Amethyst Gemstone Benefits for Spiritual and Mental Health

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When we talk about gemstone, most people may think about jewelry and adornments. Well, gemstone is apiece of mineral crystal which is cut and polished in some ways, so it appears very beautiful. There are many kinds of gemstone. The different color gives different name and beauty to the stone. One of the most mesmerizing gemstones is amethyst.

Amethyst is a clear purple or violet quartz. The distinct color attracts people to use them as charm bracelet, ring, or necklace. However, it is surprising that amethyst gemstone presents not only the aesthetic value, but also give some other amethyst benefits for health.

Amethyst can be found in many places around the world. Although the legend or myth about amethyst was spread from ancient Greek culture, amethyst is mainly can be found around South American countries such as Brazil and Uruguay. You might still wonder how can a thing give value for health without being consumed or applied? You’ll see the explanation down on this page.

The Composition of Amethyst Gemstone

The amethyst gemstone benefits might come from the minerals compose this purple gemstone. There are some valuable compounds in amethyst, such as:

  • Silicon dioxide
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Sulfur

However, the cultural belief in Greece states that amethyst can provide the benefit for human as it is believed to prevent the owner from drunkenness and help people to keep calm. This belief is usually associated with crown chakra. Crown chakra is the center for trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivism. So, we can say that crown chakra is the ideal spiritual state for human to achieve spiritual health. The crown chakra is surprisingly can be achieved with the help of amethyst gemstone.

The Amethyst Gemstone Benefits

Amethyst can be found in many places in the world, including Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Russia, USA, and Europe. Some society in those countries take the amethyst gemstone benefits not only for its beauty, but also for health benefits reasons. Here are some benefits that believed to be existed in amethyst gemstone in a matter of health and the other aspects.

  1. Durable

This clear crystal is not only beautiful with its soft purple color, but also very durable. It is possible as amethyst is one of several varieties of crystal trigonal system with hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The durability makes amethyst suitable for jewelry or ornaments in decoration.

People from Neolithic era loved to use this purple stone for their vanity. In addition to the belief that amethyst keeps the owner from the drunkenness and mental illness, the use of amethyst in vanity and goblet is believed to be able in keeping a family mental health from generation to generation.

  1. Protect spiritual health

Amethyst has its excellent healing property, related to the crown chakra or the ideal spiritual condition of human. This gemstone is believed to be bale in purifying the mind and clearing it from any negative mind. This way, we can keep our mental stability. Mental stability can also be obtained by doing yoga with its Benefits of Yoga For Men, Women, Kids for Mental Health

  1. Relieve depression

Not only keep our mental stable, amethyst can also keep the owner away from the symptoms of depression such as stress and anxiety. This is the reason why some people involve amethyst in their meditation. As we know, meditation such as pyramid meditation can give us Health Benefits of Pyramid Meditation for Soul.

The presence of amethyst during meditation is able to raise the spiritual state of human and get them out of darkness which may lead them into depression. This healing property is suitable for those with potential work-related stress.

  1. Increase work effectiveness

One of the amethyst gemstone benefits is to increase work effectiveness. It is possible since amethyst can improve intuition sharpness and communication ability. This benefit adds the amethyst gemstone benefits to relieve work-related stress. So, why don’t you wear your amethyst charm bracelet to work? We know that women wear emerald in their jewelry to get the Health Benefits of Wearing Emerald.

  1. Strengthen family bond

The use of amethyst gemstone for home decoration can give the great impact for your family. This quality can be obtained if you place the gemstone in the right room. It is recommended that you put amethyst in the family room. It can strengthen familial bonds and enable the family member to have better communication during the family interaction.

  1. Stimulate creativity

In this era, amethyst is still remarkable for its ability in enhancing positive mind. One of the results is how amethyst can stimulate someone’s creativity and passion. It is beneficial for those who work with ideas and creativity project.

Involving amethyst in the process of generating ideas can lead to successful result as amethyst help us to have better imagination and intuition by refining the thinking process. It will also help during the process of putting ideas into action and the accomplishment of the project. 

Recommendation to Use Amethyst for Medication

As mentioned before, we can get the amethyst gemstone benefits from the meditation. In this case, you can follow these steps as the recommendation in using amethyst for your meditation.

  • Go into a room with soft lighting and calm energy.
  • Use amethyst point to send energy and intention to the universe. We can also call it as building amethyst cluster.
  • Sit or lay down on the floor and close your eyes. Make sure you are on your comfortable position.
  • Hold the amethyst cluster in the palm while breath in the energy of the stone.
  • Visualize your intention or dream to be accomplished.
  • You can also softly state your own mantra such as “I trust myself”
  • Allow the mellow energy of the amethyst to bring the state of clarity.
  • Elicit your confidence and let amethyst radiates its protection into your spirit.
  • In the end, take one last deep breath, and slowly open your eyes while you breathe out.

After you finish the steps above, you can wrap your meditation session and cleanse your amethyst. You can go for this meditation at least twice a week with about 10 minutes for each session. Besides amethyst, there are also some other stones that can be employed to enhance the effect of meditation. For instance, Health Benefits of Wearing Tiger Eye Stone for Healthy Mind and Benefits of Black Zircon Stone for Spirit And Wellness.