Understanding 11 Health Benefits of Cinnamon During Pregnancy

What is cinnamon? Cinnamon is a sweet and appetizing spice that can improve the kind of numerous beverages and dishes. You may sprinkle some over treats and cakes, or add a little to your coffee. You might also want to know about the health benefits of Inka Coffee. Eating cinnamon is considered safe during pregnancy in […]

5 Refreshing Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Hair

Long, soft, and shiny are the hair conditions that women desire. However, this is often just wishful thinking because there are various problems that could occur, such as dandruff, loss of hair, oiliness, and others. Cinnamon or Dalchini is a spice obtained from the inner bark of the tree of the genus “Cinnamomum”, as previously […]

5 Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Fertility – What are Those?

Pregnancy for most husband-wife couples is the thing to wait for. Although it is not always the woman who is in trouble, there are various possibilities regarding the causes of female infertility that are highly focused on female reproductive organs that need to be known. Pregnancy begins with the release of a healthy egg from […]

5 Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon for High Blood Pressure

Included as  one of the most common health problems, high blood pressure or hypertension is a condition when the blood pressure flowing in the body becomes higher or above normal blood pressure. This condition cannot be underestimated, because it can lead to various dangerous complications. What are they? Note that normal blood pressure is around […]

18 Excellent Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Ginger Tea

Natural ingredients are relentlessly lavish us with natural health benefits for our body. The use of natural ingredients in getting the health benefits of natural ingredients is not limited to the use of herbs for holistic medication need. Well, sometime we also get the health benefits from our leisure time while sipping on some healthy […]

20 Excellent Health Benefits of Apple And Cinnamon Tea

Apple cinnamon tea is a beverage made by brewing tea, apple peels, and cinnamon. The beverage is known for very refreshing with pleasant aroma. However, we are not only able to enjoy the aroma and taste, but also the health benefits of apple and cinnamon tea. We know that each ingredient has its own essential […]

12 Health Benefits of Honey, Cinnamon and Ginger

Flu is one of the common viruses that could attack anyone. This kind of condition is not going to be fatal but could be really annoying because due to that you should postpone some important meetings so your clients would not be affected or contemplate by yourself at home watching boring old movies just for […]

15 Health Benefits of Honey, Cinnamon and Apple Cider Vinegar

A new breakthrough in a healthy habit can reach through health benefits of honey, cinnamon and apple cider vinegar. The combinations of this three ingredients known give several benefits for the body. Therefore, it is now a trendy tonic drink that consume by several people everyday for a better health and stamina. Honey is known […]

4 Health Benefits of Cinnamon on Face #1 Top Beauty Treatment

Who says that beauty treatment must use the expensive way? By utilizing the ingredient in our kitchen, we can make the herbs which are very beneficial for beautifying and brightening the face so that we are able to maintain our beauty. Some kitchen ingredients which are already believed to be useful for skin since long time […]

15 Verified Health Benefits of Yogurt and Cinnamon

Yogurt and cinnamon are foods that can be used as a breakfast menu or dessert or as a snack in the afternoon. Besides the health benefits of yogurt and cinnamon that we will discuss below, these two components are well known for their benefits for weight loss. This is possible because cinnamon can reduce carbohydrate […]