15 Secret Health Benefits of Pyramid Meditation for Soul

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Meditation is the ancestor’s heritage which magnificently gives a lot of benefits for us, particularly in overcoming the complex yet complicated life problems. As health benefits of pyramid meditation is now becoming what most people talk about, in this article there will be further explanation about meditation, especially pyramid one. You must think that that meditation always needs such a peaceful and calm ambience or specific music.

In fact, you can do meditation everywhere in any situation. For example, when waiting for the bus, foot walking, or in the middle of traffic jam! Meditation is thought focusing to help the actor having such a full awareness and relaxing body and mind. The practice is usually done by calmly sitting and control the breath regularly and smoothly for at least 15-20 minutes.

Meditation is strongly suggested due its flexibility to do by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. The activity doesn’t need specific tools or budget. If you can do meditation continuously, the thousands years ancestor exercise originally from Eastern has a lot of health benefits for human.


Health Benefits of Pyramid Meditation

There are a lot of meditation methods which inherited either from local (Baliness meditation) or foreign (mostly from Eastern countries). One of the most popular and done by many practitioners is pyramid meditation. Pyramid is an ancient Egypt heritage building as well as culture. Pyramid form is often thought as the peak of the energy stages.

Therefore, the meditation done under the pyramid building is believed to increase the body energy, of course in such a very positive way. One of the health benefits of doing pyramid meditation is to get such awareness and mind calm. However, it is not only that, scientifically cited from Eastern Meditation Method, pyramid meditation can give multiple benefits as follows:

  1. Body Weight Balancing

People who have such obesity issue may try meditation to balance and lose the body weight. It is not only health benefits of doing sport, meditation can also make someone’s body weight lost and balance as well. This is because when people do meditation, they can hold their appetite like snacking or having big meal. Proven by best body weight exercise for muay thai.

  1. Smoothing the Digest

Meditation can smooth the digestion system and stimulate the stomach to be calm just like health benefits of fruits, of which contains fiber. By doing meditation, the digestion disorder can be prevented because the food absorb process inside the stomach will be done optimally since the stomach is being on calm and relax mode.

  1. Insomnia Healing

People doing meditation regularly will get rid of them from insomnia. This is caused by the benefit of meditation which can have such calm and peaceful mind easily. Things you need to get sleep easily. If you do meditation regularly, you will easily get sleeping due to your ease to manage the calm and peaceful mind.

  1. Pre Menstruation Syndrome (PMS) Curing

Every woman must get PMS syndrome each month. PMS is like a night and day mare for those who are having such a very painful sore. PMS influences women physically and mentally, however, the mental condition gets even worse such as emotional or get mad easily, bad mood, crying without clear reason, and so on. The health benefits of exercise meditation in curing PMS are in the following:

  • Relaxing body and mind
  • Curing stomach sore
  • Fixing a better mood
  • Calming mind and thought
  • Controlling breath rate
  1. Hyper-tense Overcoming

Nowadays, you may only know health benefits of vegetable consumed to reduce the higher level of hyper tense. In fact, based on the scientific research done by Harvard University proves that meditation can make the body becomes less respond to stress caused hormone. If your body less responds stress hormone, then you will not ease to get angry or stress. As a result, you will have such a normal and balance blood pressure.

  1. Anti-Aging

Meditation makes you stay young longer. This is so true. When you do meditation, you release out stress by breathing. Meditation makes you have such good breathing and as a result, more stressful hormone will be released. If you are stress free, then you will get rid of skin destroyed or skin cells aging, wrinkle and make your blood flow becomes smooth so that you look fresh, happy and longer young.

  1. Concentration Improvement

For those who get easily forget about everything, meditation can help you to increase the memory and concentration ability. When someone does meditation, he gets used to get concentrated and try to focus hard on something he wants to reach at. Therefore, if you want to have such a good memory and concentration ability, you need to do meditation exercise regularly.

  1. Exhausting Releasing

Releasing exhausting does not only be done by health benefits of holiday, it also can be done by doing meditation. Meditation can make you have such freer and get rid of heavy physic condition. There are about 77 % people who get suffered from stress and exhausted be cured by doing meditation. Health risks of stress can also do the same.

  1. Feeling not Lonely

Besides doing your hobby or traveling, lonely can also be cured by doing meditation. Meditation for about 30 minutes can get loneliness away cause meditation produces such healthy and mind stress free feeling.

  1. Happiness Stimulating

Meditation can make someone feels happy. It is a common health benefit of meditation. This is caused by when you do meditation, you will not get any chance further to think negatively. You will only focus on one thinking way and therefore your brain will produce more endorphin and makes you happy simultaneously.

  1. Awareness Increasing

Do you feel that you have no idea what is your life purpose? If it so, go meditation immediately! You need to focus your concentration and thought on one purpose. As a result, meditation practitioners can be aware of what they want to reach in their life. This also can make you get more motivated in doing everything.

  1. Be More Patient and Easy to Forgive

Commonly, meditation is done in such peaceful, calm and free noise circumstance. By getting use in such condition, you may have a peaceful and relax body and mind too. As a result, when other people make some mistakes to you, you will feel sincere to be patient and forget by forgiving. Health benefits of diaphragmatic breathing will cure you.

  1. Drug Addicted Healing

Drug addicted may have such nightmare condition when they cannot get normal life without consuming drugs. In longer time, the body cannot just handle it anymore. Drug addicted can be healed by doing meditation since meditation works by stimulating brain to have such positive vibes only. It will not get success in one or two times, but it surely will give significant impact later.

  1. Mental Health Improving

Human will never feel satisfied. Therefore, the role of meditation to improve mental and mind satisfaction so that human can differ which is they really need instead of they only want. As a result, you can get prioritize which you need to do and think first according to your ability.

  1. Shaping Tough Character

In doing meditation moves, you will be taught how to be strong and tough. Meditation will make you realize that life always brings you to failure, accident, sadness, sorrow and in the other hand, will also give you happiness.

How to Do Pyramid Meditation

There are several ways when you want to do meditation and to get health benefits of pyramid meditation. However, you still need to do it properly and good way. This aims to reach all the positive purposes by meditation serving. Before you learn meditation, the following steps on how to do meditation may probably help you to get practice as a beginner. Lets check them out!

  1. Close your eyes and set up your body into the very relax and calm position. You can sit sharply or you may also lie straightly.
  2. Find the room with free noise and make it at least quite dark and cool.
  3. Use your breath to reach such peaceful condition. Take deep breath and release it slowly and regularly.
  4. Control your mind and feeling. This might be the hardest feeling when you do meditation. Manage and control your mind following your breath.
  5. Set your focus on your purpose. What do you want to get from your meditation? For example, you want to get closer to God or you want to reach a sincere condition of life. Drill yourself utmost. Slowly but sure, you will reach state of mind which is quite peace and calm.

How Meditation Works

Our body responds stress by releasing such epinephrine hormone (adrenalin) and norepinephrine which causing incline of heart beat, blood flow, and blood rate. This also done by health benefits of yoga for cancer, by doing meditation, the body is invited to decrease the normal heart rate. Moreover, meditation also controls blood and pressure and flow normally. When doing meditation, you also kill negative thinking which may cause stress and worse condition of the body.

Furthermore, when doing meditation, the brain moves from alpha wave which functions to relax the brain in order to go to teta wave making brain into relax condition. The substitution, based on the research from Body and Mind Health Journal, releases endorphin hormone working to reduce pain, blood pressure, and heart rate. It may also slower your breath.

Besides, meditation is also effective to activate gamma wave which play role as the learning process, attention, memory, and awareness. At the end of the day, meditation is believed to make such positive emotion; happiness.