15 Health Benefits of Urine Therapy (No.8 Shocking)

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In this modern era people have tried many ways to solve disease problem and find new cure that is more effective than the conventional medication. Some medication ways is maybe seems weird for certain people but some others believed that those ways are effective to be done. One of unique healing method that human ever experienced is urine therapy or also known as urotherapy. Maybe its sound unbelievable but yes, its happen and being used by several person to overcome several health problem.

Urine is clear-yellow liquid which produce by human body through the kidney. It consist of 95% water, 2.5% urea and other 2.5% is mineral, salt and other components. Urea in urine is the one which has toxicity effect to the body. Drinking urine is not consider healthy but it is believed that the toxic subtance or urea will be purify once it enter the body.

Doctor Use it

A doctor in Russia has treated many people with urine therapy to cure illness. Some western soldiers also believed that they can survive in wilderness by drinking their own urine and it also being rubbed to skin to prevent from illness. Urine therapy maybe promoted since a man in Cairo survived after being trapped in an earthquake for three days and he drank his own urine, when he was evacuated, the team found him in excellent healthy condition.

Other stiory also mention that an athlete who lost in Sahara desert survive in dangerous and dry area by drinking his own urine since he lack of liquid and yes he was so healthy after it. Indian Prime Minister in 1978, Morarji desai also stated that he was one of urine therapy practitioner and he suggested this therapy to Indian people who could not afford medical treatment.

Those story maybe out of mind but lets consider the health benefits of urine based on health experience People who did urine therapy and who drink urine just regard it as blood product just like milk which produce by human or animal. The colour of urine is same to wine or beer and about the smell, some cheese smell even worse than urine but people still love to consume it. Maybe because people doesnt have any idea idea about the taste they will think thousand time to drink their own urine.

Urine therapy consist of two main application they are :

  • Internal application, this method allow people to drink their own urine
  • External application, by rubbing urine on skin to prevent some disease

Benefits of urine therapy

Not many people know about urine therapy and some of us may have not any idea about urine therapy benefits. Check these are the list urine therapy benefits :

1. Prevent from bacterial infection

Urine contains some amount antibodies and immune substances which protect the body from several bacteria infection that may attack our body. Its mean that you can cure disease that caused by bacteria by rub it on the skin or drinking it.

2. Cure fungal infection on skin

Certain types of fungi can expand and causing several health problem to your body especially fungal infection on skin.

3. Prevent from viral infection

Virus is one of best pathogen which can cause serious health problem to human. Some disease which trigger by viral infection such as hepatitis, flu and etc can be cure by urine therapy. The antibody contained in urine may suppress the viral infection and help to cure it.

4. Prevent allergy

Allergy is a case that people may build certain reaction that may bother body function and further can causing anaphylaxis. Drinking urine is also believe to treat allergy since urine contain some substances such as antibody which can prevent the body to develop allergen and rise the allergic symptom. There is no one reported that drinking urine can cause allergy because urine cant promote allergy at all.

5. Cure the symptom of autoimmune disease

Autoimmune disease is a disorder of immune system which the immune cell consume the healthy tissue of the body and causing several disease such as arthritis. By drinking urine, people belived that they can cure the symptom and based on experience of some people, it is effective to reduce joint pain and minimize the reaction of immune cells.

6. Prevent hair loss

According to a book “Guide of Urine Therapy “ rubbing urine on scalp can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Urine can also be mixed with potato starch to provide this function.

7. Cure acne and other skin problem

Urine contain anti-bacterial properties which can cure acne. Most acne is caused by the infection of P. Acne bacteria and urine can get rid of this bacteria from skin.

8. Fight cancer

It is maybe the most unbelievable health benefits of urine therapy. People believed that drinking urine reduce the risk of developing cancer.A study which conducted in 1970 and 1980 by a professor of internal medicine, Evangelos Danopoulos has done some treatment to cure cancer patient. It is reported that urine therapy can kill the cancer cells and inhibit cancer cells grouping and proliferation.

9. Cleanse the blood circulation

Urine is made up its 95% part with water and contain less mineral and salt. Urine is not considered as toxic and it can help the body to cleanse blood same as pure water. Some people who may experiences survival condition with lack of water is suggested to drink the urine.the salt contained in urine is also attach to toxic subtance and bring it out from the body.

10. Promotes healthy heart

Urine contains an enzyme which called as urokinase. This enzyme can inhibit arteries or blood vessels blocking which is caused by accumulation of bad fat. Urokinase also strengthen heart and blood vessels function and it is consider as a safe way to maintain healthy heart. Urokinase is also extracted from urine and some factory produce medicine by such ingredients.

11. Relieve sting and burning wound

You may ever heard about people who get sting by bee, jelly fish or sting ray. People used to rub the wound of the sting with urine if they don’t finf any other antiseptic around them. The anti-inflammation effect of urine can help the body to remove pain caused by sting and heal it faster. Urine is also effective to relieve wound which caused by burn.

12. Keep young sking

A practitioner of urine therapy, Sylvia Chandler claim that after decades of drinking her own pee, she got moist and firm skin. She also said that she never visited any doctor from long time since she started to consume her own urine.

13. Relieve constipation

As a salty liquid, urine can also be used to treat cosntipation. When urine moves toward the intestinal tract, it bind the waste material and it makes bowel movement more easier.

14. Calming nerve

Urine also contain a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is normally produced when person going to sleep and it is has calming effect. Drinking a glass of urine regularly can provide this benefits.

Other Benefits to prevent some diseases

It is also reported that some disease  can be cured by urine therapy such as :

  1. Stomach Cancer
  2. Ovarian Cancer
  3. Breast Cancer
  4. HIV / AIDS
  5. Diabetes
  6. Kidney Failure
  7. Nephritic Syndrome
  8. Gall Bladder Stones
  9. Motor Neuron Disease
  10. Muscular Dystrophy
  11. Mental Retardation
  12. Cerebral Palsy
  13. Vision, Hearing problem and Deformity
  14. Acute Lumbar Spondylosis “A L S”
  15. Premenstrual syndrome “P M S”
  16. Low Sperms counts & low Motility
  17. Asthma
  18. Paralysis
  19. Ulcer
  20. Psoriasis
  21. Thyroids disorder

Health risk of drinking urine

People with hypertension and with low-salt diet should consider to drink excessive urine since it contain salt. Urea in urine has toxic effect, drink excessive urine may causing some problem and so does the arsenic which may also contained in urine. Still there is no scientific evidence which proved the importance and health effect of drinking urine, but some people consider that drinking urine is just putting more toxic in the body.

How to start urine therapy

  • If you wanna try to drink or use urine to heal illness you can follow these steps before start it.
  • If you are doubt about urine taste, and if its consider as too big step to drink your urine directly, try to rub it first on your skin and see the effect
  • Before drinking urine, smell and rub it to nose first to make sure the smell. People who used to drink urine said that the smell and the taste of urine is not that bad, the taste is salty and savory. You just need to be usual and overcome your feeling of being disgusted.
  • If you cant drink pure urine you can start it with mix urine with juice and drink it regularly.
  • Morning urine is rich in many vital substances. Collect the middle stream of your own urine which you produce in the morning. This is best urine to drink and it is sterile to be consumed. Don’t take urine at the last part because it contains some sediment and has no value.
  • You can drink one to several glasses in a day
  • Urine which produced one hour after is eating is also consider as best, so if you want to drink urine, wait for at least one hour after meal
  • Avoid to eat anything in 30 minutes after drinking urine
  • Balance your urine therapy with consuming fruit and vegetable

Health benefits of urine therapy for some diseases could be the best solutions for your health, but you must consult to experti before do this.