9 Health Benefits of McDonalds Fries – Carbs Craving Warning

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Brand like McDonalds, aside from being closely related to junk food still exists until now since the brand was initially published in 1940. It is because, McDonalds is actually having some options of menu that is really delicious. Among the tasty menus, there is McDonalds fries which becomes everyone favorite due to its crunchy texture and salty flavor of potatoes. So, are there actually such things like health benefits of McDonalds fries? The answer is yes.

What Is McDonalds Fries?

Since this brand was published in 1940, McDonalds is very famous for its burger and chickens but though there are a lot of brands similar to McDonalds but when it comes to fries, this brand is the top option. The reason is simple because the fries made by McDonalds are not only delicious but also really tasty with crunchy texture that will make you craving for more. Moreover, if you know the health benefits of McDonalds fries you will not hesitate anymore to have it as snack.

Values Contained in McDonalds Fries

McDonalds are made from the best potatoes only. It assures the crunchy texture and the freshness of the fries. Potato is excellent source of carbohydrate, packed with vitamins and minerals that you cannot get from other staple foods. Moreover, fries made by McDonalds are processed in the most modern way to trap all the nutrients until they are served to customers. Below is the list of health benefits of McDonalds fries that might surprise you.

  1. Fries Contain Sodium

The fact that excessive sodium is the main cause of cardiovascular problems like heart attack and strokes makes people forget about the health benefits of sodium. It is a common knowledge that for healthy metabolism fluid and water has essential role but without sodium, it is hardly for fluid to be regulated since one of the main roles of sodium is restoring electrolyte. It is probably bad for your health in excessive amount but it is even worse when you are lacking of it in your metabolism.

  1. Excellent Source of Carbohydrate

As one of the staple foods consumed worldwide, potato is well known to be an excellent source of carbohydrate. For those who are currently in weight loss diet program, carbohydrate sounds like an enemy but you must be surprised about how essential the health benefits of carbohydrate are. Carbohydrate will be turned into glucose which later used as energy.

  1. Where You Get Your Energy Booster

As mentioned in the previous point, carbohydrate has important role in energy production. It is because without carbohydrate entering your body, you will be lacked of glucose that later will be turned into energy. That’s why whenever you think you need instant energy booster, just enjoy a package of McDonalds fries and get all the health benefits of potato fries as your personal energy booster.

  1. Iron for Optimal RBC Production

You must be surprised for the fact that McDonalds fries have its own fair share of iron content. You must have known some essential health benefits of iron and its role in human metabolism. Iron is essential to the RBC production which has prominent role in distributing oxygen and nutrient to the whole body cells. Iron is also a short cut to treat anemia.

  1. Fries Contain Vitamin C

Though vitamin C contained in McDonalds fries will not fulfill your daily intake unless you eat them in tons but still it is enough to help you maintaining your needs of the vitamin C benefits. That is why very important to combine your salty and tasty McDonalds fries with something healthy like fruits or vegetables salad.

  1. Calcium in Your Fries

Just like the vitamin C content in McDonalds fries, you will not instantly gain strong bones after a package of McDonalds fries but the amount is enough for your body to get all the health benefits of calcium to fulfill your daily intake of this essential minerals.

  1. Shortcut to Weight Gain

Well, while most people are striving to lose some weight, there are some people out there who are striving to gain more weight. For those who are currently in weight loss diet program, learning that there are people out there who are struggling to gain weight sounds ridiculous but it is actually a fact. So, with all the fats and greasy oil of McDonalds fries, it is actually weight gain foods and a shortcut to whoever intends to gain weight instantly.

  1. Fast Breakfast Solution

There must be the time when you don’t have time to prepare healthy breakfast but you sure need all the energy you could get from whatever breakfast you will have in short and fast time. As part of fast food chain, McDonalds has no problem in serving you a package of deliciously high carbohydrate breakfast fries.

  1. Best Option of Food when You’re Hungry

Just like McDonalds fries are excellent solution for easy and fast breakfast, McDonalds fries along with all the meal options are the best option of food when you are hungry. As one of the world’s best known fast food restaurant, it has no problem in serving you a quick meal whenever you need it.

Cautions of McDonalds Fries

There must be a reason why brand like McDonalds are closely associated as junk food and the fries are not the exception. McDonalds is one of the best fast food stands that you could find around the world, so there must be some preservative processes are included to satisfy their customers around the world. Below are some cautions you should aware from McDonalds fries.

  • Though there are a lot of benefits of fries you could get but still the key is consuming them in moderate amount only. Something too much is never healthy; it applies to McDonalds fries as well.
  • The tasty flavor of McDonalds fries are actually making you craving for more. You should be careful with the sodium content that may cause some cardiovascular problems. Balance your fries consumption with something healthy rich of potassium to help eliminating the sodium like vegetables or fruits salad.
  • All fries contain saturated fat that is so unhealthy for human health. High dosage of saturated fat could lead to weight gain, cholesterol, heart problems and diabetes.

If McDonalds fries are one of your favorite snacks, you don’t need to avoid it but you have to remember to consume it in moderate amount only. It is actually the key so you could get all the health benefits of McDonalds fries without worrying of the side effects.