20 Worthy Health Benefits of Dried Fruits (#Healthy Snacking)

Dried fruit is practically a shriveled fruit that has gone through a moisture removal process, such as sun-drying. They offer nutritional values close to a normal fruit, but with a more acquired, distinct, and unique taste. Compared to the normal, fresh fruit, dried fruit has many advantages too. As long as you keep an eye […]

37 Health Benefits of Lebanese Zaatar (No.1 Super)

What is Zaatar? Zaatar is a food that has been famous in the Middle East which is made from a mixture of Thyme, Sesame Seeds, Sumac and Salt. It is a combination with a unique flavor. The way to make Zaatar very simple, just prepare this ingredients: 2 tablespoons of minced fresh Thyme, 2 tablespoons […]

6 Facts About Popcorn and Diabetes (#Good or Bad ?)

Researches report that popcorn is rich of fitonutrient. It also contains polyphenol twice more than a portion of fruit.  If we eat popcorn only during cinema time, it means we miss one of the healthiest seeds. We can eat 3 cups of  popcorn for gaining 99 calorie and 4 gram fiber. 6 Connections between Popcorn and Diabetes […]

15 Snail Health Benefits (You Will Shocking)

Snail is a common name given to a member of the class of molluscs Gastropoda. In ancient times these snails are usually hunted by farmers because regarded as pests. But after learning that this animal has a wide range of benefits, where this animal  contains a lot of protein and also contains essential amino acids […]

33 Snake Gourd Health Benefits (#You Must Know)

Snake gourd is a vegetable that might not be as famous as bitter melon. It called snake gourd/snake fruit shape because it is very unique with it is shaped like an eel elongated length between 40 and 120 cm and a diameter of between 5 cm to 8 cm. This plant’s scientific name is Trichosanthus […]

12 Health Benefits of Arabic Gum (No.4 Shocking)

Mostly people are uncommonly know about Arabic gum. What is actually arabic gum? Arabic gum is a dried edible gummy exudates from which derived from the stems and branches of Acacia species plant such as Acacia senegal , Acacia laeta and Acacia seyal . Those three plant species grow abundantly in Central Sudan, Central Africa […]

94 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Without No Doubt

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate is still not realy known well around the world, although many research about this great snack. Dark chocolate is a variety of chocolate you may easily find it at your surrounding market, or any mini shop. In fact, you can find it as raw materials directly from its farmers or […]