10 Health Benefits of Grounding Walking Barefoot for Your Health

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grounding walking barefootIn ancient times, humans have not known footwear. Many of them do activities without the use of footwear. However, as the times progressed, many people used footwear to walk. However, did you know that walking without using your footwear will get the health benefits of grounding walking barefoot? Let’s look at the benefits below.

The benefits of grounding walking barefoot for health are:

  1. Improve blood circulation

Smooth blood circulation will make the nutrients and oxygen can be spread throughout the body well. The effect the body will be healthier. RunBare states that barefoot can help balance the body and send messages to the brain. Without the use of footwear, then the blood circulation for the feet will increase

  1. Can reduce inflammation

according to RunBare, free radicals responsible for inflammation can be reduced by grounding. Because inflammation that is not handled properly will cause other diseases that are more dangerous. Read more about benefits of coriander leaves

  1. improve sleep quality

are you among those who have trouble sleeping? Maybe you have insomnia. To fix this, you need to walk with your feet to form a soil can make a negative ion enter the body. negative ions that help improve your sleep quality. Or you can try health benefits of sleeping without underwear

  1. as free reflexology

Lallaus’Lab claims that when you walk barefoot on an uneven surface then it’s the same as a free massage in health benefits of thai massage. Uneven ground surfaces can provide a massage effect on the nerve points that are on your feet.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Based on a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine states that the health benefits of grounding walking barefoot can reduce blood clotting and coagulation

  1. Increases posture

According to the Medical Daily, grounding exercises small muscles in the legs. Then the brain notices the foot signals, thus increasing the posture

  1. Improve fitness

Based on studies, older people who walk on the rock can improve fitness better than the ordinary parents who walk

  1. Lowering aches and pains

By grounding the nerves will be more relaxed and the body will get positive energy so that pain and pain can be reduced

  1. Can prevent deformity

Deformity or foot shape changes can also be prevented by routinely doing grounding. Read more about health benefits of going barefoot

  1. Good for reduce stress

Stress can be experienced by anyone. And walking barefoot can reduce a person’s stress level by making the mind more fresh and relaxed. Or you can try this way: health benefits of popping bubble wrap


Doctors worried about the entry of bacteria, fungi, and viruses due to walking. And the possibility of stepping on sharp objects such as nails and glass is larger than wearing footwear. You should be careful if you want to do health benefits of grounding walking barefoot this.