13 Positive Health Benefits of Prayer and Meditation for Spiritual Healing

People might not realize that spiritual healing is one of the effective ways that mostly work. Including the health benefits of prayer and meditation that believed can be one of the spiritual methods to reach a better feeling and mind. This is why since many years ago certain people prefer to meditate everyday to reach […]

 Amethyst Gemstone Benefits for Spiritual and Mental Health

When we talk about gemstone, most people may think about jewelry and adornments. Well, gemstone is apiece of mineral crystal which is cut and polished in some ways, so it appears very beautiful. There are many kinds of gemstone. The different color gives different name and beauty to the stone. One of the most mesmerizing […]

Proven Benefits of Zazen Meditation for Your Mental Health

Zazen is a discipline of meditation that is most associated with Zen Buddhism. In the meantime, the name “zazen meditation” literally means seated meditation. Despite the practicing method of zazen meditation may vary in between schools and institutions, however all of them share the same objective which is an insight into the nature of existence. […]

15 Secret Health Benefits of Pyramid Meditation for Soul

Meditation is the ancestor’s heritage which magnificently gives a lot of benefits for us, particularly in overcoming the complex yet complicated life problems. As health benefits of pyramid meditation is now becoming what most people talk about, in this article there will be further explanation about meditation, especially pyramid one. You must think that that […]

39 Health Benefits of Sun Meditation (#Surya Yoga Experiences)

People has been worshiping the sun as deities since ancient times since the sun provides many benefits and possess many properties that are useful to humankind. The sun is the source of light, warmth, energy, and contributes to human life in a multitude of aspects such as farming, etc. Originating from the sun-worshiping practice, the act […]

38 Proven Tai Chi Benefits (No. 21-38 Will Suprise You)

Tai-Chi is a kind of sport that develops in China since 16th century. This sport combines body movements, respiratory practice, and meditation. It is also called as a meditative “gymnastic” that is beneficial both for our body and soul. Tai-Chi is different from other gymnastics since its movements tend to be slow because it focuses […]