19 Benefits and Side Effects of Zoloft (#Top Drugs)

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Zoloft is a name of a very popular medicine trademark, particularly in the United States. It is estimated that each year, there are 29,652,000 prescriptions issued and writing the name of this trademark. The high demand implied that the problem this medicine could solve is common in the United States. Do you have any idea on what is that? Well, let me tell you. It is an anti-depressant medicine and you may likely want to say that depression is common problem not only in the United States, but also in all countries around the world. Therefore, read on this article you perhaps find useful information for you and your family.

Brief Introduction on Zoloft

As mentioned before, Zoloft is the trademark name, while the generic name is setraline HCI. That is why you could find both names at the package of this product. The function of Zoloft, which is anti-depressant, is also known as SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Zoloft itself works by restoring the correct and proper balance of naturally founded chemicals inside the brain. This way of work would give significant and positive effect in coping with depression, anxiety, frustration and other problems of brain because of disorder mental condition.

Benefits of Zoloft
From above explanation, you may likely be able to predict and imagine benefits of Zoloft for lessening and solving depression. However to give a clearer description and balanced information from both manufacturer and previous customers, this following list is arranged to assure your thorough and comprehensive knowledge about this medicine.

  1. Reducing Depression
  2. Lessening Anxiety
  3. Giving Better Sleep
  4. Giving More Appetite
  5. Decreasing Emotional Level
  6. Curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  7. Elevating Mood
  8. Enhancing the Energy
  9. Returning the Focus and Brain Power Back
  10. Having More Optimistic Way of Thinking
  11. Lessening Obsessive Thinking

Those mentioned benefits imply that this medicine could be a good solution for those who just had a very bad time, such as tragedy, death of family, broken heart, bankruptcy and so on and so forth. However, previous customers testimonies also revealed that this medicine is also favorite for those with high boredom on too monotone and routine activities. Some of them said that Zoloft could calm down their mind and make them forget work burden for a while. Meaning to say, this medicine could also make people who consume it feel enjoyable no matter how big burden they have or how routine and boring activities in their daily.

If you pay very much attention to the benefits mentioned, it turns out that actually, Zoloft is a common solution for depression which is a popular problem of nowadays people. Almost all signs of depression could be solved by Zoloft. Therefore, if you find yourself having too much burden—from work, school, family, dating, business and others—and it disturbs your mind, emotion and even mental condition, you may consider to take this medicine as your choice. Other than that, Zoloft is also well used in healing any emotional instability because of premenstrual effect. This means that Zoloft is good not only for dealing with mental problems, but also ‘routine’ problems regarding to physical thing, which is hormone.

Side Effects

Apart of some benefits that Zoloft offer, it also has some side effects. Below is the information about the side effects as told by previous customers’ testimonies. You have to notice also that some customers said that Zoloft has no side effect beyond its big benefits. That is why, these side effects are likely casuistic and different among people. What suffers a customer does not always suffer other customers and vice versa. It would be still good though to know the common side effects for helping you to consider whether or not you are going to consume this medicine.

  1. Suffering Sleepiness
  2. Suffering Weight Gain
  3. Having Sexual Dysfunction (no desire)
  4. Having Flat Emotion
  5. Suffering Insomnia
  6. Being Exhausted
  7. Decreasing Social Skill Development
  8. Having Dizziness and Headache

The other thing you have to know is about the dosage because typically, side effects appear when the medicine is consumed above the regular dosage. Anyway you could find the package of this product mainly in two choices. One of which (with blue color package) is with 25 tablets, while another (with green color) is with 50 tablets.

If you do not consult to your doctor before consuming this medicine, the average and common portion is one tablet a day, either consumed at daylight or evening. You could take it with or without food but if you would prefer to have it with food, take it after your breakfast or your dinner. Meanwhile if you consume it for relieving pain in your period, it is common to take the medicine once each day usually from 2 weeks before your period comes. However if you consult to your doctor, following his/her advice would be the best solution.