7 Uses and Benefits of Yohimbe (#Amazing)

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Yohimbe is originally a name of a West African tall and big tree. However recently, it becomes a heated and controversial topic as its bark part, which is rich of an essence called alkaloid yohimibe, has been made as a main essence for medication particularly in the aphrodisiac family. Before, it has been largely known as a traditional medicine of hypertension and angina and it is only a few source mentioned that this natural essence was also used for sexual enhancement. You could conclude, therefore, that there is a sort of turning in the use of main essence found in the bark of Yohimbe tree.

YohimbeIn the US, Yohimbe is already available at prescription so pople could easily find it. Additionally, some products of supplements also use Yohimbe as a main ingredient are available across the world. They claim that the product they manufacture would replace the popularity of Viagra, levitra and other aphrodisiac common medicines or helping instruments. It is commonly supported by the argumentation that natural essence inside Yohimbe is relatively safe without any side effect which is different from any product with chemical or synthetic ingredients.

Well after explanation about its origin and its main essence as well as the availability of the product using Yohimbe, following is the list of Yohimbe benefits you should know in case that you would consider to consume it.

Benefits of Yohimbe

1. Creating More Healthy Sexual Life

How Yohimbe creates more healthy and enhancing sexual life is by coping with some common problems found at male, such as erectile dysfunction, SSRIs (selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and impotency. Technically, it increases blood flow and nerve impulses to genital organs. Although this one benefit is the most popular one among others, it is scientifically debatable as various researches reveal different results. Those which support the assumption that this essence works well for enhancing sexual life even mentioned that this essence is also good for female as it could increase sexual arousal.

2. Serving as Vasodilator

Yohimbe could also expand blood flow and maximize the function of blood vessel. Some studies revealed that particularly, Yohimbe could accelerate the blood stream to the exterimities, such as hands and feets. It makes sense then why sport athletes often consume Yohimbe supplement because if the blood flow runs smoothly, they would get much and adequate energy to move and do much exercise.

3. Burning Fat

It is also scientifically proved that Yohimbe is effective in burning fat as it has ability to remove an essence called by stubborn fat. Combined with other benefits, which is suppressing appetite, Yohimbe could also be your preference in doing a diet program for weight-loss purpose.

4. Suppressing Appetite

This benefit is also known from some scientific researches revealing that Yohimbe could reduce the whole calorie intake through the process of neutralizing hunger. When this could be done well, your weight loss program could be successful as it gets support from various sides.

5. Relieving Clinical Depression

This function would particularly work well when Yohimbe is combined with other essences. However, it is not well and fully proved scientifically yet and more about claim of manufacturers.

6. Curing Chest Pain

The ability of curing chest pain closely relates to the agent of vasodilator. When the blood flow runs smoothly to all body organs, including chest, any chest problems such as chest pain could be automatically solved. It is another answer why sport athlete like to consume Yohimbe supplement.

7. Treating Symptoms of Flu, Cold, Fever and Leprosy

This function is not famous yet but it is said that in West Africa, until nowadays, Yohimbe is even used for healing flu, cold, fever and leprosy.

Consumption Dose

It is important to know average consumption dosage particularly because some side effects are correlated to this essence. The average or common dosage is, unfortunately, different among some products. Therefore, you just need to pay attention to the information provided at the package. Or, it would be far better if you consult to your doctor before beginning to consume Yohimbe.

Anyway, if you consume Yohimbe for enhancing sexual life and sensation, it is generally recommended to consume it two or three hours before intimacy. The same thing applies for sport athletes, i.e. two or three hours before doing exercise.

Side Effects of Yohimbe

Side effects of Yohimbe consists of;

  • Hypotension
  • Weakness
  • Hypertension
  • Abdominal Distress
  • Dizzines
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Palpitation

Therefore, it would safer and more convincing if you visit your doctor first for having consultation. Make sure also to not consume Yohimbe in the following conditions;

  • During pregnancy and nursing
  • In a dosage much more than the doctor advise
  • In the presence of hepatic or renal disease
  • While doing any hazardous activity such as working with machine or driving
  • At the late night (would cause insomnia)