6 Proven Benefits of Ginger for Skin With Its Treatment

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Many people don’t Benefits of Ginger for Skin since this herbs The first things which would come in your mind when hearing the word ginger may refer to Korea, spice, hair treatment or its function to improve stamina. It is not surprising as this far, ginger is commonly known as one of traditional spices which is also used for improving the health as it has plenty function and benefit. People tend to relate ginger to traditional health treatment or traditional healthy drink as it has been used for a long time to cure some diseases as its richness of anti-oxidant essences.
In addition to the common knowledge or information relating to ginger, there are many other important information you need to know. Some of them are listed below;

Categorization and Origin

gingerGinger is categorized into a type of herbal (from the ‘tribe’ of Araliaciae) plant commonly used as medicine and spices as it is rich with several good nutrients. The most prominent and special part of ginger is its root which stretches quite long and hairy. This one part is also the most often used material for healing or any health treatment. Ginger as the herbal nutrient can be found in several parts of the world particularly at the northern area ranging from United States, Manchuria, Siberia and to be sure Korea. It is also found at tropical countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. In Indonesia, it is likely that you have to pay enough high price to get the ginger because it is quite hard to find the spice. It is unsurprisingly, then, if ginger is only used for special occasion or condition either as herbal ingredient or spice.


Unfortunately, the popularity of ginger as a type of spice as well as its herbal nutrient is so well-believed that its other side is commonly unknown, i.e. its various and big functions for beauty treatment. In fact, it was told that ginger was used in traditional kingdom(s) for beauty treatment but it was in limited use for certain parties. You should, therefore, know much more information about the health benefits of ginger for beauty treatment, especially for the skin, because it assures you satisfying result with relatively affordable price and easy making process or simple treatment.

Anyway, before explaining what you can get by using ginger as a part of your beauty treatment, it is better for you to know its treasures or essence contained so that you could be pretty surer to entrust your beauty treatment to this one essence.

Ginger’s Treasure

  1. Anti-oxidant
  2. Vitamin(s) B1, B2, B3 B5 and C
  3. Mineral
  4. Fiber
  5. Zinc
  6. Panaxans
  7. Ginsenosida
  8. Polisakarida
  9. Saponin

Ginger’s Benefits for Skin

Almost same with Health benefits of dark chocolate for skin, ginger has a lot of benefits for our body skin. It’s has a lot of nutrient and antioxidant to keep healthy skin.

1. Anti-Aging

Benefits of Ginger for Skin with no doubt is for anti aging agent. Aging symptoms usually appear as wrinkle or crease as the decreasing production of collagen by the running time. You can prevent these symptoms of aging by ginger because it stimulates the production of collagen at the central skin (dermis) functioning to tighten the skin and prevent or disguise the wrinkle.

If you pay attention to the package of anti-aging products, you would probably find the ginger at the ingredient list. This shows that ginger is largely used to prevent anti-aging symptoms so that you can make your own fluid or concoction without any preservative to get the best result.

Some facts about anti aging

2. Accelerating Skin Cell Regeneration

The richness of good nutrients in ginger makes it eligible to fulfill the need of skin supply from mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidant. Those materials are altogether in helping body metabolism particularly in giving birth of new cell(s) and omitting dead cell(s) so that cell regeneration can be made quickly. The logical result of skin cell acceleration is the healthier and brighter skin as well as the stronger immune to prevent or cure any skin disease.

3. Tightening Skin Surface

Tightening the skin surface is the other health benefit of ginger as it can tickle the production of collagen. When the collagen at the central skin (dermis) increases, the skin would be naturally more elastic and tightened. This, to be sure, beautifies the skin and make it look natural, healthy as well as young.

4. Brightening the Skin

Working outdoor, particularly at tropical area, does not always mean the darkening process of the skin. It would only happen if you do not pay attention to your body skin and give no suitable treatment on it. Therefore, it is good news for you because ginger is so rich of anti-oxidant which can protect your skin from both ultraviolet ray A and B, especially through its saponin essence . You should not, then, worry about the dark skin because your skin is protected by the anti-oxidant. Not only preventing your skin from being darkened, antioxidant would also keep your skin healthy and make it brighter as the demand of nutrients is altogether well-fulfilled.

5. Avoiding and Curing Skin Disease

Skin disease range from the very light to the very hard, such as small black spot, acne, irritated skin, burned skin and others. Combined with other natural and/or organic essences, you could, slowly but sure, cure those skin diseases using the ginger by making ginger masker or mix it with other natural essences to make a hand-made body lotion. However, as the common rule of beauty treatment using herbal or organic essences, you need to be consistent doing the treatment in a routine periodic time while being patient waiting for the real and no-side-effect result.

The working mechanism of ginger to heal any skin disease is essentially the same as its other functions to heal the skin or make it healthier. Ginger fulfills all types of nutrient needed, cope with any contaminating ng essence such as dirt, pollution and ultraviolet ray, excite the production of other bodily essences and use all of its ‘treasure box content’ to rejuvenate and heal your skin as well as prevent the contaminating essences come around.

6. Removing Small Black Spots

Small black spot is common problem people have at their faces. It could the traces of acne, other types of skin disease or a bulk of dirt at the face changing its shape into a small black spot. Besides curing the spots, another important thing to do is preventing its emergence and ginger is so effectively beneficial to help you dealing with this problem. Vitamin C of the ginger would help you omitting the spot from contaminating your face, while anti-oxidant would work well in cleaning the dirt which could be the seed of the spot. This means that just by using one essence, which is ginger, you can both cure and avoid the small black spot in one time.

Varieties of Ginger Skin Treatment

1. Ginger Masker

How To Make :

To make ginger masker by yourself :

  • You need at least ginger powder, honey and water.
  • Mix those ingredients until it is blended then rub it with your face.
  • Take time about 20 minutes (or until it is dry) so the liquid could work properly at your face then wash it using the clean water.

At least, you could do this treatment once or twice a week for the balance of your skin’s contact with ultra violet ray, pollution, dust and other dangerous essences. Therefore, various skin diseases from too dry skin, acne, small black spot or the darkening skin could be altogether easily avoided.

Anyway, different disease needs different treatment so you have to pay attention on this. The above recipes is applied for general treatment and not to certain particular case. If you suffer too dry skin, for example, the ingredient would be different as you need to mix ginger powder with egg, exactly its central yellow part. In the different case, i.e. for healing oily skin, which is fragile to suffer various skin diseases and often damages the beauty of your skin face, you need to put the white part of an egg into your liquid together with the ginger powder. Besides of those, treatment process is generally the same; you need to mix all materials until they are well-blended then apply the liquid to your skin face then take time until it is dry or passes 20-minutes.

2. Moisturizer

Typically, everyone, particularly women would use moisturizer for their body treatment in everyday use. If you do so and want to maximize the health benefits of ginger to your skin, you can simply add the ginger powder to your packaged moisturizer so you would not deal with any complicated process in making your moisturizer works much more than usual. Simply add a quarter of meal spoon of ginger powder to your moisturizer and use it routinely as you are accustomed to. It is also good news for you as the moisturizer is good for all varieties of skin type so no matter what type of skin you have, you would get the maximum result of ginger treatment by doing this simple thing.

3. Body Lotion

Applying the same procedure as how to make ginger-mixed moisturizer, you can also make your body lotion worth more by adding ginger powder on it. Typically you can make the ginger powder by yourself, if you would like, or find it at the convenient store closest to you. Do not forget to add the volume of ginger powder you put to the body lotion more than what you put to your moisturizer, as body lotion would care of your whole body while moisturizer is typically used for caring of face.

For this use, it is advisable that you use body lotion right after bathing when your skin is quite wet so the good nutrients can work at maximum. Besides that, you are also suggested to use the body lotion right after the bed because when you sleep, the cell skin regeneration occurs and you can maximize the moment by using the gingered-body lotion.

Another Thing to Pay Attention to

A few people have allergy in using ginger to their beauty treatment and you should be careful on it. To avoid any bad thing happens, you need to make a tiny trial by putting the gingered-moisturizer, masker or lotion to any part of your body—it would be better behind the ear—and wait for the reaction. If everything is ok, you can do the treatment next on.