15 Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Dengue and Health

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The main attraction of papaya (Carica Pepaya) is the fruit which has sweet taste and bright color. People attract to it. It is also good for health. But the leaves also have amazing for health and healing dengue fever.

Papaya leaves are very bitter but contain many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E. Beside vitamin, the leaves also contain calcium, fat, fosfor, carbohydrate, protein, and water. Combinations of all these compounds give the body enormous benefits for health.

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Indeed, here are benefits of papaya leaves for dengue:


1. Heals Body Faster 

The papaya leaves help body to heal faster from dengue fever by increasing the platelet drastically, therefore patient are no need suffer for longer time, according to some studies.

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2. Repair Damage Liver by Dengue 

They contain enzymes like chymopapin and papain that help normalize the platelet count, improve liver’s function, and repair the damaged liver caused by dengue, then in parallel help the patient to be healed soon.

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3. Healing from Dengue Fever

Papaya leaves are very good for healing from dengue fever. It is caused by bite of Aedes mosquito who live in dirty and moist places such as plastic pail, old tires, coconut husk, and other places where a small pool of water can be formed.

4. Lowers the Symptoms

The mosquito has black white stripes color of its body and active during the day. The symptoms are occurred in five to seven weeks after biting; fever with headache, severe muscle pain, joint pain, drastic decreasing of platelet, and rashes over the body.

5. Natural Cure 

According WHO, there are 100 million cases every year worldwide for this disease and the cure for it is not exist yet. For this time, the patient will just wait the body immune against the virus while having bed rest and and infusion.

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How to Use Papaya Leaves to Treat Dengue 

As there are many benefits of papaya leaves for dengue, here are the recipe of papaya leaves:

1. Prepare papaya leaf as juice

Here are the steps preparing the papaya leaf juice.

  • Take two pieces fresh leaves and wash thoroughly with running water.
  • Remove the stem and any fibrous part from them and cut into small pieces.
  • Weight 50 grams of leave and put into the mortar and pestle
  • Add 50mL boiled water and 25 grams of sugar
  • Press and stir leaf, water, and sugar evenly for fifteen minutes until form into a pulp
  • Mix the pulp well and leave for thirty minutes
  • Squeeze the pulp by hand and get the extract. Do not use any cloth during the squeeze.
  • Collect the extract in a bottle and it can be stored in the refrigerator for twenty four hours in under the compartment.
  • give to the patient two tablespoons for every six hours, three times a day. Do not forget to shake the bottle first. The result must be the patient will certainly feel better.

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2. Prepare papaya leaf as juice

Here are the steps preparing the papaya leaf pasta.

  1. Take two pieces fresh leaves and wash thoroughly with running water.
  2. Remove the stem and any fibrous part from them.
  3. Put them into food processor and add a little water.
  4. Turn on the food processor and wait until the leaves crushed become pasta.
  5. Because the taste is so bitter, it is better to mix it with some fresh juice.
  6. Give the patient four teaspoons twice a day. The result will be seen after three days to one week, the patient is feeling better.

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Papaya Leaves for Health

Other than healing benefits of papaya leaves for dengue, papaya leaves also have wide range health benefits for the body. Beside vitamins, the leaf also contain anti malaria and anti cancer compound which can protect out body form heavy diseases. Even in some place in the world, the leaf has been used for fighting malaria. Here are benefits of papaya leaves for our health.

1. Fight emphysema

This diseases happens in the lungs which is very critical for the life. The leaf has vitamin D that can help to conquer the source of this disease.

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2. Fight cancer

The leaf has anti cancer compound taht can help the patient to be healed. The boil water from the leaf must be drunk regularly then hopefully the cancer cell will be disappeared.

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3. Reducing ache due to menstruation

For women, ache during the menstruation can be really painful and disturb the activities. It can be solved by boiling one piece of the papaya leaf mixed with salt and tamarine. Then drink the water then the ache will be reduced.

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4. Healing stomach ache for toddler

Toddler is easily having stomach ache due to their bad habit such as eat too much or eat unhealthy food. Parents do not need give them chemical drug for this. Just take two papaya leaves, there celery, and lime betel. Mashed all of the components until well mixed and soft then put on the toddler’s stomach

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5. Reducing growth of microorganism

Papaya leaves juice contain karpain and tannin compound which able to reduce the growth of the microorganism such as fungi, worm, parasite, and bacteria. By this, the health of the colon can be maintained and also able to prevent thypoid.

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6. Increasing body immune

With the ability to fight the flu virus and regenerate the platelet, the body immune also can be maintained.

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Papaya leaves also have benefits for face, skin, and hair health.

Other than healing benefits of papaya leaves for dengue, papaya leaves also have wide range for beauty treatments:

7. Remove acne from face

Acne can be really irritated, especially for women, if it is so difficult to be cured. The papaya leaf can help to remove the acne by using it as face masker.

How to use it?

First, take young papaya leaves and leave them dry. Then put them into food processor, add a little bit water, until become pasta form. Then apply the pasta to the face like using the face masker. Leave it for ten until thirty minutes and wash it clean.

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8. Improve skin health

The papaya leaf contains vitamin A and C higher then the papaya fruit. These vitamins help to maintain the skin health.

9. Natural conditioner

Papaya leaves mixed with coconut milk and honey become the natural conditioner. Applying it to the hair after washing hair with shampoo, hair will be shine, lifeless, soften, and unruly.

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10. Natural anti dandruff shampoo

Papaya leaves contain karpain compound which known as chemical build up for shampoo that able to remove dandruff, dirt, and oil without any side effect to the hair.

With those all benefits from papaya leaves, it is not doubt that consuming it regularly everyday will maintain our health better.

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