Special Benefits of Black Aqeeq That Will Surprise You! #Mental Health

Black Aqeeq has been known as the stone that brings good benefits. It is kind of Aqeeq stone belongs to a mineral from Quartz family. Also, this is known as Agate in English. People use Aqeeq as their jewels such as rings, pendants, tasbihs and other jewelry objects. In this case, Aqeeq stone has a […]

 Amethyst Gemstone Benefits for Spiritual and Mental Health

When we talk about gemstone, most people may think about jewelry and adornments. Well, gemstone is apiece of mineral crystal which is cut and polished in some ways, so it appears very beautiful. There are many kinds of gemstone. The different color gives different name and beauty to the stone. One of the most mesmerizing […]

Health Benefits of The Blue Zircon for Mental Health Improvement

Have you ever heard of a stone that is thought to possess healing properties? Neither do I. But reality proves that there is a special kind of stone that heals, which is the blue zircon. Blue zircons are literally zircon stones that are coloured blue. Zircons are important jewelry gemstones which are sometimes mistaken with […]