially the wrong one.

  1. Contribute to overall health.

Many studies said that there are several points in the feet that can affect your overall health and influence the organs in your body. Going barefoot will contribute to your overall health and increase the blood flow which is good for your body’s circulation.

16 health benefits of going barefoot have been explained above. If you want to adopt this healthy lifestyle, you should pay attention to these things:

  • Avoid walking barefoot on dirty soil and grass which are littered with the birds dropping, cat, or dog excrement.
  • Prefer going barefoot on grass with a good moisturizer.
  • If there is a beach around you, try to walk barefoot at there.
  • Be careful to the sharp things like a glass fragment or a piece of broken bottle when you are going barefoot. Choose the clean path.
  • Do going barefoot after you sit or hang your feet in a long time. It will return the blood flow in your body.
  • Do not going barefoot when you have an open wound on your feet or your soles.
  • Always remember to wash your feet after you are going barefoot to remove any dust or bacteria that may adhere there.

Hope you enjoy with going barefoot and get the benefits that you want for your health.