20 Health Benefits of Taking 10000 Steps A Day (Fit Lifestyle)

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Exercise is a good way to maintain a healthy body. But many peoples have not enough time to do the exercise. This is due to their business and activities. Therefore, the easiest way to replace the exercise is by taking steps. As known by everyone, there are many benefits of taking 10000 steps a day. Hence, it is important for us to always taking steps every day.

To start taking a step is not difficult. There are many ways to do it during our daily activities. For a better result, make this as your life style. Not thinking it as a way to exercise. But to include it as an essential Benefits of Physical Activity for Mental Health on your daily life.

Below are the sample activities that can include taking steps:

  • Shopping
    Rather than taking car to the market, choose walk. Shopping activities will make you concentrate to the stuffs you need to buy. Therefore, walk is becoming more fun. Shopping for 1-2 hours can help you to get 10000 steps. Hence, make it as one of your daily activity.
  • Going Work
    Rather than go by bus, try to walk to the office if possible. Spending 30 minutes to walk to the office and another 30 minutes to return home can add more steps.
  • Avoid Using Elevator
    When you need to go another level in a building, try to avoid elevator. Instead of using elevator, use stairs. It will add some steps in your routine activities.
  • Housing Activities
    You might not aware that your daily activities at house can benefit you to add more steps. When you busy turn around your house to sweep the floor, clean out the windows, and any other housing activities. This will help you to gain health benefits of taking 10000 steps a day.
  • Weekend Activities
    If you feel too much sitting, plan to have exercise during weekend. You can go to the city park and walk around in the early morning. Otherwise go to the amusement park and do around it while watching fun games inside.
  • Home Exercise
    You might too busy to go anywhere. Do it at home. Turn around your house for several times. You can also have a treadmill. It will be easier to count your step through exercise equipment such as treadmill or elliptical bike.

Those are the way to add more steps in your daily activities. That behavior will give you many health benefits. Below are health benefits of taking 10000 steps a day:

1. Lose weight

Taking steps will reduce your calories. A study mention that one calorie equal to twenty steps. Therefore 10000 steps a day will reduce 500 calories. It means you can reduce 2-3 pounds a week. Hence, it can help you to lose weight in natural way.

The same Benefits of Black Coffee for Weight Loss is applied. Therefore, adding a cup of black coffee daily can improve the effectiveness of taking steps for the weight loss.

2. Keep a balance hormone

Taking steps daily will improve your body metabolism. Including keeping the hormones in your body to keep balance. Therefore, it is good to maintain your body circulation. 

3. Maintain a healthy body

The steps will help you to maintain a healthy body. It helps to avoid disease. Furthermore, it helps to increase immunity so that the body is not easily to get sick.

4. Improve well being

By taking steps, you will feel your body is getting better. You will feel your body is getting light. It also refreshes your body circulation. Therefore, it brings a comfort feeling.

5. Maintain blood circulation

Taking daily steps can help to maintain your blood circulation. It help to avoid blocked in your blood wall. It keeps the blood cell in balance. Hence, the oxygen circulation to the whole body can be maintain.

6. Prevent cardiovascular disease

Due to the good blood circulation, therefore it can prevent cardiovascular disease. It helps to prevent stroke and heart attack. Firstly, it is important to know Heart Attack Symptoms. Therefore, it will encourage to  taking steps as a routine behavior. Furthermore, it lower down the possibility of increasing blood.

7. Maintain respiratory system

One of the benefits of taking 10000 steps a day is maintain the respiratory system. It makes the breath circulation run well. Furthermore, it cleans the mucus out from the lung. It also maintains oxygen flow to the respiratory. Therefore, it keeps the respiratory system in a good condition every day.

8. Slows Early Aging Sign

Taking steps also can help to slows early aging sign. Since the blood circulation is maintained well, therefore, the skin will absorb enough nutrients. Hence, the early aging signs such as wrinkle can be avoided. It also can help to avoid the free radical effect. A healthy metabolism can produce more good cell rather than a bad cell.

9. Improve Concentration

Going for walks everyday can help to maintain blood circulation to the brain. Therefore, it stimulates the brain nerve to work better. It can improve concentration and fastest thinking.

10. Improve the Mood

Routine steps also improve the mood to be happier. It helps to eliminate stresses. Some people get stresses when stuck in a traffic jam. Walking will help you to avoid it. As another benefit, walks to work has proven can start a good mood for encourage your work spirit.

11. Provide a Good Sleep

Taking steps can gives a relax mind. Therefore, it will help to produce a good sleep during night time. The activity will burn many calories. The body will be exhausted and require enough rest. Hence, it helps to improve the body metabolism.

12. PMS Syndrome

Due to the effect of good mood, therefore, it is good to manage PMS syndrome. It also helps to reduce the pain of menstrual cramp. Furthermore, it gives pleasant feeling. Enough exercise stimulates the nerve for a relax body. Therefore, the menstruation depress can be reduced and the body metabolism is improved during PMS.

13. Avoid Diabetes

Not only avoid heart attack, it also helps to avoid diabetes. The physical activity will control the blood sugar level. It stimulates the hormone to produce insulin regularly. So that the blood sugar can regularly change into energy. Therefore, it is a good natural way to prevent diabetes. This is the same Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Diabetes.

14. Fever Relief

Light fever can have cured through taking steps. Since it stimulates the body to control temperature. The sweat will eliminate the fever virus. Hence, if light fever happens, it is good to take steps until the sweat is taking out from your body. It releases the hot temperature and then bring back your body on normal temperature.

15. Improve Digestive

A good blood circulation might bring a good digestive system. It stimulates the stomach and the intestines to digest fast. It is also change the food into energy, rather than change it to fat. Therefore, one of the benefits of taking 10000 steps a day including improve the digestive system.

16. Increasing Life Span

Keeping a healthiness means a long happy life. Therefore, a frequent walking can add up the life span. It gives some relaxation and enjoyment feeling. Hence, the stress level is reduced. When the mind is clear, the feeling will be motivated. Finally, it brings a longer age.

17. Maintain Joints

Taking walk everyday is a good exercise for elderly with joints problem. It is low cost and it can be done anywhere. It also a low-impact exercise but bring many benefits. Therefore, it is an exact way to improve and maintain the joints. It also helps a faster recovery from injury. Since the benefits of taking 10000 steps a day is stimulates a strength muscle.

18. Strength Bones

Most people have to deals with osteoporosis. A condition which make the bones weaken and brittle. While some studies mention that walking can produce a strength bones, which can lead to avoid osteoporosis. By walking, you stimulate the bones to gain strength. Walking means adding your whole body weight in to the bone. Therefore, a routine walk can improve the bone to keep active. It stimulates the bone to get used with the body weight. So that it become strength in longer period.

19. Improve Memory

A health body can lead to a healthy mind. Therefore, walking is a way to stimulate the nerve and improve the cognitive function. It means that walks help people to have a better memory and reduce the possibility of dementia. More exercise means less experience of mental decline. Hence, it is suggested to do walk for minimum of 30 minutes a day. Since the benefits of taking 10000 steps a day is including improving mind and memory.

20. Source of Vitamin D

Going walking everywhere means adding more sun appearance in your body. Sunlight is rich in vitamin D. Therefore, walking is good to supply the vitamin D to your body. Vitamin D Deficiency will produce a weak bone and teeth. Hence, vitamin D is important for the body.