15 Scientific Health Benefits of Shawarma (Top 1# Nutrients Source)

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What is shawarma? Well, shawarma is a kind of Middle Eastern cuisine which is dominant in the Western cultures of the 21st century. This cuisine has been widely consumed as it is a healthy dish. Besides, Shawarma is different with Doner Kebab and Gyro. This popular cuisine refers to a wrap or sandwich which use thinly sliced cuts of meat, like chicken, beef, goat, lamb, or turkey to be rolled into a large piece of steamed or heated flatbread or pita bread then layered with tahini sauce or hummus. Yet, it is likely that people often eat chicken shawarma compared to other kind of meats. Also, inside the pita, there are another food to be added like vegetables like tomato grilled and pickled turnips. As a result, it could not be denied that shawarma is such a healthy and delicious dish.

Nutritional Profile of an average Chicken Shawarma

Calories440Potassium0 mg
Total Fat10 gTotal Carbohydrate40 g
Cholesterol85 mgDietary Fiber4 g
Sodium650 mgProtein40 g
Vitamin A4%Calcium33%
Vitamin C15%Iron10%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


As you have seen on the table, there are vital nutrients contained in shawarma. Thus, you can consume this food to get the healthier body. Also, to give you more information about shawarma, we list the health benefits of shawarma below.

1. Source of Vitamin A

Fulfilling the nutrient needs in the body is a must. As a result, you have to consume best foods in a right way to get the healthier body. This case also means you may need nutrients but at the same time wish for delicious food to be eaten.

As the consequence, shawarma is ready to help. With wonderful taste and great nutrients contained in it, you will not be regret to choose this one as your food option. One of health benefits of shawarma is the way it provides great source of vitamin A.

Moreover, vitamin A is a key for good vision. Not only for that vitamin A plays an important role in promoting the healthy immune system as well as promoting the cell growth. For the tips, you can eat another food sources of vitamin A like carrots, kale, butternut and lettuce for sure.

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2. Source of Vitamin B6

Another health benefits of shawarma is the way it provides a good source of Vitamin B6. As one of vitamin B-Complex, vitamin B6 takes part in maintaining overall body health. For instance, it is believed you can maintain a healthy nervous system, protect the immune system, and support brain function. On the another hand, the lack of vitamin B6 nutrients can lead to anxiety, depression, and muscle pains.


3. Source of Vitamin C

As a matter of fact, vitamin C is the key to good health. Vitamin C is important to promote a number of body functions. Consequently, vitamin C offers a great range of health benefits such as preventing stress, colds, and even can prevent the skin aging. Indeed, as this vitamin is beneficial to promote the healthy body, you should consider eating vitamin C foods including shawarma. In addition, it is recommended to use 500 daily milligrams of vitamin C to obtain great benefits of it. Moreover, you can consume another vitamin C foods like kiwi, red pepper, and red cabbage.


4. Source of Folate

You can consume folate foods like beets, avocado, and spinach to fulfill the nutrients of folate. Besides, as shawarma contains a good source of folate, this water soluble vitamin will help to prevent cancer, heart disease, and maintain the healthy pregnancy. In another hand, deficiency of folate may lead to liver and kidney problems.

5. Source of Protein

As the consequence, shawarma provides a good source of protein. The protein contained in shawarma comes from the presence of pita bread. In fact, if you eat the average serving of shawarma, you can get 30 to 40 g of protein and about 25g of carbohydrates as well. Indeed, by having protein nutrients in the body, it will be beneficial to promote overall body health. Moreover, protein as a vital nutrients is valuable to speed up the healing process of wound, boosts low immunity, and prevent the occurrence of poor concentration and trouble learning. What great benefits, aren’t they?

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6. Source of Fat

Riched in healthy fats, shawarma promises a good range of health benefits for you. On the another hand, some people may think that consuming fats food is such not a really good way. As a matter of fact, the goodness in fat is about how much you consume food which contains fats. Indeed, good fats come from plants, such as olive, nuts, and tropical oils. Further, as shawarma provides good fats due to the presence of lamb or beef slices, it is beneficial to promote better body composition, body muscle, and improve the brain function as well.


7. Rich in Calories

Eating one portion of lamb shawarma will give you 500 calories and 20g fat which is equal to 31% of an adult’s daily need of calories. On the another hand, if you consume chicken shawarma, you will obtain 400 calories and 15g fat which is equal to 24% of a person’s daily intake of calories. Indeed, with calories, our body will work greatly as it is essentially a unit for measuring heat energy.

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8. Rich in Carbohydrate

Why we should consume carbohydrate foods? Well, it is stated that carbohydrate plays a main role to promote vital body functions. For instance, carbohydrate acts as the main source of fuel and increasing the energy level in the body. Also, it is shown that eating whole-grain foods, like wheat and oats will help protecting the heart health. Further, by consuming shawarma which is great in carbohydrate, you will also improve your digestion system.


9. Your Favorite Healthy Foods

You may want to eat delicious food and at the time obtaining the great nutrients contained in your food. As a result, you can eat shawarma as a way out. This food will help you to build muscle mass as it contains a good source of protein while it is also helping you to boost the energy levels in the body. Indeed, by having shawarma as a food, you have succeeded to put the great nutrients and achieving health results as well. Also, the excellent taste of shawarma is something which you could not even forget!

10. Source of Dietary Fiber

Fiber, is the one that hold the function of digestion system. Indeed, it is known that consuming fiber foods will help to prevent the presence of bloating and constipation. Moreover, people need 50 grams of fiber per 1000 calories consumed. Then, by having shawarma, it will help you to fulfill the carbohydrate needs. In addition, not only preventing certain digestion problems, fiber is also valuable to control weight management as well as controlling blood sugar level in the body.

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11. Source of Iron

If you want to promote iron nutrients in the body, then by consuming shawarma, you will take another step to reach it. As shawarma contains good iron, it will be beneficial to promote the body health. Consequently, iron will help to increase energy levels and promoting healthy pregnancy as well. Besides, the lack of this nutrient may lead to the occurrence of anemia and chronic fatigue.

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12. Source of Magnesium

One of health benefits of shawarma is the way it helps to promote magnesium nutrients in the body. As we all have known, magnesium is a vial nutrient to promote the body health. By consuming magnesium foods, it will help to maintain the structural health of cell membranes and promoting the building of muscle mass.


13. Source of Sodium

By consuming shawarma, you will add sodium nutrient in the body. At this point, sodium is a vital mineral which help to regulate fluid level in human body and prevent muscle cramps as well. In the same way, the recommended intake of sodium is 2400 mg/ and deficiency of sodium may lead to certain risks of health problems including dizziness and low blood pressure.


14. Source of Calcium

As a matter of fact, calcium plays a role in promoting bones health. Indeed, by having a good amount of calcium nutrient in the body, then it will work greatly in promoting the bone density and bone structure. Besides, not only milk which can give you a good source of calcium, yet, it is shawarma which can give you another option to be chosen. Hence, by consuming shawarma, it is sure that you will get a range of health benefits.

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15. Have Antioxidant Source

As you have read above, shawarma contain vitamin C in it. Hence, it also acts as great antioxidant. Indeed, by having antioxidant nutrient in the body, it will help to protect against the presence of viruses and bacteria. As a result, it will also prevent certain health problems for sure.


It is shown that shawarma will help you to maintain the body health. As a result, you can make a healthy homemade shawarma as you can use chicken, whole wheat pita bread, and fresh vegetable salad. The better combination of ingredients of shawarma, then the better benefits you will get from consuming this food. Consequently, shawarma is an easy snack or dinner to grab to go. Also, it offers you a great range of healthy benefits. Hence, from now on, consume your favorite shawarma to have a delicious food and the healthier body as well.