15 Health Benefits of Eating Omelette Everyday (Must Read!)

No matter who you are and where you come from, you must know about breakfast. Breakfast is a basic need in everywhere all around the world. Since we were young, our mother will always insist us to have something to eat before we go to school or work. And omelette is one of the most […]

13 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Drinking Rum (Top #12)

If you’re familiar with alcoholic beverages, then rum is something you might know quite well. Rum is basically an alcoholic beverage that made from sugarcane juice and going through fermentation and distillation. This beverage is linked with tropical beverage, since it came from the Caribbean and already become the traditional drink there since long time […]

15 Health Benefits of Drinking Kava and Recommendation Intake

If you ever feel super anxious at a time and nothing can stop you, you maybe will get the prescription from the doctor. If you ever read about health benefits of calea zacatechichi, this plant is also able to cure your anxiety. But then, it also might include a medicine made from kava. Kava is […]

Is There Any Health Benefits of Fanta Soda? Check This 30 Facts!

When there’s a party around, there will always food and beverages following by. And one of people’s favorite beverage when there’s a party is carbonated drink. Carbonated beverages is like a must when there’s party around since children also able to drink it. One that quite popular around is Fanta, with it’s various fruit flavor. […]

20 Wonderful Health Benefits of Donkey Milk (#16 Is Shocking)

Everyone loves milk, and there are so many variety of it. We’ve also already know the health benefits of cow milk, health benefits of goat milk, even health benefits of soy milk. But then there is donkey milk. It might be a little unfamiliar for you, but this milk have gone through many researches and […]

20 Hidden Health Benefits of Falafel #1 Healthy Snacking

Street food is one of the most exciting thing whenever we go, even when we’re abroad. Street food is also one of the life-savior, when you’re starving and you didn’t bring much cash to dine in. It’s a nice company especially when we’re hanging around. And when you have the chance to visit Middle East, […]

20 Worth-Trying Health Benefits of Calea Zacatechichi

Since long long years ago, our ancestors has discovered lots of plants and herbs that could be used as medical purpose. And one of it is Calea Zacatechichi or bitter-grass. It might sounds weird or unfamiliar for you, but this herbs already used since long time ago by the Chontal Indians of Mexico. And they […]

20 Impressive Health Benefits of Zante Currants

Many of you surely want to have such a healthy condition all day through the year, so you can enjoy some wonderful times with people you love. And to get that fit condition, you need to consume healthy foods for sure. One of the great source that will keep you in a great condition is […]

12 Stunning Health Benefits of Green Tea and Cranberry

Health benefits of green tea is already known worldwide, and it has been used since long long way ago. As it’s also used for sacred events in East Asian countries, it’s also become a tradition in England to have afternoon tea time. For centuries, green tea has been known best for Asian diet as it […]

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Green Kamut

Green kamut is one of the processed supplement that produced from wheatgrass. Going through many researches, this processed supplement proved giving lots of health benefits for our body. Green kamut even already known as “superfood” since it could be eaten directly, or mixed together with your favorite foods or drinks. Even you can find the […]