10 Proven Health Benefit of Ginger-Honey Mixture

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The natural herbs currently are being focused as the most effective way to heal and treat some diseases naturally. One of the most common herbs which currently is being used commercially as the treatment and healing is Ginger. Ginger is very good for human health due to its turmeric and cardamom. Those are very important to fulfill human’s health. It is also the reason why ginger can safely consumed as the dishes, beverages and even medicine.

Ginger originally has name Zingiber Officinale. It is widely known well in Asia. It is also well known as the most outstanding herb for many diseases. For example in China, Ginger was revealed has tonics so they use ginger tonic to heal diseases. It has been used since very ancient times. The same thing occured in India, Korea and also Japan. They have been used Ginger since very long time ago as the best and natural treatment and healing for many diseases.

Since very long time ago, ginger has become the main focus on medical research. Since it has very rich chemical components. Its benefits for healing have been known very well. The main function such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory have been proven that ginger can fulfill human life as the natural healing. Since Ginger has widely known as multibenefits herb, so many researchers did a trial to prove its benefit mixed with another beneficiary product such as Honey.

Ginger itself brings the potential benefit on it, while when it is mixed with honey, it rises very great benefit for human. Ginger mixed honey is the well known as the effective tonics across Asia. Hereby the further explanation of health benefits of Ginger mixture with honey:

1. Anti-Microbial to prevent Dental Problem

Antibiotics supply the great role in controlling the infection activity in body. Herbal treatment of honey and ginger are used as the effective antimicrobial. Ginger is known very well as the multibenefits herb in this world while honey or Apis mellifera has been known as the ecofriendly medicine and it is useful to treat the ulcer and wounds. Futhermore the studies revealed that honey can even treat bacterial gastro enteritis and eyes infection.

A study investigated that honey has the antibacterial action and its synergism are due to hydrogen peroxide which is also produced in honey. The hydrogen peroxied causes the gluconic acid which is potentially available to treat the dental problem. The study proved that the synergism between ginger and honey can effect the antimicrobial activity. It clearly prevented againts the teeth problem. It is also good for treat mouth and throat sore.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Ginger naturally contains the oily resin from its roots. That oily resin caused this potential herb as the anti-inflammatory. The honey itself contains antibiotics which actually lead to the inflammatory healing. The mixture of ginger and honey is very potential to heal the muscle pain or other joint problem.

Some study revealed that ginger could influence the inflammatory activities on cellular level. Ginger and honey mixture also has been used as the effective treatment for chronic inflammatory. The study itself proved that mostly the patients of osteoarthritis got healed when they consuming ginger and honey mixture.

The ginger oil has been known as the effective medicine to heal back pain and also joint problems. That is why Ginger and also honey mixture is very useful to treat the inflammatory activities as mentioned above.

3. Treat the Menstrual Problem

Through the benefits of ginger and honey it was discovered that it is also useful to treat the problem of mestruations. The ginger compounds can help to reduce the pain related to painful menstruation. Some study also did the same and proved that the mixture between ginger and honey can reduce and even prevent the symptom of painful menstruation.

4. Treat the Migraine and Joint Problem

Migraine is not really serious problem. But in ancient time, they always used the natural herb to treat the migraine. Migrained itself can be healed by natural medicine such as ginger. While the current study also revealed that the mixture between ginger and honey can bring a great effects for head. It is not only heal the migraine but it is also good for brain. Even for those who suffers from migraine all the time, they got healed when they started consuming ginger and honey mixture regularly.

5. Prevent the Stroke

Stroke is one of the most dangerous and serious disease over the globe. Many medical researchers has been working to find the effective medicine to heal this serious problem related to blood. One of the research proved that ginger-honey mixture can prevent the stroke. It is due to the antiblood-clotting ability on ginger and honey can heal this serious disease. When they are mixed together, there will be the powerful benefit to prevent disease such as stroke.

6. Heal the Respiratory Problem

The effect of ginger and honey mixture can make the better health for human. The ginger-honey mixture can effect the relief of cough, sore in throat and mouth and even cold. Drinking ginger and honey mixture will heal the body from cold and will treat the respiratory problem effectively.

7. Boost the Immune System

Ginger-honey mixture is not only delicious to be consumed as daily beverage. It is also good for the health especially in increasing the immune system. Honey-ginger mixture can increase the production of white blood cells which actually boost the functional case of immune system.

8. Prevent the Cancer

Talking about the immune system related to a very serious disease, it is cancer. Currently there are some reasearches revealed that ginger can prevent cancer cells activity inside the body. It will happen the same thing when ginger mixed with honey. It will powerfully as the anti-cancer. Ginger-honey mixture can combat the growth of cancer cells. Consuming ginger-honey mixture will really prevent the cause of cancer activity inside the body. It is also recommended as the effective way naturally to heal it. A research also revealed that ginger-honey mixture is not only preventing the cancer cells but also prevent by building the resistance of chemotherapy. In the same way ginger-honey mixture is also effective to treat the breast cancer, colon and even prostate cancer.

9. Treat the Diabetes

Another benefit of ginger-honey mixture is that it can prevent and treat the diabetes. They can enhance the insulin sensitivity. It also has a function to balance and keep the blood sugar in a good rate. A study also revealed that the ginger-honey mixture can be very effective to control blood sugar levels since it increases the uptake of glucose into mucles cells. So consuming ginger-honey mixture can prevent the diabetes and it reducts in blood glucose and LDL of cholesterol level.

10. Treat the Asthma

Ginger-honey mixture is also treating the asthma. Its health benefit between honey and ginger give the powerful benefit to treat the asthma very well. It is also healing the wheezing. The function to treat the respiratory problem shows the potential benefits on treating the asthma. Ginger-honey mixture can inhibit the enzyme which wrap around the airway muscles and it also activates another enzymes which works to relax it.

Side Effects of Ginger-honey Mixture

Ginger-honey mixture is widely known rich in its healthy vitamins and other useful constituents which are helpful for human health. In other case it will be a bit unfriendly if it is consumed too much because it can cause some side effects such as gas problem of  stomach, stomach pain, sore in mouth and also throat and also cause the irritation in mouth especially in tongue. Therefore, it will be better if You consult the doctor about the dose of consuming ginger-honey mixture.