22 Health Benefits of Quitting Caffeine for A Better Lifestyle – Psychology – Mentally Treatments

Who doesn’t know about caffeine? Yes, caffeine is psychoactive drugs that commonly contained in some of the most popular beverages in the world, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and sodas. Because of that, there is no surprise that caffeine is considered as the most widely used drugs in the world right now. But, do you […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Turnips – Beauty – Weight Loss – Ovary Treatments

Turnip is one of the healthiest vegetables that belongs to Brasiccacecae family, similar with cabbage, sprouts, kale, and many more. This vegetable is commonly grown in temperate areas and many countries across the globe. Specifically, Japan, Brazil, and the USA have their own culinary recipe on turnips. That fact is not a surprise since we […]

26 Top Health Benefits of Saffron – Diet – Beauty – Sexual Treatments

Saffron or Kesar is considered as one of the most expensive spices in the world and is most commonly known from its unique color. Basically, saffron is dried threads of a flower of a plant called Crocus sativus. You can find this plant in many European nations, such as Greece, France, Italy, Turkey, and Spain. […]

20 Health Benefits of Scallions Onion (No.9 Shocking)

Health Benefits of Scallions Onion not many people knows, since they maybe use this vegetables just for seasoning. Do you what the scallion is? So, scallion is one of the types of onion which commonly formed as the leafy green that indicate the young immature plants which is harvested early before the plant grows bigger. Scallions […]

20 Proven Best Bodyweight Exercises for Muay Thai

 Do you ever know what Muay Thai is? Muay Thai is the form of the martial arts from Thailand, which referred as ‘The Art of Eight Limbs’. This martial art used the stand-up striking alongside with clinching techniques. So, do you know why Muay Thai is commonly referred as ‘The Art of Eight Limbs’? This […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Milk Will Surprising You

We bet that you have already familiar with the beverage called milk. Milk is one the healthiest beverage because it contains a lot of nutrients that will be beneficial to support the overall health of the body. The various nutrients that contained in a milk are Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, protein, Vitamin A, […]

20 Diabetes Treatments With Natural Sources and Activities

Diabetes is one of the life threatening condition that commonly described whenever your body has too much blood sugar level. This is because diabetes can affect the body’s ability to produce or use the insulin. Basically, there are three types of diabetes, which are: Diabetes type 1, which will affect the body’s ability to produce […]

20 Proven Best Exercises for Women : Health – Beauty – Skin

There is no doubt that women will be more likely to have an issue related to the shape of their body compared with men. So, if you have some kind concerns related to your body weight or want to improve the overall health of your body, exercise is the must thing to do. But, not […]

20 Proven Best Exercise For Weight Loss Super Fast

A lot of people suggest Best Exercise For Weight Loss is running, but it evidently wrong. Having the ideal body weight is the dream of every person. In order to reach their own ideal body weight, many people will do a lot of extreme things, such as an extreme diet or even taking some medications, […]

20 Health Risks of Arsenic (No.6 Deadly)

Do you know what arsenic is? Arsenic is the type of natural sources that comes from the earth’s crust and at the moment has already distributed throughout the environment, whether it is in air, water, and land. But, the main problem is that the inorganic arsenic, which you could find in water, air, and land, […]