199 Facts : Zinc Deficiency, foods, daily Need & Benefits

Zinc in Brief Introduction For most of people, Zinc likely sounds strange and less popular than other good essences such as vitamin, mineral, protein, carbohydrate and so on and so forth. This, however, does not mean that it is less useful as well. As one type of chemical essences, Zinc was firstly named by a […]

Top 22 Source of Vitamin D Foods in Earth (No.1 Shocking)

Vitamin D is one of some most popular vitamins among others. It is well known as a vitamin functioning well in keeping the health of bone by supporting the calcium absorption in the body. Other than that, vitamin D also plays a very important role in optimizing the absorption of nutrition of fosfor. Fosfor and […]

20 Vitamin C Benefits For Health & Beauty (No.8 Amazing)

Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamins among others. Mostly, people relate it to the body immune or orange fruit. When somebody gets unwell, people likely say that the one has lack of vitamin C and suggest to drink orange juice. The same condition happens when finding a relative or friend with bleeding […]

15 Vitamin A Benefits Apart For Eyes Vision

People like to relate vitamin A benefits to eye treatment. Every time they hear and talk about vitamin A, they would likely think that foods with vitamin A are good for eye care and treatment. Two of most popular foods in relation to vitamin A essence are papaya and carrot. Anyway, have you ever wondered […]

57 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Honey #1 Beauty Tricks

Honey is one of natural essences that people consume for various reasons. They use honey to recover or improve the health, to beautify face and skin, to cook delicious (or sweet) food or simply as a favorite snack. As commonly known, it is bee which produces honey so the natural value of honey is unquestionable. […]

650 Foods and Drinks Calories Table (Your Diet Guide)

Milk & Milk Products Calories Quantity Type 150 1 cup Full-fat milk 102 1 cup Low fat milk (1%) 157 1 cup Cow’s milk 264 1 cup Goat milk 123 28 g Sweetened Condensed Milk “cans” 635 Half a cup Full cream milk powder 435 Half a cup Skim milk powder 208 1 cup Full-fat […]

89 Benefits of Yoga For Men – Women – Kids – Mental Health

Benefits of yoga for body health can not be underestimated again, there are a lot of research is revealing its very amazing benefits for health, mental, and even more problems such as woman, man and kids. Large popularity of Yoga would likely make you familiar with its name whether or not you practice this treatment at […]

3 Proven Health Benefits of Xocai Chocolate Research Base

Health Benefits of Xocai Chocolate as well known brand could make you feel safe when eat snack, especially chocolate. Some of you who are a chocolate lover would probably know, be familiar or ever heard about Xocai chocolate. It is a relatively new brand of chocolate product, as well as type, claiming as the healthy […]

6 Proven Benefits of Ginger for Skin With Its Treatment

Many people don’t Benefits of Ginger for Skin since this herbs The first things which would come in your mind when hearing the word ginger may refer to Korea, spice, hair treatment or its function to improve stamina. It is not surprising as this far, ginger is commonly known as one of traditional spices which […]

7 Health Benefits of Zobo Drink Will Shocking You

Some of you who like to taste various traditional or local drinks from all around the world would probably know or be familiar with what called Zobo drink. You can find it at any international restaurant, Nigerian restaurant or even at the house of your colleagues who like to have cooking experiment of any traditional […]