11 Health Benefits of Cookie Dough Will Make You Shock

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cookie doughWho makes cookies often? One of the stages in making a cake is to make the cookie dough. To ensure the composition of the ingredients mixed into the cake batter is fitting, sometimes we taste it.

Can not be denied, in a cookie dough, there are nutrients contained in it such as:

  • Carbohydrates from starch
  • Protein from eggs, like health benefits of edamame
  • Energy from butter
  • Fat from oil or milk
  • Sodium from salt, and
  • Potassium

Based on the research and nutritional content of the cookie dough, then this is the health benefit of cookie dough you can get:

  1. Gives a sense of satiety

Do not be surprised if when you eat some cake, you will feel full. Because there are carbohydrates in the cookie dough that causes satiety in the stomach. The sense of taste that you feel almost the same as when you eat rice.

  1. Adds energy

A cookie is a perfect snack if you have a lot of activity in the morning but do not have time to cook and want to get a lot of energy to live the activity. That’s one of many health benefits of Cookie Dough.

  1. Supports the body’s metabolic processes

To produce a strong body metabolism, it takes a substance called protein. By having a good metabolism, then the process of digesting food will be optimal. So you will get your body healthier than before

  1. Improve heart health

Protein in Health Benefits of Cookie Dough can form the protection of the body by stabilizing cholesterol. Or you can treatment your heart with health benefits of scallops

  1. Maintenance of body cells

Protein becomes a good intake to produce and replace damaged cells in the body. so the body cells will always be well maintained.

  1. Avoid constipation

Sodium plays a role in softening foods that tend to be solid and hard. So make the dirt become soft. You may also read this: health benefits of atis fruit

  1. Improve kidney work

In order for your kidneys to stay healthy, sodium consumption in a normal amount. If too much it will be harmful to your kidneys.

  1. Avoid muscle cramps

Sodium content can also treat muscle cramps and reduce the risk of nerve-muscle tension. Or you can try health benefits of desiccated beef liver

  1. Good for your bone health

One way to nourish your bones is to consume potassium on a cookie dough. According to studies, consuming foods containing potassium can prevent osteoporosis

  1. Maintain brain health

Potassium in the cookie dough also serves to maintain the health of your brain. By helping to carry oxygen to the brain. This mineral also works so that the nerves become normal.

  1. Avoid stroke

Stroke is one of the many diseases suffered. In order for you to avoid stroke, consumption of potassium present in cookie dough. Read this: health benefits of snail water for stroke

Caution of Eating Dough

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you should stop to taste the cookie dough starting right now. Because in the raw cookie dough there is bacteria E. Coli.