Top 10 Shatavari Health Benefits (No.1 Amazing)

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Shatavari is a name of traditional herb used originally by Indians to heal various health problems. This herb is categorized as a type, or particularly one of the most popular types of Ayurvedic medication. As you can assume from the name, this type of medication is from India and the Savatari itself is a native herbal plant of India. So far, besides Chinese, India is well known from its traditional medication treatment which work very well in healing even preventing various diseases. This accords with the meaning beyond Shatavari which is, the cure for hundred diseases or having one hundred roots in a rough translation.

Seemingly you are interested enough to get the information about the herb so please continue your writing until the end of it. This writing would be arranged following these;

Brief Introduction of Shatavari 

shatavariThe Latin name of Shatavari is Asparagus Racemosus, wild asparagus or shortened into asparagus. For the last mentioned herb, you may be familiar with as it can be easily found at various parts of the world, particularly at tropical areas such as Asia, Australia and so on and so forth. This type of tree usually has low altitude and can be found in shady area. The main part of this herb as the root which is also used as medicine or what is popular with Shatavari.

On why this type of asparagus was then called Shatavari is closely related to the firstly known function of this herb. The asparagus was firstly used to increase and nourish women fertility while shavatari means a woman with a hundred husband. Therefore, next on, the root part of asparagus used for medicine is more popular with Shatavari although time by time, it was commonly known that it functions not only for nourishing women fertility, but also for other health benefits.

The Consumption of Shatavari

If you are interested to consume this kind of herb, you could easily find it although the native herb is still only and exclusively found at India and Sri Lanka. Generally, you could choose whether you would buy Shatavari capsule or Shatavari powder or granule. Both of them are available at medicine shops and you could choose on your preference.

However, it would be far better if you could be smarter and more selective in choosing the products available by paying attention to the ingredients, making sure about the volume of color essence or preservative as well as the matter or organic and an-organic of the main material. If you are passionate to have a better and fast result, you could consume it along with milk twice a day.

For your information, different brands could also give different taste, color and even effect. However, it is known that the original herb of Shatavari, which is asparagus, actually tastes sweet and cooling

Health Benefits of Shatavari

As mentioned above, Shatavari has various types of health benefits not only about nourishment of women fertility. The complete information about it would be well explained below.

1. Enhancing Women Fertility

First health benefits of Shatavari is for fertility. This function is supported by an essence contained in Shatavari, which is called phyto-oestrogen hormone precursors. This hormone would enable women to increase the fertility and energy which was considered as a symbol of ability to marry with a hundred husband.

2. Supporting the Nourishment of Female Reproductive Organs

Shatavari also works well in the nourishment of female reproductive organs through balancing pH levels of the vagina and nourishing the ovum. When the pH level could be well controlled and managed, reproduction process would run well as the vagina is one of most imporant reproductive organs. Additionally, ovum is a main essence for reproductive process.

3. Helping in Making Healthy Menstruation

Pre-menstruation health problems or syndrom can be said as common and could be easily found. It ranges from stomachache, back pain even headache. If you or your family suffer this, it would be good to try consuming Shatavari.

4. Keeping the Menopause Period Run Well

Just like what happens in menstruation, some women also deal with health disturbances in their menopause period ranging from irritability, irregular memory, dryness and hot flashes. To cope with those syndromes, you may consider to consume Shatavari.

5. Reducing Sexual Problems of Males

It was later found that Shatavari is not only good for women, but also for men. This essence could significantly help in the healthy production of semen or sperm as well as reduce other sexual problems men have such as inflammation of sexual organs.

6. Enhancing the Breast Milk in Lactating Mothers

Shatavari would also be very helpful for lactating mothers to increase the quality as well as the quantity of breast milk. It is fair to say, therefore, that Shatavari is a real women friend because it helps women in dealing with some womenly problems including menstruation, fertility enhancement, pregnancy, lactating period to menopause. That is why, it is said that women from all ages are highly advised to consume this essence.

7. Serving as Rejuvinating Essence

Aging symptoms could not be avoided although it comes in different times for different people. However, its coming is inevitable. Unfortunately, this does not only give bad influence on beauty, but also for health. Shatavari here could help dealing with aging signs as it has ability to sooth the systemic dryness.

8. Supporting Digestion System

Digestion system could be mentioned as the most important system as well as the most fragile one to any threat, problem even diseases. Therefore, keeping it stable and working well is almost more than a must as it influences much on body metabolism and general health. Relating with this topic, Shatavari functions well in supporting it work well as preventing some problems as it has anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria, anti-cancer and anti-ulcer essence. More particularly, Shatavari has some theurapic features such as soluble fibers, complex sugars and isoflvoness.

9. Healing Various Diseases

Having some essences mentioned above, Shavatrai works very well also in healing even preventing various diseases caused by free oxidant, bacteria, fungus. Some of those diseases are diarrhea, cholera, dysentery and so on and so forth.

10. Relieving Stress and Calming the Mind

It turns out that consuming this essence also gives a good influence for the state of mind by relieving stress and calming the mind. Shatavari does it by creating an immune response within the body. Even, it is also known that Shatavari could increase intimacy between two partner.

In addition to those main benefits, other Shatavari benefits offers are;

  • Supporting respiratory system
  • Providing energy and strength
  • Eliminating the toxins
  • Cleansing the blood
  • Improving body immune system
  • Working good for AIDS patient

Knowing this fact and all above explanation, you may likely consider to get much more informatio n about where and how you could get Shatavari as quick as possible.