Health Benefits of Walking 3 km A Day, This Is What Will Happen to Your Body

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As a human being, walking is inevitably part of our daily activities. Of course, us human beings only have the opt

ion of using the foot to get from one place to another, that is why we walk! However, not all individuals are well aware with the fact that there is more to walking other than just being a way of getting from one place to another.

What are its Health Benefits? 

Walking every day is regarded to be more beneficial compared to doing intense exercises once in a while! Anyway, these are some of the health benefits of walking 3km a day. 

  1. Walking 3km a Day Significantly Improves Heart Health 

First, walking 3km a day significantly improves our heart health or cardiovascular health. A study involving 229 post-menopausal women had one group to walk every day and the others to continue their lifestyle.

After 10 years, it is proven that those who walked regularly had their risks of heart disease lowered by 82 percent! Goodbye heart attack symptoms!

2. Walking 3km a Day Improves Mental Attitude 

Walking every day for 3km has been noted to improve our own mental attitude.

By walking, we breath fresh air and gets enough exposure to sunlight, which also helps us to connect better with our surrounding environment. An inner connection with the surrounding environment is needed for self-improvement. 

3. Walking 3km a Day Manages Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

It has been reported that hypertension can be managed just by walking daily, however the fact remains that not many people have the time to do this simple exercise.

The American Heart Association recommends hypertension patients to include aerobics, such as brisk walking as part of their daily routine.  

4. Walking 3km a Day Improves Motoric Skills 

Staying active helps with balance and also coordination, and the two of them deal a lot with what we call motoric skills. Excellent motoric skills are also necessary to prevent falling as we age, which leads to permanent complications.

On the other hand, our muscles and joints also have to be used a lot in order to keep working as how it is meant to be. Walking is a great way to keep these muscles moving, especially around the legs and arms.  

5. Walking 3km a Day Improves Longevity 

Studies have shown that walking daily improves longevity and lifespan, perhaps because it serves as an everyday exercise. In fact, walking 3km a day not only extends our ages, it also makes us to stay healthy and active as we reach senior age, and less prone to illnesses! 

6. Walking 3km a Day Improves Brain Performance 

Walking 3km daily is exceptionally good for the brain in terms of protecting brain memory and also the ability to think clearly. According to a study conducted at the University of

British Columbia, regular aerobics such as walking increases the size of hippocampus. Hippocampus is the part of the brain that deals with learning and memory.   

7. Walking 3km a Day Improves Immunity 

Walking everyday also make immunity improve. Recent studies have shown that regular light exercises lead to the reduction of one getting symptoms of flu per year. This is because, body cells are strengthened to combat foreign microorganisms.  

8. Walking 3km a Day Helps Regular Metabolism 

Regular bowel is also another notable health benefits of walking 3km a day. Movement helps the acceleration of digestion, and therefore more toxic wastes are removed from the body. While if one prefers to sit or be lazy all day long, they are more likely to get constipated. 

9. Walking 3km a Day Ensures That We Get Sufficient Solar Exposure 

Lack of sun exposure can lead to bad moods, such as during rainy days. As such, it is recommended to walk whenever the sun is out so that there is sufficient solar exposure for one, and also to get some vitamin D! Source of Vitamin D Foods, which is obtained through solar exposure is essential for bringing up good mood. 

10. Walking 3km a Day Minimizes Mental Disorders 

Finally, walking 3km a day minimizes mental disorders such as symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, because it keeps the brain functioning better, and so is oxygen flow within the brain. And actually, sitting all the time also leads to brain fog that gradually diminishes the brain’s functional capabilities.   

Cautions & Recommendations 

  • Plan where you would like to go and how long the duration is. Make sure that people that you are close with are well informed of this. 
  • Always carry your own identity, mobile phone and a small amount of money wherever you go. 
  • At night, wear reflective clothing for easy identification, and always have a torch at hand. 
  • Wear sturdy footwear that is appropriate for the terrain. 
  • Stick to routes that are not off-beaten, meaning that they are populated, have electricity, and is safe in general. 
  • Stay alert at all times. When wearing earphones or headphones, set it at low volume in order to be wary of the presence of other people or vehicles. 
  • Always walk facing the oncoming traffic. 
  • When available, always walk on the paths or sidewalks. Watch out for uneven sidewalks that could make us trip. 
  • Do not jaywalk. 
  • Cross only at zebra crosses, and only cross when the pedestrian traffic light is green. 
  • Before crossing, always look left or right for oncoming traffic. Only cross when the pedestrian traffic light is green or when there are no moving vehicles coming. 
  • Warm up or do stretches before you start to walk. 

How to Start Walking 3km Daily 

Walking 3km should last 23 minutes, 30 minutes, and approximately 38 minutes in fast-walking, moderate-walking and easy-walking respectively.

Doing 3km walks should not be a problem if one is used to walk short distances every day. Before one starts to walk, make sure that they wear relaxed and appropriate clothing for easy movement, get hydrated, and get all the essentials like mobile phone, wallet with money and identity ready.

If your phone has an application that counts walking distance, activating it won’t go wrong to check out how much time is taken, total distance accomplished, up to how many calories are burned!