10 Amazing Benefits of Brem

Who doesn’t know this food? Yes, brem. This food is one of the snacks that are sold and used as souvenirs. Brem has a distinctive taste that is sweet and savory. Although the texture is hard and solid, this food will immediately melt on the tongue without having to chew. Brem sold at a relatively […]

20 Hidden Health Benefits of Falafel #1 Healthy Snacking

Street food is one of the most exciting thing whenever we go, even when we’re abroad. Street food is also one of the life-savior, when you’re starving and you didn’t bring much cash to dine in. It’s a nice company especially when we’re hanging around. And when you have the chance to visit Middle East, […]

9 Health Benefits of McDonalds Fries – Carbs Craving Warning

Brand like McDonalds, aside from being closely related to junk food still exists until now since the brand was initially published in 1940. It is because, McDonalds is actually having some options of menu that is really delicious. Among the tasty menus, there is McDonalds fries which becomes everyone favorite due to its crunchy texture […]

15 Incredible Health Benefits of Sword Bean #Best for Diet

For you guys who loves to eat various kind of beans, you must be familiar with sword beans. Sword beans in the food form is known as a snack while relaxing, because it has a delicious and tasty feel in our mouth. In Indonesia, there are three kinds of sword beans that is usually consume […]

7 Powerful Health Benefits of Almonds and Dark Chocolate

Who wouldn’t love the delicate sweet chocolate with crunchy almonds? Besides enhancing its taste, the addition of almond in dark chocolate is able to present more health benefits. Yes, the flavorful almonds and dark chocolate can give health benefits of almonds and dark chocolate. Some of you may forbid your children from eating some chocolate […]

9 Science-Backed Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Body Building

When we talk about chocolate, first thing come to our mind may be that creamy and bitter sweet, sweet chocolate bar. Everyone from children to adult would never deny some bars of chocolate for its pleasing taste. However, actually there are many kinds of chocolate out there. The one you always had from your childhood […]

11 Health Benefits of Cookie Dough Will Make You Shock

Who makes cookies often? One of the stages in making a cake is to make the cookie dough. To ensure the composition of the ingredients mixed into the cake batter is fitting, sometimes we taste it. Can not be denied, in a cookie dough, there are nutrients contained in it such as: Carbohydrates from starch […]

10 Health Benefits of Vegetable Lasagna (No.3 is Awesome!)

Been planning to throw a party? Make sure to have vegetable lasagna as one of the party meal. Being well known as hearty, mouth-watering comfort food, lasagna packs some serious macronutrients as well as micronutrients depending on the contents. Moreover, if you’re into vegan diets, lasagna made from vegetables won’t be a stranger to you. […]

11 Health Benefits of Rice Cakes (#Healthy Snacking)

Still in the theme of health benefits, now we  will talks about health benefits of rice cakes. Rice cake is one of the traditional foods that we often encounter in traditional markets. Did you know the example of rice cake? For example: Tteokbokki (Korean rice cake), glutinous tape, layer cake, and many more. With many variations, […]

15 Scientific Health Benefits of Shawarma (Top 1# Nutrients Source)

What is shawarma? Well, shawarma is a kind of Middle Eastern cuisine which is dominant in the Western cultures of the 21st century. This cuisine has been widely consumed as it is a healthy dish. Besides, Shawarma is different with Doner Kebab and Gyro. This popular cuisine refers to a wrap or sandwich which use […]