15 Incredible Health Benefits of Sword Bean #Best for Diet

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For you guys who loves to eat various kind of beans, you must be familiar with sword beans. Sword beans in the food form is known as a snack while relaxing, because it has a delicious and tasty feel in our mouth. In Indonesia, there are three kinds of sword beans that is usually consume by Indonesian people, namely surly koro beans, winged koro beans, and sword koro beans which is the most popular among them all.

Nutritional Content of Sword Beans

Sword beans is known to be a relative of soy beans. Even for its nutritional content that also has an almost same content from the soy beans. The nutritional content that makes the health benefits of sword beans such as:

Per 70 grams of Sword Beans contain :
Protein17 grams
Fats15 grams
Saturated Fats7 grams
Carbohydrate36 grams
Fiber5 grams
Energy340 kcal
Sugar10 grams
Sodium300 mg

These nutriotional content of sword beans give the health benefits of sword beans following below :

1. Lowering blood sugar levels

The processed of sword beans can also in the form of flour, which is amazing because it makes the protein content that usually about 27% can be increased to about 33%. Ahmad Nafi’, S.TP, MP, who is a lecturer and also researcher from the Faculty of Agriculture of UNEJ (Universitas Negeri Jember) is the one who examines three types of koro beans.

He concluded that the koro bean has a high protein content that can be a new food and as well as a cure for diabetes. Ahmad added, the test of koro beans done on mice showed koro flour able to lower blood sugar levels by 21.89% within 4 weeks. You may also read the benefits of a vegetarian diet for diabetes.

2. Snacks for diets

Who doesn’t want a healthy life? And to reach that, some of us have to do a diet program. But a good diet that will give a good result without negative side effects have to be a healthy diet. That is why some diet people choose to eat the sword beans as snacks on their diets.


The nutritional content of sword beans is rich in protein and is also balanced with fat and fiber. The content is not only suitable for diabetic diet can also make the body feel full longer like the well-known benefits of cucumber for diet and overall health. Research conducted by Harvard University revealed that the bean is suitable to accompany the diet program because its content of fat and calories are quite balanced. 

3. Avoiding the risk of heart disease

The content of non-saturated fats that contained in the health benefits of sword beans is known to be important to keep the heart healthy. In addition, added by its content of protein and fiber in the sword beans which has an important role in regulating cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. 

4. Smoothen the blood flow

The results found that a cup of sword koro beans yielded 36 grams of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is useful for maintaining cholesterol levels in the blood. This soluble fiber can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, so the blood circulation will be more smoothly. Read also the health benefits of black bean burgers.

5. Reduce the risk of Hypertension

The disease which is very closely related to the condition of blood circulation and heart health, became one of the diseases that can be avoided with the sword bean. Content of peanuts rich in protein and soluble fiber makes the blood flow to the heart becomes more smoothly, supported by normal heart function will make the risk of high blood pressure can be reduced.

6. Anti Cancer

In taiwan, sword beans are used as ingredients to make a potion of cancer herbal medicine. This opinion was also confirmed by Shridar and Seena in 2006. The two researchers found that koro beans have a beneficial source of flavanoid and phenolic compounds.

Both compounds that are owned sword bean serves as an antioxidant to ward off free radicals, which one of them will cause cancer cells. Due to the similarity of the sword beans with other types of beans that also have useful antioxidant properties to treat cancer.

7. Skin health

The compounds present in the benefits of a sword bean such as flavonoids can help to overcome the damaged skin cells. Its properties that contain antioxidant benefits in sword bean, and supported with high protein content will help the process of forming skin cells to be better. Then skin health will be maintained. Reportedly in Indonesia is now being developed making cosmetics using sword bean material.

8. Maintain central nervous function

Sourced from Style craze, sword beans was also rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, thiamin, and vitamin B1. The content of the benefits of vitamin B, especially vitamin B1 is according to some research is needed to maintain central nervous function. 

9. Maintain immunity 

The high content of magnesium, potassium, fiber and protein in these beans also triggers the formation of immune cells in white blood cells. We know that white blood cells have an important role in maintaining our immune system.

10. Smoothen digestion

Although the fiber content is only 5 grams, but this content helps our digestive system to be better. Soluble fiber required the body to process the digestion of food to remove waste substances through defecation. Read also the health benefits of patchouli and health benefits of emmer wheat.

Overview of Koro Bean Plant and The Uses

One type of bean that has the Latin name canvalia, originally came from the continent of Asia and Africa. Initially, many sword beans are cultivated in south asia areas such as India, Sri Lanka and Indo China regions such as Myanmar. But the more developed sword bean became known and planted by the people of Indonesia.

Sword beans can be used as a complement to vegetables in cooking, can also be used animal foods, as well as processed green manure. Young pinkish colored beans can also be made into traditional Chinese medicine. For the laboratory research world, extracts of koro beans are used as analytical samples.